Ndamukong Suh sees himself winning multiple Super Bowls with the Lions

The Detroit Lions may have taken a step back this season when many expected them to move forward, but Ndamukong Suh remains confident in the team’s future outlook. During a recent interview with ESPN The Magazine, Suh was asked about his relationship with Lolo Jones and the joke she made a few months back about him proposing with a Super Bowl ring. Suh said he and Jones are just friends, but that the Super Bowl rings are coming. Yes, rings.

“We will not be getting engaged, because I won’t be giving that Super Bowl ring up,” he said. “Maybe I’ll use the second one I get for that. I do see multiple Super Bowl rings in my future, especially with the team we have now. We’re a team where if we don’t make mistakes, we are insanely dangerous.”

You have to get one before you can win multiple, and I’m not so sure the Lions are all that close to getting their first. Coming off a season in which they made the playoffs for the first time in over 10 years, the Lions are currently 4-7 and have lost three straight. With games remaining against the Packers, Falcons and Bears, it appears the playoffs are not in Detroit’s future this season.

Suh also talked about learning from his mistakes and said he has grown as a person and a player since stomping on a Packers player last Thanksgiving.

“I definitely understand how to channel my aggression in a productive way,” he explained. “There are many reasons. One is I went through that situation last Thanksgiving. But also, any man, any child grows up. You learn from your mistakes or you go backward. I’m the kind of person who wants to move forward.”

Had he not kicked Matt Schaub in the groin this Thanksgiving, we might have had an easier time believing that. Chances are Suh is always going to be a dirty player. As for winning multiple Super Bowls, he and his teammates should probably focus on winning a single playoff game first.

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Lions coaches reportedly get into heated argument on sideline about Titus Young

Two Detroit Lions coaches, offensive coordinator Scott Linehan and wide receivers coach Shawn Jefferson, got into what appeared to be a brief, but heated, argument on the sideline (video here) during their team’s loss to the Green Bay Packers on Sunday. Late in the fourth quarter with the Lions trying to overcome a 24-20 deficit, Jefferson was seen yelling at Linehan. Titus Young was reportedly the source of the frustration.

As the Detroit Free Press pointed out, it appeared Jefferson yelled, “Take him out. I can’t do it no more.”

Young was benched for the Lions’ final three offensive plays. Head coach Jim Schwartz would not elaborate on the exchange after the game.

“I’d rather not go into it,” the disappointed head coach said. “Everybody was disappointed not to be able to score a touchdown on that last drive.”

Young has been nothing more than a talented receiver with an attitude problem since the Lions drafted him last April. He has shown flashes of brilliance on the field, but has gained more attention for getting benched for head-butting an opponent and being temporarily banned from training camp for punching a teammate. It’s easy to see how Young could frustrate a coaching staff, and it appears that frustration boiled over for Detroit’s coaches on their way to a 4-6 record.

Nate Burleson thinks being more mature may be hurting the Lions

Just when it looked like the Lions were finished on Sunday and the book was going to be closed on their season, they dug deep and gutted out a tough win on the road against the Eagles. The victory was the difference between 1-4 and 2-3, and it keeps Detroit in playoff contention for the time being. In order to stay there, receiver Nate Burleson feels his team needs to not get carried away with being mature and instead get back to being the bad guys.

“We had a lot of discipline issues in the off-season, and we wanted to tighten up because the perception of this organization started to change,” Burleson told the Detroit Free Press on Tuesday. “What we worked for was getting torn down, and we wanted to be more of a mature team. But finding that maturity off the field can’t compromise who we are on the field.  And who we are on the field are the bad guys. … We’re the ones that nobody wants to see succeed, and we like it that way.

“We play better that way. I think everybody took it in their own hands to be better men off the field, and that followed us a little bit on the field. But I think we’re back where we need to be.”

Burleson wants the team to play angry, but they also need to play smart.

“I talked to the guys last week, and I said we’ve got to get back to being angry, mad at everybody, not really caring what people think about us, playing with that chip on our shoulders,” he said.

A team can play with a chip on its shoulder and still be mature. With all the arrests they had over the summer, the Lions were in desperate need of some growing up. They were called for a whopping 16 penalties on Sunday, so obviously there is work to be done on the field as well. Playing angry will lead to gritty comeback wins on occasion, but Detroit is not going to win many games going forward if its racks up over 10 penalties every weekend.

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Jim Schwartz: Lions had miscommunication, didn’t intend to go for it

The Detroit Lions lost to the Tennessee Titans in overtime on Sunday 44-41 after failing to convert a fourth down on a questionable decision.

The Lions had a 4th and 1 from the Tennessee seven and were down 44-41. They could have attempted a field goal to tie the game and keep the overtime going. Instead, they ran a play and lost a yard on what appeared to be a quarterback sneak.

Head coach Jim Schwartz was immediately questioned for the decision to have his team go for it — had they scored a touchdown on the drive, the game would have ended — but we learned after the game that they did not intend to go for it.

“Miscommunication. We were trying to draw them offsides. We had no intention of going for it there,” Schwartz said.

Well that could certainly explain the sloppy play.

Even though Schwartz is being questioned for the decision to go for it on fourth down instead of kicking — which we’ve learned he wasn’t intending to do — that was actually the right move. Tennessee’s offense had been moving the ball with ease in the second half, so it was pretty likely they would have won the game on the next possession. Had the Lions converted, they would have had a very good chance of winning the game (Football Outsiders broke down the percentages here).

To recap: Jim Schwartz is being criticized for a “bad decision” he actually didn’t make, but the criticism isn’t warranted because the Lions should have gone for it.

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Vernon Davis, Niners accuse Lions of playing dirty after the whistle

The Lions are no strangers to being accused of dirty play. In particular, many players around the league have said that Ndamukong Suh plays dirty after the whistle and tries to injure people. When you see plays like this one it’s tough to defend Suh, but according to the Niners Suh isn’t the only problem.

“I think it was key for our front offensive line to handle it tonight because they like to be cheap after the play and they think that makes them physical,” tackle Joe Staley said after the game, via MLive.com.

Vernon Davis had to sit out briefly at one point during the Niners win after being poked in the eye, and he says he’s not sure if the poke was intentional or an accident.

“I got poked in my eyes,” Davis said. “Since I got poked I had to sit down. I do not know if it was intentional by (Cliff) Avril. I am just not sure.”

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Report: Ravens fans possibly exposed to rabies during preseason game

Fans who attended the August 17 preseason game between the Baltimore Ravens and Detroit Lions have been urged to contact their local health department following a potential rabies scare at M&T Bank Stadium. During the game, a bat reportedly landed on a person in the stands. The bat was not captured and therefore can not be tested for rabies.

Bats commonly carry rabies and officials said in a press release that rabies can change animal behavior, making typically friendly, domesticated animals more aggressive and wild animals more friendly. Since bats are usually afraid of people, it is somewhat alarming that one may have landed on a fan. The Maryland health department urges people to avoid touching any bat that should enter their home and to try to capture it and not let it go until animal control has tested it, unless you are sure no animal or person in your household came into contact with the bat.

We have seen several incidences of animals in sports over the years like a this furry creature delaying a baseball game or a golfer getting attacked by a reptile, but possible exposure to rabies has to be among the strangest occurrences. Hopefully no fans who attended the game were affected.

Lions player on team’s arrests: ‘We’re becoming the laughingstock’ of all sports

The Lions’ off-the-field run-ins with police this offseason have been so abundant that they probably could fill an entire season of “Cops.”

The latest incident resulted in the team releasing cornerback Aaron Berry, who was arrested for the second time in less than a month after allegedly pointing a loaded gun at three people in Pennsylvania over the weekend.

All the arrests have prompted one unnamed Lions player to speak publicly about his disappointment with his teammates:

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