Girls at Detroit Red Wings game use their breasts as distraction (Video)

Red Wings breastsTwo women attending the Detroit Red Wings-Anaheim Ducks playoff game on Monday night mistook a hockey game for amateur night at the gentleman’s club. For some reason, one woman decided to shake her breasts as the referees convened by the boards to fix a pane of glass that had become dislodged. At one point she was able to get her friend sitting next to her to join in on the fun.

We knew that puck bunnies were a generous group, but did anyone expect this? About the only thing more distracting would have been if they were sitting behind the players on the bench, like this girl.

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Detroit Red Wings Fans Have Crazy Decorated House (Pictures)

It’s Halloween and Christmas every day of the year for this Red Wings family. CBS Detroit and The Average Sports Fan brought our attention to this decorated house in Lovonia, north of West Chicago. It boasts 11 Stanley Cup cardboard cutouts on the lawn, a massive winged wheel and five-foot tall octopus on the roof, and the number for every Red Wings player on the house. Here are some pictures courtesy of CBS Detroit (click twice to enlarge):

Hey, I like it, I’m a fan. That’s some serious dedication there, and easily the best lawn decoration since this, right? I’m just surprised to hear this isn’t Spin Max’s house.