Dez Bryant furious with reporter Calvin Watkins for writing ‘Dez Rules’ story

Dez BryantDez Bryant is furious with ESPN’s Dallas Cowboys reporter Calvin Watkins over a story the writer published on Tuesday that says the wide receiver is still under a close watch by the team.

According to the article published by Watkins, Dez must adhere to the following guidelines:

- A midnight curfew. If he’s going to miss curfew, team officials must know in advance.
- No alcohol.
- He can’t attend strip clubs and can attend nightclubs only if they are approved by the team and he has a security team with him.
- He must attend counseling sessions twice a week.
- A rotating three-man security team will leave one man with Bryant at all times.
- Members of the security team will drive Bryant to practices, games and team functions.

These “Dez Rules” were established during the 2012 offseason when Bryant, who was known for having off-field issues, was charged with allegedly assaulting his mother. Bryant has managed to stay out of trouble since then, which could be why he was so upset with Watkins for writing the article.

Apparently upset over the negative article which makes it seem like Bryant needs to be watched over like a child, the Cowboys receiver fired off a nasty tweet at Watkins, which he has since deleted:

Dez Bryant deleted tweet

Even if Bryant deleted the tweet, just the fact that he sent it shows he still has a short fuse and some growing up to do. That definitely wasn’t the way to handle the situation.

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Dez Bryant given ‘Good Guy’ award by Cowboys beat writers

Dez BryantDallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant is often criticized for being a “me” guy. Last month, he walked off the field with 1:21 still left in the game after his team blew a lead against the Green Bay Packers. His animated behavior on the field and on the sideline has often been misconstrued as a hissy fit, but audio has shown that Bryant is very positive with his teammates most of the time.

Some of you will find this hard to believe, but Bryant recently received the team’s “Good Guy” award from the Cowboys’ local beat writers. The honor is given out to a player who consistently cooperates and engages with the local beat reporters.

As Rainer Sabin of The Dallas Morning News pointed out, Bryant made himself available to the media all season long — even after he was criticized for flipping out on the sideline and being a seemingly selfish player. Though he made plenty of mistakes, Dez didn’t hide or give reporters an attitude when they asked him tough questions.

I will say one thing about Bryant in 2013 — he managed to stay out of trouble off the field. This is a player that was arrested on a family violence charge earlier in his career and got himself into trouble for sagging his pants too low at a mall. He’s still a work in progress, but Bryant has shown some signs that he is starting to grow up. Receiving the “Good Guy” award reflects that.

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Dez Bryant was being a team leader before walking off the field (Video)

Dez-Bryant-walks-offDallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant is one of the most animated players in the NFL. That can work both for him or against him, depending on the situation. On Sunday, Bryant’s emotions got the best of him during a loss to the Green Bay Packers and he walked off the field with 1:21 still remaining in the game.

Bryant later apologized for abandoning his teammates and said he did not want anyone to have to see him cry after the Cowboys blew a 12-point lead in the fourth quarter. And once again, NFL footage from Sound FX showed that the former Oklahoma State star was being positive with his teammates throughout much of the game.

While we realize the Sound FX clip above shows a small portion of the game, it did highlight Bryant’s reactions to a number of different scenarios over the course of the game. He almost seemed more excited for teammates when they scored touchdowns than he was when he found the end zone. Bryant also encouraged the defense and tried to pick the offense back up when things weren’t going Dallas’ way. I would venture to say he was a vocal leader.

So what’s the point? Basically, we can’t tell a whole lot from Bryant’s body language. After he blew up on the sidelines and appeared to be throwing a hissy fit a few weeks ago, audio showed that he was actually being positive with his coaches and teammates. That being said, we don’t need to hear the accompanying audio when we see a clip of Dez walking off the field. That one poor decision erased everything positive that he did last Sunday.

John Madden rips Dez Bryant for leaving field early

Dez BryantDallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant walked off the field during his team’s loss to the Green Bay Packers on Sunday when there was still 1:21 remaining in the game. The Cowboys had blown a 36-24 lead with roughly eight minutes left, and Tony Romo had just tossed interceptions on back-to-back possessions. Somehow, all of Bryant’s teammates managed to stick around until the clock hit 0:00.

On Wednesday, NFL coaching legend John Madden was asked about Bryant’s antics. When asked what he would have said to Bryant if he was Jason Garrett, Madden said he would have told the star receiver, “Get your butt back here.”

“There’s no excuse for it,” Madden told Rich Gannon and Adam Schein on SiriusXM NFL Radio, via the Dallas Morning News. “Because he’s such a good player, we’re all going to make excuses for him. What he did was wrong.

“There are some things that you let go, and then when things go poorly, you can’t pull them back. Dez Bryant has been in and out of the doghouse and I don’t know if they ever got him straight. They were a little lax on him when he first came in as a rookie. Maybe they let him do things they shouldn’t have, things that they have to live with now.”

It’s hard to disagree with Madden. Bryant tried to explain his early departure by claiming he did not want people to see him cry, but that is a bogus excuse. He needs to stop acting like a drama queen — no matter how “positive” his emotions are when he erupts on the sideline. Part of being a professional athlete is learning to control your emotions, not use them as an excuse.

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Dez Bryant left field because he didn’t want people to see him crying

Dez Bryant walks off

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant walked off the field with 1:21 left in a loss to the Green Bay Packers on Sunday after Tony Romo threw interceptions on back-to-back possessions. He apologized for the incident on Monday morning and said he did not want people to see him crying on the sideline.

“I was wrong,” Bryant said, via the Star-Telegram. “It didn’t have anything to do with my teammates. I just … I couldn’t watch Green Bay kneel the ball down on the field after a tough loss like that.

“I was very emotional. I cried when I got into the locker room. I didn’t want to show that stuff on the sideline.”

I doubt any of the Cowboys players enjoyed watching the Packers kneel out the final seconds of the clock after they blew a 12-point lead with under eight minutes left. Everyone else stuck it out and chose not to cause a scene. Bryant reiterated how sorry he is.

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Dez Bryant walks off field with 1:21 left in game

Dez Bryant walks off

Dez Bryant, being the great team leader that he is, skipped out on his teammates and walked off the field with 1:21 left in the game during the Dallas Cowboys’ 37-36 loss to the Green Bay Packers on Sunday.

Bryant was justifiably upset after Tony Romo was intercepted for the second possession in a row, but he cleared off the field and went into the tunnel before the game officially ended.

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Everyone on Dallas’ sidelines had to be upset with the team for blowing a 26-3 halftime lead and 36-24 lead with under eight minutes left, but only Dez walked off early. I’m not sure why he can’t stick around with the rest of his guys until the end.

Shortly after the game ended, Bryant sent a tweet to address his actions:

There really is no excuse for this from Bryant. You win as a team, you lose as a team. And if you’re a team player, you don’t walk off the field because you’re disgusted.

Also see: Dez Bryant’s ridiculous touchdown catch earlier in the game

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Dez Bryant makes ridiculous touchdown catch vs Packers (GIF)

Dez Bryant touchdown catchDez Bryant made yet another ridiculous touchdown catch, and this one helped the Dallas Cowboys build on their lead against the Green Bay Packers.

Dallas blew a 26-3 halftime lead and was only up 29-24 following a Green Bay TD, but Bryant made a superb play to give the Cowboys a touchdown on third down. Romo just threw a pass to him on third down and hoped he could make a play, and he did by reaching over a defender for the score. Somehow he managed to get both feet in too.

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