Audio shows Dez Bryant was positive to Tony Romo, coaches

Dez Bryant Tony RomoNFL Films released some audio on Monday that shows Dez Bryant was being positive at one point when he erupted on the sidelines in the third quarter of the Dallas Cowboys’ 31-30 loss to the Detroit Lions on Sunday.

I characterized Bryant’s sideline behavior when he got in the face of Tony Romo and his coaches as a “meltdown” and said he was “flipping out on everyone on the Dallas Cowboys sideline.”

Dez defended himself after the game saying he was just showing his passion and that he wasn’t going to change. His teammates and coaches backed him up.

The video from the NFL, which you can see here, seems to be edited and shows that Bryant was getting really animated over what kind of routes to run and how to best attack the Lions defense. It also shows Bryant was being positive to Romo at one point.

“We good on that, Tony!” Bryant yelled to Romo. “We the best in the NFL on that. We the best in the NFL!”

It was wrong to assume based on the visual that Bryant flipped out on everyone when he might not have. But the video shows he did have an emotional meltdown when he obviously spiked his helmet in anger/frustration and appeared to give Romo a look of disgust at first.

Unfortunately, this video is edited and doesn’t appear to show everything. It still looks to me like Dez was pissed off at Romo at first.

I also want to hear audio from the sidelines of what Dez did after the Lions scored that led to Jason Witten getting in his face. I don’t think NFL Films has that, but it sounds like Dez threw a fit over his team giving up the lead, and Witten was just trying to get him to focus on the rest of the game. It was Dez’s behavior at the end of the game that led to me calling him an “I guy.” My point was EVERYONE on the team was upset about them blowing the lead but he was the one who seemed to act out the most. I didn’t call him an “I guy” for his thing with Romo because at that point we didn’t know what he was ranting about.

This also brings up another point. Just like it’s wrong of me and others to make assumptions based on a video, it’s wrong of TV networks to show footage of sideline behavior without the accompanying audio. As we have learned, the power of visuals is very strong and can influence the perception of many. The millions of viewers watching the games only know as much as what we’re shown. If that isn’t shown on TV, nobody knows that anything even went on and we don’t have a chance to jump to poor conclusions.

Tom Jackson: Dez Bryant threw fit because he realized he’s not as good as Calvin Johnson

Dez Bryant Jason GarrettThere has been a ton of analysis regarding Dez Bryant’s sideline outbursts on Sunday during the Dallas Cowboys’ 31-30 loss to the Detroit Lions. Many of the Cowboys coaches and players defended Bryant, saying the behavior was just a manifestation of the receiver’s passion for the game. Others says it’s immaturity and that he needs to grow up.

Everyone with an opinion has weighed in. But one person whose explanation was different and made some sense to me was Tom Jackson’s.

Speaking on Monday Night Countdown on ESPN, Jackson said he felt Bryant threw a fit on Sunday because he was being upstaged by Calvin Johnson. Recall that in the week leading up to the game, Bryant praised Johnson for being the best at what he does, while also saying he can do what Megatron does.

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“I believe I can do whatever he can do,” Bryant said on 103.3 FM ESPN in Dallas last week. “I think it’s just a pride thing. When it comes to football, just being on the field, it’s a mindset and having a mentality. I honestly believe when I’m there, I’ll be feeling like there’s nothing I can’t do. Whatever the coaches ask me to do, I’m going to do it.”

Jackson referred to those comments when he said Bryant got a rude awakening.

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Dez Bryant meltdown explanation: My passion is positive

Dez Bryant meltdown

Dez Bryant justified his multiple sideline meltdowns on Sunday during the Dallas Cowboys’ 31-30 loss to the Detroit Lions by saying his actions are a manifestation of his passion for the game. His coaches and teammates also defended his actions.

Bryant had at least two sideline incidents that were caught by the TV cameras. The first occurred late in the third quarter when Bryant only had two catches. He went after Tony Romo and then some of his coaches, repeatedly getting in their faces. The second meltdown occurred in the final minute after the Cowboys blew their 30-24 lead. That time tight end Jason Witten got into it with him and reminded Bryant that the game wasn’t over and that they still had time for a play or two.

After the game, Bryant explained and defended his actions.

“My passion is always positive. It’s always positive,” Bryant said, via ESPN Dallas.

Bryant also said he’s been doing this his entire career and is not going to change.

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Dez Bryant and Jason Witten fight on sidelines (GIF)

Dez Bryant’s unstable emotions were on full display Sunday during the Dallas Cowboys’ 31-30 loss to the Detroit Lions.

Bryant caught just one pass in the first half of the game — a one-handed touchdown grab to make it 10-7 Dallas before halftime. He may have been upset about how little action he was seeing, because he had a meltdown on the sidelines late in the third quarter. He yelled at Tony Romo and some of his coaches. But after the Cowboys a 60-yard touchdown to go up 20-10, he seemed to be doing much better and even gave Romo a pat on the butt. Then he seemed thrilled after scoring a 50-yard touchdown in the fourth quarter to make it 27-17. But all those positive emotions quickly disappeared after the Cowboys blew the lead.

Dez Bryant Jason GarrettDespite being up 30-24 with 1:02 left, the Cowboys lost the game after allowing the Lions to go down the field and score the winning touchdown. As the game was slipping away from Dallas, Dez had another meltdown on the sidelines and was confronted by tight end Jason Witten, who tried putting him in check.

It was such a childish display by Dez. Is he the only player on the Cowboys? Is he the only guy who was furious that they blew the game? He sure acted like that was the case. And he also acted like the game was already over even though Witten was reminding him they still had time left.

Here was his meltdown on the sidelines earlier in the game:

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Dez Bryant has meltdown on sidelines, flips out (GIF)

Not long after Dez Bryant was praised by us and nearly everyone else for his amazing touchdown catch on Sunday against the Detroit Lions, he was flipping out on everyone on the Dallas Cowboys sidelines.

Bryant had a major meltdown and began yelling at Tony Romo and many of the Cowboys coaches late in the third quarter. Bryant only had 2 catches for 22 yards including the touchdown to that point, so it’s possible he was upset that he wasn’t being targeted. However, Bryant did give Romo a hug after the Cowboys scored on a 60-yard touchdown to make it 20-10 in the fourth quarter, so maybe all was resolved in his mind.

Dez Bryant meltdown

Between his freak ability and polar behavior, he reminds us a lot of former Cowboys receiver Terrell Owens. Bryant later scored on a 50-yard touchdown catch in the fourth quarter to put Dallas up 27-17, so that probably made him feel a lot better.

Below is Bryant’s meltdown in GIF form, which really makes him look like a ranting lunatic:

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Dez Bryant makes sick touchdown catch with one hand (GIF)

Dez Bryant touchdown catchDez Bryant said in the week leading up to the Dallas Cowboys-Detroit Lions game that he felt he could do what Calvin Johnson does on the field. Bryant attempted to live up to his word by making a ridiculous touchdown catch against Detroit on Sunday.

Bryant went up and made a one-handed grab with his left hand for a touchdown to put the Cowboys up 10-7 following a Matthew Stafford interception late in the second quarter. The awesome grab earned Bryant some special recognition from the NBA’s biggest stars. Take a look:

Good luck stopping a guy who can do that. He may not be Megatron, but he’s probably as close as it gets.

GIF via GIFD Sports

Dez Bryant defends Oklahoma State, says he wishes he got paid

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant defended the Oklahoma State football program against allegations posed by SI by saying he never got paid while in college, though he wishes he did.

The former Oklahoma State receiver tweeted this message on Tuesday, which he later deleted:

Dez Bryant tweet

Bryant’s time at Oklahoma State involved controversy. He put up a monster season in 2008, catching 87 passes for 1,480 yards and 19 touchdowns as a sophomore. But he was ruled ineligible by the NCAA for the 2009 season for lying to them about his dealings with Deion Sanders.

Bryant had no comment on the report that Oklahoma State hostesses provided recruits with sex, saying his girlfriend looked him up.

Bryant further defended Oklahoma State by retweeting tweets sent Russell Okung, a former Oklahoma State offensive lineman.

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