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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Articles tagged: Dick Vitale

John Calipari takes shot at Dick Vitale (Video)

John Calipari took a jab at Dick Vitale during his halftime interview of Kentucky’s game with Missouri. Calipari knows that the ubiquitous ESPN college basketball analyst is a big believer in rhythm and disagrees with the way the coach handles his substitutions for the Wildcats (Cal has his team broken into two platoons and plays…Read More

Poor Dick Vitale looks like he could use a little sleep

Dick Vitale has been on TV constantly for ESPN. I mean this is his busiest time of year. And the poor 74-year-old sure is showing signs of overuse. Sure, Dookie V is as lively and vivacious as always — which is what makes him so lovable — but the guy just looks like he could…Read More

Dick Vitale rips Arian Foster, compares him to prostitute

Houston Texans running back Arian Foster recently admitted that he received improper benefits during his college years at Tennessee, which is hardly a surprise given the state of collegiate athletics. Many players prior to Foster have taken money and others will continue to violate rules until a logical solution is formulated. After seeing the footage…Read More

Dick Vitale falls victim to the most awkward interview ever, baby (Video)

If I could watch the video above without laughing hysterically and feeling embarrassed for Dick Vitale, I could probably give you a better idea of what’s going on. The truth of the matter is I have no idea. Toward the beginning of his attempted interview with WGN in Chicago, it’s obvious Dickie V.’s earpiece wasn’t…Read More

Dick Vitale Hangs Up on The Dan LeBatard Show (Audio)

It was only a matter of time.  With all the rambling and adrenaline rushing Dick Vitale experiences on a daily basis, his system was bound to overload itself.  You may not have thunk it possible, but even the most opinionated man in college basketball has a boiling point that is capable of closing the valve. …Read More

Dickie V ‘Eat Crow Baby’ Banner Helps VCU Pile it On

There have been few times in sports history where a team has made an analyst insert their foot in their mouth quite like VCU has done with Dick Vitale and Jay Bilas.  Both ESPN analysts completely ripped the selection committee for even putting the Rams in the field of 68.  While both were probably right…Read More

Video: Dick Vitale Rips Selection Committee for VCU, Colorado Snub

Every year, no matter how large the field is, there will always be teams that complain about being left out. This time I have to agree with Dick Vitale who made the point that VCU has no business being in the NCAA tournament as an at-large selection. We included Colorado, Virginia Tech, and Harvard as…Read More

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