Which Was Worse: Kyle Singler Flop, or Dick Vitale Coverup?

Duke suffered its first loss of the season Wednesday night, a 66-61 defeat at Florida State. The Noles held Duke to 31% shooting, though Kyle Singler led the Blue Devils with 20 points thanks to five threes. The game was close with about nine minutes left when Singler flopped, as is the Duke way. This thing was so bad it made Kaka angry, but I can’t figure out if Dick Vitale’s inability to see reality is worse than Singler’s fake job. What do you think?

They don’t call him Dukie-V for nothing. That’s disgraceful.

Love Him or Loathe Him, Dick Vitale Makes the World a Better Place

Many admire his passion for the game of college basketball.  Others want to throw up just having to listen to a two-hour ESPN broadcast that features college basketball’s most passionate figure —  a man who gives a new meaning to the word “color” in the title of color commentator.  It’s not difficult to imagine why so many people grow annoyed after listening to Dick Vitale for an extended period of time.  Maybe a raspy, energetic voice yelling, “slam, bam, jam, up up and away the elevator man!” gets under your skin and makes you want to mute your TV so you can enjoy the game.  Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I would strongly urge the Vitale bashers (of which there are many) to hate his style, his delivery, and even the way he goes about his job — not the man himself.

Vitale is twice as — if not more — passionate about fighting and finding a cure for cancer than he is toward anything that has to do with the game of college basketball.  Having already eclipsed the age of 70, he doesn’t need any extra attention or recognition on top of what he has already received throughout his illustrious Hall of Fame career.  The effort he puts toward raising money in the fight against cancer is for no other reason than to help save lives — and there are few who have done more to help the cause than Dick Vitale.

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