Manny Pacquiao’s mom Dionisia living with 40-year-old boyfriend

Manny Pacquiao mom

Manny Pacquiao’s mom may safely be called a cougar now.

Pac-Man said in a TV interview last week that his mother, Dionisia, is now living with her 40-year-old boyfriend. Dionisia, who is known affectionately as Mommy D, is 65.

Pacquiao even said his mom plans to marry her boyfriend. This essentially would be her third marriage. She has two children from a first marriage, and she has four children — including Manny — with Rosalio Pacquiao, her partner of 20 years.

Manny objects to her mother getting married a second time while her first husband is still alive and they have not legally divorced.

Dionisia confirmed she has a boyfriend but says they are not living together.

Mommy D gained some fame on the internet back in April during Manny’s fight with Timothy Bradley. She was seen praying during the fight, but it looked like she was placing a hex on Bradley.

If there’s anyone Manny should be able to commiserate with over this issue, it’s LeBron James. LeBron’s mom, Gloria, is 15 years older than her boyfriend, a rapper named Lambo. Perhaps their mutual friends at Nike could put them in touch so they can share secrets on coping skills.

Manny Pacquiao’s mom puts hex on Timothy Bradley (Video)

Manny Pacquiao is a very religious and spiritual man, and it’s no surprise he got it all from his mom, Dionesia.

In fact, if you watched the rematch between Pac-Man and Timothy Bradley on Saturday night in Las Vegas, there’s no way you missed Pacquiao’s mom seemingly placing a hex on Bradley.

HBO cameras flashed to Dionesia during the fight and showed her holding a cross in her hand and reciting what appeared to be some sort of prayer while also pointing a finger towards the ring.

Was she putting a curse on Bradley? Praying for her son? Who knows? But I do know that was some interesting placement with her middle finger, I’ll tell you that much:

Manny Pacquiao mom

Regardless of whatever she may have been doing during the fight, it was nice to see Dionesia go up to Bradley and give him a hug after the fight.

Though she probably was praying for her son to win, she most likely wanted to see both fighters escape without suffering an injury. Her son ended up with a cut above his left eye from a headbutt, but that was about it. It was probably the exact outcome she wanted.

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Video via @bubbaprog; GIF via GIFD Sports