Doc Rivers does not agree with Ray Allen’s reasons for leaving Celtics for the Heat

For some reason Ray Allen thinks Celtics fans will understand why he left Boston for Miami, but he’s wrong. The Celtics would not have won a championship four years ago without Allen, but the fact that he took less money to join the enemy when Boston is attempting to gear up for another title run has not gone over well with the fans. It also sounds like it hasn’t sat well with Doc Rivers, who said his relationship with Allen won’t change but that he is “disappointed” with the shooting guard’s decision.

“Just because I disagree or I’m disappointed in Ray’s decision doesn’t change the way I feel about him,” Rivers said according to the Boston Herald. “He talked to me. It was a good talk. You know how I am. A guy makes his mind up, I’m not going to try and change it. I respect him for all he did for us, and I thought he should have stayed with us. Actually, you just have to let it go.”

When Avery Bradley replaced Allen as the Celtics’ starting shooting guard last season even after Allen returned from injury, it was no secret that Ray was unhappy. With Boston signing Jason Terry, that would have likely meant less minutes for Allen with three solid shooting guards in the mix. Combine that with rumors that Allen struggled to get along with Rajon Rondo last season and it’s not exactly shocking that he left. However, Rivers thinks his decision may have had something to do with the Celtics focusing on Kevin Garnett when the offseason began.

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Doc Rivers says he was late to the game because he was watching Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods could continue his incredibly inconsistent play for another five years and more than half of the golf world would still be checking the leaderboard on Saturdays and Sundays searching for his name. Doc Rivers is apparently no exception. As you have likely heard, Tiger won the Memorial on Sunday and tied Jack Nicklaus with 73 PGA tournament victories. He did it with the help of an amazing chip-in for birdie on 16, which is the shot that delayed Rivers from leaving his house.

“It was unbelievable,” Rivers said according to the Boston Herald. “I was trying to leave my house, and that delayed me, but that’s fine. That’s really cool.”

Fortunately for the Celtics, Woods was able to win the tournament by two strokes and a playoff wasn’t necessary. Had the Memorial gone into extra holes, I’m not sure Boston could have pulled out an overtime victory with Paul Pierce sitting on the bench. Good thing Tiger’s chip-in was for birdie and not for par.

To see a video of the amazing shot by Tiger that made Rivers late, click here.

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Doc Rivers blasts referees for technical fouls and deservedly so

With the way the Celtics shot the ball in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals against Miami, they deserved to lose. The Heat capitalized on several easy-chance buckets and were able to hold off a few runs by Boston to protect their home court. The Celtics probably would have lost the game regardless of how it was officiated, but that does not excuse the actions of the game’s referees on Monday night.

Perhaps the officials were expecting a chippy series and wanted to put an end to any dust-ups before they began, but referees Ed Malloy and Danny Crawford took it too far on several occasions during Game 1 — particularly when Malloy gave Doc Rivers a technical for yelling, “Come on, Eddie!” It was the fourth of five Celtics technicals on the night.

“I know mine wasn’t (deserved),” Rivers said after the game according to WEEI.com. “I don’t know how long I’ve been in the league, but that has to rank as the worst I’ve ever had. I would have liked to have earned it.”

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Doc Rivers said his grandmother wanted Hakeem Olajuwon deported when he gave Doc a concussion

With the sudden suicide of NFL legend Junior Seau on Wednesday, concerns about concussions in sports have reached an all-time high. While the reasons behind Seau’s decision to take his own life may never be known, there are many who believe his suicide could have something to do with chronic traumatic encephalopathy, which is a condition caused by repeated brain trauma that can lead to depression and dementia.

During an interview with WEEI in Boston on Thursday, Celtics coach Doc Rivers was asked if he had ever suffered a concussion during his NBA playing days. Rivers said that he had, and that his grandmother did not take it very well.

“I was (concussed before),” Rivers said according to Sports Radio Interviews. “(Hakeem) Olajuwon got me once and I will tell you a true story. I got knocked out by Olajuwon and my grandmother, who is Jim Brewer’s mother, actually called David Stern and she wanted him deported. I never knew that. David Stern told me that years later. She wanted him out of the country.”

As you can see, almost all former and current players have experiences with head injuries at some level. And almost all grandmothers despise that unfortunate aspect of the game, I’m sure. Concussions and head injuries are an unfortunate consequence of the existence of the leagues we love, and hopefully technology and rule changes will continue to help improve the means we have for protecting players.

Doc Rivers gets emotional discussing Pat Summitt’s retirement (Video)

Pat Summitt announced on Wednesday that she would be retiring as head coach of Tennessee’s women’s basketball team because of early-onset dementia. Summitt took over at Tennessee in 1974 and won eight championships over 38 years. Her impact was widespread, and her retirement even caused Celtics coach Doc Rivers to break down during his press conference after his team’s game on Wednesday night.

“Didn’t want to get emotional, I’m an emotional person,” Rivers began. “When you see a giant like that leave the game — and leave the game because of health — it’s just sad. She is responsible for women’s basketball, but she’s not just a women’s basketball coach — she’s a great coach.

“The longer I’m in this, I just realize how much coaching means to all of us. Pat Summitt is retiring at her age, and Larry Brown is taking a job at his age. It just tells you how much (coaching) is in your blood and how much you love it. For her not to be able to do, to me, it’s very sad.”

Summitt’s new role will be as “head coach emeritus,” and her responsibilities will include helping with recruiting, watching practice, joining staff meetings, helping coaches analyze practice and games, and advising the Southeastern Conference on women’s basketball issues and mentoring players. Her teams never failed to make the NCAA Tournament, and never had worse than a five seed. She reached 18 Final Fours and won eight titles. Her accomplishments were incredible, and it’s easy to see why Rivers became emotional talking about her.

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Doc Rivers disgusted with Celtics’ effort in loss ‘it was a joke’

Doc Rivers was furious after the Celtics blew an 11-point halftime lead and lost to the Bulls 93-86 in Chicago Thursday. Rivers said the Bulls were tougher than Boston, and he called the loss the team’s worst of the season.

“I’m just so pissed at the way we played,” Rivers said, frustrated after the loss. “Honestly, the playoffs are the furthest thing from my mind right now because (Thursday’s) not us. We haven’t been that way but we were tonight. I called the two timeouts to remind us to make a run.

“We were cool tonight. We were the cool Boston Celtics tonight. That’s what we looked like. You could see it, walking the ball (up court). We couldn’t get the ball inbounds? Nobody wanted to work. It was a joke. We were the ‘cool Celtics.’ And there’s nothing about me that’s cool, I can tell you that. You don’t play basketball cool.”

Boston lost the lead at the end of the third quarter and trailed the entire fourth. They lost to a Bulls team playing without Derrick Rose for the 12th straight game and allowed Luol Deng to go off for 18 points in the second half. The only C’s player who might have an excuse is Ray Allen, who is returning from an ankle injury. Seems like Rivers is getting antsy with the playoffs coming up in a few weeks, and no, I don’t see Boston winning more than one round.

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Doc Rivers lets two soldiers from Afghanistan, one of which is a close friend of LBS, sit in on his press conference

If you follow the Celtics, you may have heard about Doc Rivers letting two soldiers from Afghanistan sit in his chairs during a postgame press conference on Wednesday night while the coach stood and answered questions. The gentleman on the right in the photo you see above is Army Sgt. Kevin Paulson. The gentleman on the left is Specialist Jared Ward, who also happens to be one of my closest friends.

Ward and Paulson are on a two-week leave from Afghanistan, where they will be returning this weekend to serve the remainder of their deployment. Both lifelong Celtics fans, the two soldiers decided to write a letter to the Celtics organization in January asking if the team would allow them to present it with an American flag that had flown on a mission in Afghanistan. The Celtics were happy to have the duo, and the next thing Ward and Paulson knew they were watching the game from court-side seats and yucking it up with the Celtics coach.

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