Donald Cerrone destroys Adriano Martins with knockout kick to neck (GIF)

Donald Cerrone said before his fight at UFC on FOX 10 Saturday that he needed the fight because he was broke. It’s safe to say, then, that Cerrone also desperately needed a win bonus and potential bonus for knockout of the night in order to maximize his payday. He certainly did that.

Cerrone finished opponent Adriano Martins with 20 seconds left in the first round of their fight with a vicious kick to the neck. How do you defend against something like that?

Here’s another angle of the kick:

Donald Cerrone knockout kick

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Donald Cerrone needs to fight because he’s broke ‘I’m just out of control’

Donald CerroneDonald Cerrone is expected to face Adriano Martins at UFC on FOX 10 next weekend, and by Cerrone’s admission, he’s fighting because he needs the money. Badly.

Cerrone said during an interview on Majority Draw Radio last week that he’s broke and his spending habits are “out of control.”

“What really happened is I spent all my money, so I’m broke, and I only have one choice but to fight,” Cerrone told Majority Draw Radio.

Cerrone said that he texted Joe Silva after his last fight — a win over Evan Dunham at UFC 167 in November — to say he needed a fight ASAP. That’s when they booked him for the UFC on FOX 10 card.

“I’m just out of control,” explained Cerrone. “It’s hard to have money in the bank, want something, and not get it. I just [expletive] buy it. I have no idea what saving money is.”

Cerrone also said that he has his fire back after losing it before when he got comfortable. Even though he was training, he didn’t have the same fire that he had before, which could explain his two losses in 2013.

Man, I understand that Cerrone has no idea what saving money is — and at least he recognizes his problem — but he needs to change his ways if he doesn’t want to end up on the follow-up documentary on ESPN 30 for 30 for “Broke.”

Glove touch to Bloody Elbow
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Picture: Nate Diaz Flips Donald Cerrone the Double Bird

Nate Diaz and Donald Cerrone refused to touch gloves prior to their UFC 141 fight in Las Vegas, and the hate between the two continued well after the bout began. Prior to the start of the third round, Diaz flipped Cerrone the double bird.

We told you it was on when Diaz knocked Cerrone’s cowboy hat off at their press conference. Their fight did not disappoint — it went the distance and Diaz won by unanimous decision.

Uncensored version of the picture below:

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Nate Diaz Knocks Off Donald Cerrone’s Cowboy Hat During Stare Down (Video)

Nate Diaz, the less talented, more high-strung Diaz brother, is fighting Donald Cerrone at UFC 141 Friday. Nate has quite the reputation as a feather ruffler, what with his brawl at Strikeforce: Nashville last April and all. So it was no surprise to see him get in Donald Cerrone’s face during their stare down and pop Cerrone’s cowboy hat off:

Cerrone has won six in a row, racking up two Fight of the Night honors, and a knockout and submission of the night honor. I’ll take the cowboy by a decision.