Donald Trump sends zinger about Terry Pegula buying Bills

Donald TrumpBuffalo Sabres owner Terry Pegula purchased the Buffalo Bills for a hefty price of $1.4 billion. Pegula beat out a group from Toronto, and celebrities like Donald Trump and Jon Bon Jovi when it came to his purchase.

Naturally, “The Donald” had to send out a zinger on Friday regarding the sale:

Ralph Wilson was the founder and owner of the Buffalo Bills until he died in March. A family trust inherited the team and put it up for sale, where Pegula’s bid prevailed.

The expensive pricetag goes to show how much demand there is to own an NFL team, even one that has been a bottom-feeder lately like the Bills. And aren’t we all much happier that Pegula is the team owner instead of The Donald?

Donald Trump: Donald Sterling was set up by ‘girlfriend from Hell’

Donald TrumpLos Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s alleged racist rant is one of the biggest stories in America right now. Naturally, the other incredibly wealthy Donald has been asked for his take on the sensitive subject.

During an appearance on FOX News on Monday morning, Donald Trump called Sterling’s racist views “despicable” but expressed more sympathy for him than others have. More specifically, he ripped V. Stiviano for setting Sterling up.

“It’s terrible,” Trump said. “He got set up by a very, very bad girlfriend. Let’s face it. She’s (sic) the girlfriend from Hell. … It’s so bad. She was baiting him and she’s a terrible human being. He gave horrible answers and disgusting answers.

“What he said was terrible and despicable. Very strong action is going to be taken. There’s no question about it.”

In addition to noting how horrible Stiviano was for recording Sterling, Trump also wondered if the 81-year-old NBA owner has all his wits about him. Otherwise, how could he not have realized he was being baited with a series of questions about race?

“I think he could be out of it, frankly,” Trump said. “Based on his actions he could be pretty much out of it, in terms of his whole mentality. The way she led him on — he should know, if he was there or he was with it, after one or two of those questions that she was asking that there’s something going on here.”

In other words, Trump feels the same way New York Post columnist Phil Mushnick feels about Sterling’s age and mental capacity. As I said earlier, that’s no excuse for his actions. Sterling owns the Clippers. It’s not like someone recorded him from a nursing home. He’s a racist and always has been a racist. Stiviano just provided the world with hard evidence.

Donald Trump serious about buying Buffalo Bills

Donald TrumpDonald Trump has emerged as one of the potential buyers of the Buffalo Bills, and the well known TV personality and businessman says he is serious about buying the team.

“I’m going to give it a heavy shot,” Trump told The Buffalo News’ Tim Graham on Monday. “I would love to do it, and if I can do it I’m keeping it in Buffalo.”

Skeptics feel Trump is only expressing interest in the team for publicity purposes so he can stay relevant, but he denies that is the case.

Trump, who once owned the New Jersey Generals of the USFL, says one of the big reasons why the Bills appeal to him is their proximity to his home base in Manhattan. He also says he would do his best to keep the team in western New York, which is important to the fans who are worried about potential buyers moving the team to a city like Toronto.

One person who will also likely be in the mix is Jon Bon Jovi. He has been working NFL ownership circles for a while and could be a front man for Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, which has obvious ties to Toronto.

Donald Trump wishes Patriots good luck, calls Bill Belichick ‘Bob’

Donald Trump had the right idea in mind when he wished the New England Patriots good luck before the team’s “Monday Night Football” game against the Houston Texans, but he made one mistake. He called Bill Belichick “Bob” for some reason:

I guess Trump had a little too much Bob on the mind after referring to team owner Bob Kraft.

Trump is actually good friends with Kraft and appeared in the Patriots’ locker room following a win over the New York Jets in October.

The Donald was also a special guest in Kraft’s owner’s box for a 2010 Jets-Patriots game. You might remember it because it’s when Trump’s hair went flying all over the place.

Trump has long had an involvement with professional football. He was the founder/owner of the USFL’s New Jersey Generals and even signed Heisman Trophy winner Herschel Walker to the team.

The only good thing about Trump’s blunder is at least it wasn’t as bad as some of Boston mayor Tom Menino’s mistakes.

Mark Cuban, Donald Trump in Twitter beef

Mark Cuban and Donald Trump are using Twitter to go at it like a couple of little rich kids arguing over whose dad has a sweeter car. The ongoing beef seems to stem from Trump offering to donate $5 million to the charity of Barack Obama’s choice if the President agreed to show the public his college transcripts and US passport records. In response to that, Cuban offered Trump $1 million to shave his head for charity.

As we know from watching this hilarious clip over and over again, Trump doesn’t need to shave his head — he can just take his hair off. In any event, Cuban made the offer and Trump declined.

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Donald Trump: Alex Rodriguez is a liability, George Steinbrenner would fire him

Donald Trump is one of the most well-known Alex Rodriguez haters in America. There is no shortage of A-Rod haters with the way the 2012 postseason has gone, but Trump leads the pack. He’s been quick to take shots at Rodriguez oftentimes in the past, but Tuesday afternoon may have been the hardest The Donald has ever come down on him.

“I would terminate his contract, personally,” Trump told The Michael Kay Show on ESPN New York 98.7 FM. “I think George (Steinbrenner) would’ve done that. I would terminate his contract on the basis that when he signed, he didn’t say that he took drugs. Since he signed his contract, they found out that he took drugs. … He actually admitted that he took drugs. Now he’s not taking drugs anymore, and without the drugs, he’s a less than average player.”

Trump added that he had a “bad experience” with A-Rod when he lived in his tower in New York. He would not go into detail about what happened but simply said he is not a fan of him as a person or a player.

“I don’t think he’s an asset, I think he’s a liability to the Yankees,” Trump continued. “They’re paying him $30 million a year, and he strikes out every time he comes up in a playoff game. How about like $1 million instead of $30 million, because that’s what he’s worth?”

Rodriguez was recently voted one of the most overrated players in baseball by his peers and is obviously one of the most overpaid players in the game, but that’s how baseball contracts work. If you want to land a player in his prime, you have to accept that you’ll be paying way too much for him when he’s in his late-30s. That’s exactly what has happened with A-Rod, it just happens to be magnified on the postseason stage.

Donald Trump takes shot at A-Rod on ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ (Video)

Donald Trump couldn’t resist taking a shot at Alex Rodriguez during his “Celebrity Apprentice” show Sunday.

The Donald was praising ’80s singer Debbie Gibson for saying she didn’t care who got the credit on her team when he invoked a Yankees reference.

“That’s all about winning,” he said in response to Gibson’s team-first attitude. “That’s cool. That’s a Derek Jeter-type statement, right? We love Derek. That’s not an A-Rod statement — that’s a Derek statement.”

A-Rod was asked about Donald’s swipe and wouldn’t respond, saying he’s only talking about baseball issues.

Trump also took a shot at the Yankees third baseman after A-Rod made the final out in the ALDS loss to the Tigers, calling him “a less than average baseball player now that he is unable to use drugs,” so clearly he has it out for the former MVP. Though boring, it’s probably wise that A-Rod didn’t respond.

You can watch Donald’s jab at the 4:25 mark in the video below:

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