Donovan McNabb Took in a Lingerie Football League Game Friday Night

Things are not going well in the world of Donovan McNabb. The former Pro Bowler has been benched by the 1-5 Vikings who finally realized that having a QB average fewer than seven yards per attempt is not a winning formula. So how did five spend his last supper? Taking in a local Lingerie Football League game between Minnesota and LA Friday night.

Analyst Sean Salisbury was giving McNabb a lot of love on the telecast. Here’s a video of Dunbar with his buddies at the LFL game:

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Redskins Are Still Selling Donovan McNabb Merchandise (Pictures)

Oftentimes when a sports legend leaves one city for another it is hard to let that person go.  When a player has done so much for a franchise and decides to rock another team’s colors, it hurts.  It can even hurt so much that you refuse to change your game day operations after said player is gone.  Perhaps that explains why the Redskins are still selling Donovan McNabb merchandise at FedEx Field.  Check out these pictures that Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post took while at the Redskins game on Thursday:

Who can blame the Skins?  McNabb was a legend in Washington.  He took a franchise in peril and turned it into a powerhouse.  He may not have not have wanted to return to the team as a backup for Mike Shanahan, but that does not mean the legend of Donovan McNabb in the nation’s capital will not live on.

Oh, and the same goes for the player sometimes too.  Obviously McNabb has had a very difficult time letting the Redskins go. Check out his updated website.

Chris Kluwe Will Give Donovan McNabb No. 5 Jersey if he Promotes His Band

Anytime a veteran leader joins a new team, there is the question of whether or not that player will be able to keep his old number.  More often than not, the new guy gets his way.  That is especially the case when the new guy can help you win.  Although we believe the Vikings are doing themselves no favors in the short term by bringing in Donovan McNabb, one could argue that he makes them a better team this season.  The question is will McNabb be able to keep the same jersey number he’s had his entire career?

According to Shutdown Corner, he’ll have to work for it.  Vikings punter Chris Kluwe, who you may know from his rant about Drew Brees and Peyton Manning or the whiteboard drawing he made calling out Roger Goodell, currently wears No. 5.  Kluwe is apparently willing to give McNabb the number if he gives him something in return.

“So here’s the deal,” Kluwe tweeted. “If McNabb comes and wants 5, it’s his, BUT he has to promise to mention Tripping Icarus in at least 5 press conferences.”

Tripping Icarus is the band Kluwe is in.  Personally, I think this is brilliant.  If someone wants to take your number they should have to work for it.  Not to mention, this gives us something to look forward to all season as McNabb will have to find creative ways to work Tripping Icarus into his press conferences.  Hopefully Minnesota wins more than five games, because I can’t see McNabb mentioning Kluwe’s band after a loss.  This should be entertaining.

Vikings Need Stability at Quarterback to Reach Next Level

The NFL is a passing league. Without solid, consistent play at the quarterback position, it is almost impossible for a team to have any sustained success. Consistency is the key. The Seattle Seahawks could sign Peyton Manning to a one-year deal and still not win a Super Bowl. For that reason, the Vikings are going to have trouble taking the next step if they keep bringing in temporary solutions to their problem at quarterback.

If you believe in the theory that any publicity is good publicity, the Brett Favre experiment worked wonders for the Vikings.  Favre’s pathetic back-and-forth retirement game had the camera on the Vikings seemingly at all times, but left them a win short of the Super Bowl in Favre’s first year and out of the playoffs in his second.  Now, Minnesota turns its attention to Donovan McNabb.

The Vikings acquired McNabb in a trade on Wednesday, effectively giving them another huge name that is well past his prime.  McNabb’s time in Washington was a failure that ended in embarrassment with Mike Shanahan saying he was welcome to return to the team as a backup.  His passer rating of 77.1 was the lowest since his rookie season.  McNabb’s also an injury concern, having played in 15 or more games only twice in the last seven seasons.

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Rush Limbaugh Defends Donovan McNabb Against Bernard Hopkins Comments

Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh caused a controversy in 2003 when as an analyst, he said the media wanted to see Donovan McNabb succeed because he was black. The comment itself was an observation that cannot be deemed right or wrong because there’s no way to quantify his argument. However, I believe McNabb was portrayed well by the media because he was good, not because they wanted to see a black quarterback succeed. Now Limbaugh has amazingly come to McNabb’s defense at a time when he’s taking heat from boxer Bernard Hopkins who says McNabb is not black enough.

Here’s what Limbaugh said on his show Friday according to a transcription SB Nation Chicago found, via Pro Football Talk:

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Bernard Hopkins Rips Donovan McNabb Again, Says He’s Not Black Enough

Bernard Hopkins has ripped on Donovan McNabb again, this time questioning his blackness. During a training session on Tuesday, Hopkins pretty much called McNabb an Uncle Tom. From the Philadelphia Daily News:

According to Hopkins, McNabb had a privileged childhood in suburban Chicago and, as a result, is not black enough or tough enough, at least compared with, say, himself, Michael Vick and Terrell Owens.

“Forget this,” Hopkins said, pointing to his own dark skin. “He’s got a suntan. That’s all.”


“T.O. got [into] the boardroom and saw the way they talked to McNabb. Coming from where he [comes from] – that’s strange to some white people, when a black man speaks.”

That was only a small sampling of what Hopkins had to offer. At other points he suggested McNabb was a privileged black guy “who got the extra coat. The extra servings.” Hopkins went off completely on McNabb with much more criticism, and it was all unprovoked, but it should be taken lightly. In 2008, he ripped McNabb for having no heart. He called McNabb a lapdog in 2009. And then the Philadelphia native threw his support behind Michael Vick.

Where does this all come from, you ask? The hatred stems from McNabb supposedly snubbing Hopkins when the boxer attended an Eagles practice. Since then he’s had it out for Donovan.

Knowing McNabb, he’ll take the high road and avoid the controversy. As for B-Hop, it’s petty to keep ripping Donovan. Of course this isn’t the first time Hopkins has played the race card.

Mike Shanahan Would Take Donovan McNabb As a Backup Next Season

Make no mistake about it — Donovan McNabb is not going to be a Washington Redskin next season.  That does not, however, mean the offer isn’t on the table.  McNabb has been openly frustrated about Mike Shanahan’s decision to bench him in favor of Rex Grossman, but Shanahan told The Washington Post he would welcome McNabb back next season — as a backup.

That would be the day.  To backtrack a bit, the Redskins have gone from offering McNabb a massive contract extension which was comparable to Tom Brady’s, to offering him a role on the bench next season.  Donovan may not be in the best shape of his career nor in his prime, but he is still a very capable NFL starter if utilized the right way.

Shanahan acknowledge that he doubts McNabb staying on board as a backup quarterback is a possibility, but I don’t think there was any need to say it in the first place.  For one thing, it’s insulting to a guy who has been one of the better quarterbacks in the league this decade and has led teams to a number of significant playoff victories. On the other hand, it limits McNabb’s trade value. 

The Redskins gave up draft picks to acquire McNabb in what appeared to be a franchise-altering deal.  Now, Shanahan is openly informing other teams that he has no place on the team next year, effectively forfeiting any leverage he may have had on the trade market.