T.O. Hates on Donovan McNabb on His Show, Sides with Mike Shanahan

I said it before and I’ll say it again: under no circumstance would I put Rex Grossman into a ballgame over Donovan McNabb thinking Sexy Rexy gives my team a better shot at winning. The only way I’d make that move were if the object of the game were to commit turnovers and score the least amount of points. If that’s the case, then Rex is your guy. But it’s not, so Mike Shanahan makes no sense in his thinking. He’s mentioned conditioning issues and practice habits as the latest reasons why he pulled McNabb late in the game against Detroit. Whatever his deal is, his actions haven’t made a lot of sense.

That’s no problem however for Terrell Owens, who pounced on his opportunity to criticize McNabb on his T.Ocho Show on Versus:

“Well, I don’t really want to start anything but I did play in the Super Bowl and there were rumors where he couldn’t get our two-minute offense going at the end of the game. I’m just saying.”

“This is a situation where Mike Shanahan he sees these two quarterbacks on an everyday basis. We’re talking about training camp, minicamps, OTAs, things of that nature,” Owens said. “He’s had a chance to observe. And you know we have these one-minute, two-minute and four-minute situations going into ballgames. So obviously this is a part of their package where he felt Rex Grossman gave his team the best chance to win at this stage of the game.”

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Mike Shanahan Unhappy With Donovan McNabb’s Effort at Practice?

Mike Shanahan raised some eyebrows on Sunday when he benched Donovan McNabb against the Lions.  There were just under two minutes remaining in the game, and the Redskins were a touchdown away from tying. Rather than sticking with his starter, Shanahan gave the ball to Rex Grossman to try and lead a comeback.  Now, we may have a better idea as to why.

According to Pro Football Talk, via ESPN’s Chris Mortensen, Shanahan has been unhappy with McNabb’s effort at practice.  Mortensen said McNabb doesn’t practice at the tempo the Redskins’ coaching staff — particularly Shanahan and his son, offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan — would like to see.  According to Mortensen, Shanahan even considered benching McNabb after Washington’s victory over the Eagles when McNabb struggled despite the win.

The Redskins are on a bye this week, meaning McNabb has a full two weeks of practice to prove the coaching staff wrong if Mortensen’s report is accurate.  If he doesn’t, he’ll probably be on an even shorter leash when Washington resumes play.

Aside from creating a potential coach-quarterback controversy, this news could have an impact on where Randy Moss ends up.  Moss was waived by the Vikings on Monday and there was some early indication that Washington would be one of the teams interested in his services.  If they’re heading in a direction that involves turning to Grossman to take over the starting quarterback duties, it would probably be a waste of time and money for the Redskins to go after Moss.

Donovan McNabb Benched for Rex Grossman Late in Loss to Lions

For the second year in a row, the Detroit Lions beat the Washington Redskins. If you didn’t watch the game but saw the 37-25 final, it was much closer than that score suggests. The Skins had taken the lead 25-20 midway through the 4th quarter on a kickoff return for a touchdown by rookie Brandon Banks. They missed the two-point conversion but the defense forced a Detroit punt. Washington had the ball up 25-20 with 5:21 left and a chance to run off some time or add to their lead. Instead, Donovan McNabb threw an interception on 2nd and 10 giving Detroit the ball at the 37.

The Lions capitalized on the interception with Matt Stafford hitting Calvin Johnson for the pair’s third touchdown of the game giving them a 28-25 lead (they converted the two-pointer). With 3:18 left, Washington had the ball and couldn’t manage a first down. McNabb was sacked on 4th and 10 at his 20 giving the Lions great field position to go up 31-25.

The Redskins had 1:45 to try and drive for the game-tying score. Much to the surprise of everyone not named Mike Shanahan, the Redskins sent backup quarterback Rex Grossman out for the final drive. Grossman, who hadn’t thrown a pass all season, succumbed to the same pressure that got after McNabb. He was sacked on his first play, lost the ball, and Ndamukong Suh picked it up and returned it for a touchdown sealing the win.

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McNabb Cheered in Return to Philly

For those of who are like Doug Gottlieb and were wondering what type of reception Donovan McNabb would get in his return to Philadelphia, you’ve got your answer.  The ovation for McNabb was overwhelming when his name was announced over the PA system at Lincoln Financial Field.  So there you have it — Donovan McNabb was cheered in his return to Philadelphia.

Eagles fans certainly did the right thing.  McNabb gave it his all while leading Philadelphia and was able to take the Eagles to a Super Bowl.  It’s not like it’s a situation where he left to take more money somewhere else, either.  He was traded and there’s nothing he could have done about it.  While we kind of saw it coming, the fans were right to show their appreciation.

Side note: Looks like McNabb came to play.  He currently has his Redskins on top 14-0 in the first quarter after throwing a touchdown pass to Chris Cooley.

Redskins Fan Needs to Lay off McNabb

During the off-season Donovan McNabb was traded to the Washington Redskins, a trade that shocked many people. I think that McNabb was probably a little relieved that he wouldn’t have to deal with the heckling Eagles fans anymore. What he probably didn’t expect was that he would get the same reaction in Washington–at least from one obnoxious fan.

According to the AP, McNabb hasn’t been very impressive so far during training camp. He’s thrown a lot of interceptions and he’s been throwing behind receivers. But one fan made sure that McNabb knew that he was stinking up the field by criticizing the quarterback by shouting things like ”Must have been a great catch, because it couldn’t have been a good throw.”

I think this guy needs to chill out. I mean yes, McNabb is a veteran quarterback who shouldn’t be throwing the way he is, but he is in a completely new system. Even the best quarterback wouldn’t be able to step on the field of a brand new team and throw perfectly every time. He was with the Eagles for 11 years, so I think it’s going to take a little while for him to adjust.

The thing this fan needs to understand is that McNabb’s mistakes are what training camp is all about. You work on the kinks in your play now so that you don’t make those same mistakes when the season is under way. Whatever this guys feelings are about McNabb, if he’s a true fan I think he would much prefer to see his new QB do some good for his team this year instead of crashing and burning. So Mr. Obnoxious Redskins Fan, shut your mouth and let McNabb do his job. Unless of course you want to see your team go 4-12 again this year.

McNabb has growing pains learning Redskins offense [AP/Fox Sports]

McNabb Responds to DeSean Jackson’s Disrespectful Comments

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson recently expressed to Sporting News Magazine that he was “very happy with the decision” of his team to trade Donovan McNabb to the Washington Redskins.  He also went on to say, “I don’t think we lost anything, even with McNabb being gone.”  Here’s what Donovan McNabb said in response to questions about Jackson’s comments, courtesy of ESPN:

It’s so wild when people get to talking when you’re not there, but when you’re there everybody loves you. So I guess people will go deeper into it than I will. I’m a Redskin, no longer an Eagle. I had 11 great years and I’m moving on with my life, so whoever may say things when I’m gone, more power to them, but it’s not making you look like a bigger man.”

This is the type of response you’d expect from McNabb.  Even when he had to deal with T.O. — the ultimate free-speaker — he managed to take the high road and never make himself look bad.  Based on his history, I’m not really shocked that Jackson would make comments like this.  To be honest, I just don’t get his motivation for doing it.  McNabb was traded.  He didn’t leave the Eagles as a free agent to take more money from a division rival.  Why take shots at him after he’s gone — especially considering what he’s done for the Eagles franchise?  I’m all for a wide receiver expressing his confidence in a new quarterback, and I’m sure Kevin Kolb is capable of being successful in Philadelphia, but this isn’t the right way to go about it.  If that’s the way you feel, keep it to yourself.  There’s much better ways to encourage a new starting quarterback than by belittling the one who just left — especially when he’s one of the best the franchise has ever seen.

Redskins’ McNabb moving on from past [ESPN]

McNabb Denies Owens Talk, Did Rosenhaus Plant the Rumor?

Either Donovan McNabb is a liar, or someone else is behind the rumblings that he’s interested in reuniting with former Eagles teammate Terrell Owens. On Tuesday, just over two weeks after he was traded to the Redskins, ESPN reported that McNabb was pushing for Washington to sign the free agent wide receiver and was encouraging head coach Mike Shanahan to consider the option.  The report was updated late Tuesday afternoon when McNabb told ESPN’s Rachel Nichols in a phone interview that there was no truth to the rumors:

I never said that to anyone about T.O. It’s just not true. I’m in a new place, trying to get comfortable, not start anything or push for anything. I am very happy with the receivers I have.”

The way I see it there’s two possible explanations for the game of “he said, she said” that’s being played here.  The first is that McNabb did indeed say he wanted to reunite with T.O., but then thought better of it when the report came out and realized it might be offensive to his current receiving corps.  Players say things all the time and then realize they don’t sound as good in print and on TV as they did at the time they were expressing themselves, especially when their new head coach openly states he’s doesn’t like the idea.

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