No, Drake did not celebrate with UConn after championship game

All the Twitter haters were out in full force after UConn beat Kentucky in the title game on Monday night, and many of them had their sights set on rapper Drake.

Drake has developed a reputation as a bandwaggon fan for celebrating with the Miami Heat and Kentucky Wildcats after some of their big wins. He also is a fan of his hometown Toronto Raptors and Blue Jays, and he was even seen wearing a VCU sweatshirt when the Rams made the Final Four.

Naturally, as soon as Kentucky lost, people started clowning Drake. But things got out of hand when this photo of Drake supposedly “celebrating” with UConn after the win started making the rounds:

Drake Rip Hamilton UConn

Unfortunately for all the haters, that photo was shared by UConn alum Rip Hamilton prior to the game starting. And he probably took and shared the picture because he was excited to see Drake.

“Wit my family World Wide Wes and @champagnepapi at NCAA Championship Game. They Cheering for the otherside so off wit their Hea_ #holdat #Uconn” Rip wrote.

Drake may be a bandwaggon guy, but he hasn’t jumped aboard the Huskies van yet, though that does seem like something UConn is intent on changing.

Very well done, UConn.

Drake congratulates Kentucky in locker room, gets grilled by reporter (Video)

Drake Kentucky locker room

If there’s a big sporting event going on, you can bet that rapper Drake will be there. He was there when the Miami Heat won the NBA championship — and was upset when he got shut out of the locker room. And he was on hand in Dallas to celebrate with pal John Calipari after Kentucky beat Wisconsin to reach the NCAA championship game.

The best part was watching him get grilled by Palm Beach Post reporter Matt Porter about his allegiances to Kentucky:

Always? Always.

Drake was also hanging out with buddy Johnny Manziel while at the game:

No new friends.

Drake shouts out to Johnny Manziel in ‘Draft Day’ song


Johnny Manziel has not been spotted hanging out with Drake much recently as he prepares for the NFL Draft, but that does not mean the former Texas A&M star’s boy isn’t making music about him. Drake released a track called “Draft Day” on Tuesday night, which is not exclusively about Manziel but clearly has plenty to do with him.

For starters, Drake released the song on SoundCloud along with a photo of Johnny Football sandwiched between a couple of young ladies. And then there’s this opening line:

“Draft day, Johnny Manziel. Five years later how am I the man still. Draft day, A-Wiggins…”

A-Wiggins refers to Kansas star Andrew Wiggins, who announced earlier this week that he will enter the NBA Draft. Sean Lester of The Dallas Morning News also speculated that Drake may have been referring to Manziel’s autograph scandal last year with the line, “Suits and ties, yellin’ out pay the guy,” but that seems like a stretch to me.

We all know Manziel and Drake are boys, so the song is about as surprising as those shirts we saw Drake and his crew wearing earlier this year. You can read the full history of Manziel’s connection to Drake’s Topszn Regime here. The “Draft Day” song, which contains NSFW language, can be heard below.

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Drake has an OVO Topszn Johnny Manziel shirt

Drake Johnny Manziel shirt

How tight is Johnny Manziel with Drake’s crew? Drake has created a special longsleeve shirt for the quarterback.

On Saturday, Draka shared a photo on his “Champagne Papi” Instagram account of him and four members of his crew wearing a longsleeve T-shirt with the No. 2 on it. That, of course, was Manziel’s number at Texas A&M.

The shirts look just like the jerseys Manziel wore at A&M. They have shadow lettering and stripes down the sides just like Johnny Football’s Aggies jersey. There is a maple leaf on the right shoulder (Drake is Canadian and embraces the maple leaf logo), and on the left shoulder, where the jersey would have an “SEC” logo, it says “SZN.” SZN is short for Topszn, which is a type of marijuana Drake’s crew likes and has become one of his crew’s sayings. You can read all about Johnny Manziel and Topszn here.

The back of the jersey says “The Regime,” which is another catch phrase for Drake’s crew. They always talk about Topszn being “The Regime.”

Johnny Manziel Drake regime

So if we all thought that Manziel was a Drake fanboy based on this story, I think this shirt is a pretty strong sign that the respect and relationship between them is more than mutual.

Photos Instagram/Champagne Papi 1, 2

Johnny Manziel got OVO tattoo before he and Drake became friends

Johnny Manziel and Drake have been close friends since the two met several months ago — an event Manziel has referred to as the highlight of his offseason. Since the meeting, we have seen Drake shout out to Manziel on Twitter and Manziel frequently rocking “OVO” gear, which stands for October’s Very Own (Drake’s birthday month) and is essentially Drake’s brand.

More recently, we even noticed Manziel has “OVO” tattooed across his right wrist. According to Drake, that ink was there before he met the Texas A&M star.

“He actually got the OVO tattoo before we even met,” Drake said on ESPN’s First take on Tuesday. “He was that much of a supporter and a fan.”

Drake also spoke at length about how much of a great person Manziel is. Contrary to what many others may believe, Drake said he feels he is a positive influence on the 20-year-old Manziel’s life.

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Johnny Manziel receives props from Drake for media day

Johnny Manziel OVO DrakeJohnny Manziel has friends in high places, but you already knew that.

Johnny Football has been repping Drake’s gear and shouting out the rapper’s OVO crew for months ever since meeting the Canadian artist over the offseason. In fact, Manziel even said meeting Drake was the highlight of his offseason.

Apparently that relationship goes two ways.

Drake tweets infrequently — he’s sent less than 1,500 — but he did make sure to shout out the Texas A&M QB on Wednesday:

Drake was referencing the way the Heisman Trophy winner addressed questions at SEC media day Wednesday about his early departure from the Manning Passing Academy. Manziel admitted he missed a meeting after oversleeping, but he denies drinking alcohol or being hungover, contrary to a report.

[VIDEO: Johnny Manziel addresses Manning Passing Academy departure]

Whether you believe Manziel or not is up to you, but we can all probably agree with Drake that the A&M QB handled himself well. What’s strange is that Manziel keeps talking about maturing, but his behavior still indicates he has a ways to go.

Drake jokes about being denied access to Miami Heat locker room

Drake Heat lockerIt took about 15 hours, but Drake finally addressed the story that went viral of him being denied access to the Miami Heat locker room after the team won the NBA championship on Thursday night.

As we shared with you early Friday morning, Drake and some members of his entourage tried to get into the Heat locker room to celebrate with the team after Game 7. He and his crew were turned away by security who said that only media was allowed. At that point, the rapper said, “I am media.” They weren’t buying it.

[Video: Drake denied access to Miami Heat locker room]

Drake later caught up with friends LeBron James and Dwyane Wade at the club, and he was able to joke about the ordeal on Friday:

At least he has a good sense of humor about it.