Drew Pearson: Cowboys need to knock RG3 around

The Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins are playing on Sunday for the NFC East title. The last time the teams met was in Week 12 when the Redskins won 38-31. Rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III had a big game that day and threw for 311 yards, four touchdowns, and one interception in the win. Cowboys franchise legend Drew Pearson says Dallas’ defense let RG3 do too much in that game and they need to make life more difficult for him, even if that means receiving unsportsmanlike conduct penalties.

“We gave RG3 a lot of confidence playing against the Cowboys in our first game here in Cowboys Stadium, so we need to take it to him,” Pearson told Ben & Skin on ESPN Radio Dallas. “We need to let him know that it’s not going to be that easy or we’re not going to lay down for them and we’re not intimidated by him. The way you do that is you go out on that field and you knock him around. Even if it costs you a 15-yard penalty, and I’m only saying this if it’s not a critical situation or anything. Sometimes you have to deliver that kind of blow and that kind of message to let him know it’s going to be like this all day and not a walk in the park. We need to establish this with RG3 and the Redskins as well.”

Cowboys fans are probably fired up at the thought of the defense sending Griffin a message with some hits, but how ethical is it to plan to commit personal fouls? As long Dallas goes after him and hits him within the rules, I have no problem with it, but if they’re hitting him late or with unnecessary roughness, that won’t be cool.

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Drew Pearson: Dez Bryant is not living up to the expectations of the No. 88

Former Cowboys wide receiver Drew Pearson is never shy about his general dislike for Dez Bryant. Although Bryant is only in his third NFL season, Pearson rips him like he’s a draft bust who has no chance of turning it around. Last Season, the Dallas legend blasted Dez for not finishing games. Earlier this week, he basically said Bryant hasn’t earned the right to wear the No. 88.

“He’s not living up to the expectations that were placed on him by wearing that number,” Pearson said according the Midland Reporter-Telegram. “Drew Pearson took it to the Ring of Honor level and Michael Irvin took it way beyond that to the Hall of Fame level.

“When Michael and I had a chance to talk to Dez when he came in his rookie year we told him, ‘Don’t do what Drew Pearson did in it. Don’t do what Michael did in it. Do more than that.’ I know that’s a lot to live up to, but what else is there? You live up to those expectations and people will cherish you for the rest of your life.”

In case you didn’t already think this guy was a dink, perhaps the fact that he went third person will push you over the edge. Pearson then went on to rip the Cowboys offense by lying about his hay day.

“We were never this stagnant,” he said. “Throughout my career we averaged at least 28 points per game and there were seasons we averaged more than 30 points per game.”

Pro Football Talk went back and did a little fact checking on that claim and determined that Dallas averaged more than 28 points per game in only two of Pearson’s 11 seasons. Same thing, right? Bryant may not have come close to fulfilling his potential yet, but he must be sick of hearing about it from Drew Pearson.

Drew Pearson: ‘No question’ Terrell Owens could still play in NFL

Many people laugh when they hear that Terrell Owens still aspires to play in the NFL. Drew Pearson, a former All-Pro receiver with the Dallas Cowboys, doesn’t think the dream is funny. He says there is “no question” T.O. could still play football at the highest level.

“To me, there’s no question [Owens] could play in the NFL,” Pearson said during an interview with “Ben and Skin” last Wednesday.

“The NFL now, they try to run you out of the league when you’re 30 years old. He’s 38. When you’re 38, it’s very difficult, to try to get back into the NFL, especially when you’re coming off an injury like Terrell was,” Pearson said.

Pearson believes Owens’ character issues are keeping him from getting another shot.

“But it’s not what happens between the lines with Terrell. It’s how he handles things outside the lines, being Terrell Owens, dealing with the fans, being a good teammate. That’s what we were really concerned with developing with Terrell. Going from T.O. to Terrell Owens. But it’s so hard to get to close to Terrell. He lets certain people in. My opinion is he doesn’t let the right people in to tell him the right things. I didn’t want to enable him. I didn’t want to be another one of those guys that have been telling him things all his life that he just wants to hear. I was trying to be that guy that tells him things that he needed to hear.”

Pearson, who is the GM of the Allen Wranglers, explained where T.O.’s relationship with the team went wrong, and why he eventually was released.

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Drew Pearson Rips Dirk Nowitzki for Tony Romo Advice: ‘This Ain’t Basketball’

Stand back, Cowboys fans.  Drew Pearson is on the war path.  No matter how long it takes or how many people he has to blast along the way, the former Dallas receiver is determined to get through to this underachieving collection of talent that could one day become a team.  Pearson will not stand for anyone getting in between him and ripping on the Cowboys.  That even goes for you, Dirk Nowitzki.

On Monday, the day after Tony Romo threw three second-half interceptions against the Lions, Nowitzki offered the Cowboys quarterback a few words of encouragement.  Pearson’s message for the NBA Finals MVP: Knock it off — this is a real game.

“Hey Dirk, this is football, this ain’t basketball,” Pearson told KESN-FM’s Ben and Skin Show via Game On!. “This is a real game where a lot of emotions play a lot more heavily into what you’re doing out there as a professional. I respect Dirk, there’s no question, and I know where he’s coming from because he has sustained the criticism and now the criticism has stopped because they won an NBA championship. So what he should be telling Tony is if you want to stop the criticism, quit making those kinds of mistakes and lead your team to a championship.”

While the “this is a real game” portion of Pearson’s comments was probably uncalled for, he has a point.  If Dirk still hadn’t won a championship I doubt he would be telling Tony, “I get crapped on all the time too but just keep doing what you’re doing.” Nowitzki hushed his doubters the only way you can — by winning.  Until Romo learns to protect the ball with the game on the line, he will not be able to do that.

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Drew Pearson Blasts Dez Bryant for Not Being Able to Finish Against Jets

Less than a full quarter into the Sunday night game between the Jets and Cowboys, people were already thinking “this dude is going to be a beast” while admiring Dez Bryant. Tony Romo looked toward Bryant early and often and Bryant rewarded his quarterback by coming up with a couple of fantastic catches. After firing up all of his fantasy owners to kick off 2011, Bryant suffered a quad injury and failed to contribute for the remainder of the night.

We know Dez has had some off-field issues and a few financial problems, but he has the type of talent that could make him one of the NFL’s top receivers.  In order to do that, Bryant will have to prove he can remain healthy.  According to a former Cowboys receiver who happened to wear jersey No. 88, Bryant needs to show he can finish games.

“You saw what happened in the fourth quarter,” Drew Pearson told 103.3 FM’s Ben and Skin Show Monday according to the Dallas Morning News. “We had wide receivers that couldn’t finish the game. Come on! Jeez! The first quarter was spectacular. Great job, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah. But now we need you in the fourth quarter and you can’t even run? You catch three passes in the first quarter and then you get targeted five times after that and you don’t make any catches? . . . Let’s not be so high on this guy who hasn’t really done anything. He missed four games last season, he comes in this game and he can’t finish it out.

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