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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Articles tagged: DUI

Latest DUI: Georgia AD Damon Evans

Allow me to start by once again reiterating that there’s nothing humorous about driving a vehicle while under the influence.  It’s actually kind of sad how obvious it is that these sports figures feel untouchable, resulting in them driving around in the condition we see Georgia Athletic Director Damon Evans in to the right.  However,…Read More

NFL Should Discipline Lewand for DUI

On Friday night, Detroit Lions president Tom Lewand was arrested for drunk driving. Lewand was on his way home from a golf outing hosted by a former Lions player. As you can see in the Tom Lewand DUI video, he failed the field sobriety tests and when he finally agreed to take the breathalyzer test it showed…Read More

Tony LaRussa vs. Tom Lewand: Who Was More Drunk?

Now this is what I call fun.  Don’t take that the wrong way — there’s nothing fun or funny about driving a vehicle while under the influence.  But getting the opportunity to compare the DUI traffic stop videos of two prominent sports figures?  That’s a good time, so let’s get to it.  Today’s match-up features…Read More

Kevin Grady Drives Drunk, Sleeps at Wheel, Can’t Spell

This is easily one of my favorite stories of the year. Normally I take a pretty harsh stance on DUIs, but I think I can overlook Kevin Grady’s drunk driving charge in the interest of impregnable humor. Deadspin shared Grady’s comedic story, and boy, is this a good one: Grady was given a breathalyzer test,…Read More

Marcus Vick Avoids the Spotlight

It’s almost like a law. If you are a member of the Vick family, you must have a brush with local authorities at least once a year or they remove you from the lineage and strip you of your last name. Marcus Vick continued to prove why he’s Michael’s younger brother, getting arrested for DUI…Read More

Cedric Benson Continues to Repair Image

I actually was beginning to feel sorry for Cedric Benson given the way he responded to the arrest for drunken boating not long ago. After hearing the comments his mother and some of the witnesses made, I was buying Benson’s side of the story. Even if you didn’t believe completely buy Benson’s side, there still…Read More

Hey Melo, That’s the Ticket!

Longtime LBS readers know that Carmelo Anthony is one of the site favorite targets to pick on. Problem is since appearing in a video promoting the message of “don’t snitch” — which prevents the law from taking its course against criminals — Melo hasn’t done a whole lot bad. Sure, there was Captain Limpwrist’s brush…Read More

Jim Leyritz’s Legacy Appears Ruined

From World Series hero and likable dude to all of a sudden a reported vehicular manslaughter suspect. WPLG in Miami says Leyritz was arrested and is being held for possible vehicular homicide and suspicion of DUI. Police said Jim Leyritz was behind the wheel of a Ford SUV that collided with another vehicle at the…Read More

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