Marcus Vick Avoids the Spotlight

It’s almost like a law. If you are a member of the Vick family, you must have a brush with local authorities at least once a year or they remove you from the lineage and strip you of your last name. Marcus Vick continued to prove why he’s Michael’s younger brother, getting arrested for DUI on Friday. The best part was that Vick was initially stopped by a bicycle cop because he was having an issue with a female. Showing complete disdain for a bicycle cop — as well he should — he sped off before finally being chased down minutes later.

Not one for bland times, Marcus failed a field sobriety test (apparently he doesn’t talk to Cedric Benson), and was charged with DUI, misdemeanor eluding police, reckless driving, driving on the wrong side of the word, and driving with a suspended license. That is quite the laundry list of activities. Talk about an exciting Thursday night. And I thought things were bad when he flashed a gun at a McDonald’s to kids who were making fun of him. Boy did I underestimate Mr. Vick. By the way, I wonder what he’s doing to support himself these days.

Cedric Benson Continues to Repair Image

I actually was beginning to feel sorry for Cedric Benson given the way he responded to the arrest for drunken boating not long ago. After hearing the comments his mother and some of the witnesses made, I was buying Benson’s side of the story. Even if you didn’t believe completely buy Benson’s side, there still had to be some doubt in your mind. Well, how did Benson respond to garnering some sympathy for saying he was abused by the police? By going out and getting a drunken driving arrest, of course!

Benson has done his usual job of covering things up, naturally. He refused a blood test and breathalyzer and was released on bond (taking notes, gentlemen?). He said he wasn’t drunk or driving impaired and that he crossed an intersection while the light was yellow. He had an answer for everything. But my favorite quote, and the one that sums things up best, comes from Bears GM Jerry Angelo who said, “Disappointment is too much an often-used word when we’re talking about Cedric. The No. 1 lesson for every player is: Protect your job. We’re all held accountable for our actions. I’m not going to say any more than that until we know for sure what the facts are.” No more facts are needed to come to the conclusion Angelo did. Benson is just one big disappointment. Guy needs to lay off the booze and get prepped for the season. Man, is there any wonder why he’s not exactly a favorite amongst his teammates?

Hey Melo, That’s the Ticket!

Longtime LBS readers know that Carmelo Anthony is one of the site favorite targets to pick on. Problem is since appearing in a video promoting the message of “don’t snitch” — which prevents the law from taking its course against criminals — Melo hasn’t done a whole lot bad. Sure, there was Captain Limpwrist’s brush with hand-to-hand combat at the Garden, but since then, not much. He even told us in July that there would be “No more drama” for him. Yeah, whatever. Then how do you explain getting arrested right before the playoffs are about to start?

Coach George Karl even acknowledged that the arrest was a distraction for the team, “In a lot of ways, we’re a family, and we feel the pain of the distraction — and we also feel for him. I think we have all made mistakes.” Much like Brandon Marshall who got busted for DUI right after a Broncos win, Melo celebrated by getting hammered. I don’t get how Carmelo couldn’t hold off on his partying until after the season. And why not hire someone to drive for you? Given Melo’s clear lack of focus, I would be surprised to see Denver take their playoff series to six games.

By the way, Melo gets bonus points for having a priceless mug shot. Anyone else think it could be swapped out for a head shot of LenDale White without any hesitation?

Jim Leyritz’s Legacy Appears Ruined

Jim LeyritzFrom World Series hero and likable dude to all of a sudden a reported vehicular manslaughter suspect. WPLG in Miami says Leyritz was arrested and is being held for possible vehicular homicide and suspicion of DUI.

Police said Jim Leyritz was behind the wheel of a Ford SUV that collided with another vehicle at the intersection of Southwest Seventh Avenue and Second Street in the Himmarshee area of downtown Fort Lauderdale.

The impact caused the other car to roll over and the female driver of that vehicle was ejected and she died after being taken to Broward General Medical Center, police said.

Leyritz was arrested on suspicion of DUI because he refused a Breathalyzer test, police said.

Great, worrying about getting a DUI while the driver of the car you crashed into got killed. I post this not to make crude jokes, but as a PSA; don’t make the mistakes Leonard Little did and Leyritz reportedly did. Make sure you’re not driving when you’re drunk. Sad, sad story.

Tony La Russa Struggles With the Alphabet During DUI Arrest

We all know how volatile Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa can be at times. Usually he’s a pretty sharp fellow, on edge, defending his players and team. But when he was arrested for a DUI during spring training, he appeared completely helpless. Tony was hammered worse than a pledge at big sis night. Check out the following video of his DUI arrest that was recently released (around the one minute mark he struggles walking the line, then around the two minute mark is his attempt at the alphabet). Must see:

Now, as justice would have it, is a DUI bust in my future? Heck no. I’ll steer clear of that. At least if there is a bust, I’ll get the alphabet straight. Video via Ballhype.

Brandon Marshall Knows How to Celebrate a Win

I guess this ass hat doesn’t realize that despite his team’s win, he failed to get into the end zone to help out my fantasy squad. Maybe that’s why he wasn’t too depressed Sunday night after his team beat the Steelers. To the contrary, Marshall went out after the game, and got busted for DUI.

Police pulled Marshall over at 14th and Blake streets. Details about the traffic stop were not available, police spokesman Sonny Jackson said.

Marshall was booked into a detoxification facility for suspicion of DUI and cited, Jackson said.

I’m not sure how many times this discussion needs to be had, but when your game check for one day’s work is multiple thousands of dollars, why can’t you just hire a driver for the night? Or call a taxi cab? I just don’t get it.