Johnny Manziel’s sister Meri was fed up with a ‘douche Duke fan’

Johnny-Manziel-sisterJohnny Manziel led Texas A&M to a tremendous comeback against Duke in the Chick-fil-A Bowl on Tuesday night. His sister Meri was in the stands watching the 52-48 victory, and as you might expect she had to listen to a bunch of people tool on her brother.

There are more than a few thousand people who love to hate Manziel. Duke led 38-17 at halftime, so Blue Devils fans were probably feeling great about their chances of ending Johnny Football’s collegiate career on a sour note. At one point, a Duke fan came dangerously close to catching a knuckle sandwich from Meri.


Manziel and his family got the last laugh, as Johnny made one of the best plays of the year and ended his time with the Aggies in fitting fashion. Watch out, NFL fans — you’re next on Meri’s radar.

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Duke’s ‘Cameron Crazie Style’ may have been the worst Gangnam Style parody video

Thankfully the Internet has moved on from the Gangnam Style obsession and parody videos that inevitably followed. Unfortunately, people have moved on to “Harlem Shake” videos, but that’s a post for another day.

Today, we will talk about the Gangnam Style parody video put together by some Duke fans. The video seen above was posted to YouTube in October, but thanks to BuzzFeed Sports, I’m just seeing it now for the first time.

BuzzFeed already analyzed the video and pinpointed the worst aspects of it, which is pretty difficult considering that I thought the entire 2:53 was equally awful. It’s not that the video itself was poorly put together, it’s just that the lyrics are terrible and the lameness is off the charts. I guess that makes this the perfect video for the Duke hater.

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Duke fans accused of chanting ‘How’s your grandma’ at Tyler Lewis, whose grandmother passed away (Video)

Tyler-Lewis-NC-StateThe Cameron Crazies have been known to cross the line in various ways during Duke basketball games, but nobody wants to believe they would chant what some of them are being accused of having chanted on Thursday night. NC State freshman guard Tyler Lewis lost his grandmother last Friday. He was reportedly close with her and has been taking it hard, and some people are accusing Duke fans of taunting him over it.

The chant in the video above is fairly inaudible. During Lewis’ second free throw, it certainly sounds like the fans were chanting “past your bedtime,” which was a reference to a message that was shown on the videoboard at Cameron Indoor Stadium, according to The Blue Zone. However, a number of people believe a small group of fans were taunting Lewis about the passing of his grandmother during the first free throw, and several students and fans have gone on message boards and social media sites to say that they were there and heard it.

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Kyrie Irving and Nolan Smith Join the Duke Cameron Crazies (Video)

Normally when people talk about the NBA lockout it’s to complain or talk about certain players’ sob stories from their days of unemployment and boredom. In other instances, we have seen players making good use of their time.  Guys like Anthony Randolph decided to go back to school while Gordon Hayward had some fun joining a video game league.  Two Duke alumni, Kyrie Irving and Nolan Smith, visited their alma mater on Tuesday night and brought some added excitement to a group that rarely needs it — the Cameron Crazies.  Check out this video from DukeBluePlanet that The Dagger shared with us:

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Duke Alums Criticize Cameron Crazies for Lack of Passion

Normally when college alumni speak out about their alma mater’s student section, it’s to let them know they need to show more class.  This is especially true of high profile basketball programs.  I can remember numerous times during my four-year career at UConn that the message from former students was quite clear: tone it down.

For Duke University graduates Dennis and Elizabeth Chen, the opposite is true.  From the Duke Chronicle via Deadspin comes a letter that the alumni wrote to the university, expressing their discontent with the lack of passion the Crazies showed during Duke’s win over Michigan on Sunday.

“The Wolverine fans unarguably out-cheered the notorious ‘Crazies’ from beginning to end,” the letter said. “As hard as the Duke cheerleaders and pep band tried, they weren’t able to get the Crazies off their butts for the first 25 to 30 minutes of the game. Coach K needs to focus 100 percent of his time on his players and the game, and he shouldn’t have to personally pump-up the crowd like he did in the second half.”

The Chens also went on to reveal that they will be holding a contest that will pay for the airfare and admission of the “most passionate Duke student” to the remainder of Duke’s NCAA Tournament games.  Yipee!

The bottom line is the Dukies are the defending NCAA Champions, and it’s only natural for their fans to feel entitled.  Sunday’s game against Michigan was as big as any, but considering the Wolverines were an 8-seed the Crazies were likely frustrated Coach K’s crew allowed them to hang around.  When your team is that good, it’s a natural reaction.  If it’s publicity the Chens are after — mission accomplished.