Kobe Bryant wears mask, says Dwyane Wade foul was not intentional

Kobe Bryant wore one of those Rip Hamilton masks for the Lakers’ game against the T-Wolves Wednesday to protect his face from further damage. Kobe suffered a broken nose and concussion on a hard foul by Dwyane Wade in the All-Star Game Sunday. Many protective Lakers fans felt the foul was intentional and were upset with Wade. Dwyane apologized for the foul, saying he didn’t mean to hurt Kobe. After Wednesday’s game, Bryant acknowledged that.

“It was very simple. He didn’t mean to do it. He’s not that kind of person. He’s a nicer guy than I am,” Kobe said.

The Kobester also said it was uncomfortable wearing the mask.

“It just felt like it started sweating immediately inside. It felt like I had a sauna on my face. I was drinking my own sweat.”

When you hear that description from Kobe, you have to wonder how a guy like Rip prefers playing with the mask. Maybe it’s just like anything else, where the more you do it the more you get used to it. I have a feeling Kobe will try and get rid of that thing as soon as he can. Oh, and his comments should end the Wade hate from Lakers fans immediately.

Dwyane Wade apologized to Kobe for hard foul that caused broken nose, concussion

Many people felt Dwyane Wade was out of line for breaking Kobe’s nose with a hard foul during the All-Star Game Sunday. Wade told the media Tuesday he apologized to Bryant.

“I sent him a message, with my apologies. Unfortunate that happened to him, but that’s all I could do,” Wade said. “He knows it’s no ill intent on me to do that. Did I take a foul? Yes, I took a foul. So, talk about me for taking a foul. But I never wanted that kind of outcome.

“It’s unfortunate, obviously,” he said. “You don’t never want to hurt nobody, anybody in this game, especially on a freak play like that. So, you know it’s unfortunate.

“I sent my apologies. But, you know, not intentional. If it’s something I did intentionally, it’s a different story. So it’s unfortunate.”

Wade’s apology should be accepted because there’s no way to believe he wanted to break Kobe’s nose and give the man a concussion. But are there some underlying issues to the foul? You bet.

If Wade weren’t competitive with Kobe, he would have allowed him to get an easy dunk along the baseline. Wade has pride and didn’t want to allow Kobe that, even during the All-Star Game, so he came out with the foul. It’s unfortunate Kobe wound up with a broken nose and concussion from it.

Kobe Bryant reportedly suffered broken nose, mild concussion on Dwyane Wade foul (Video)

There was nothing dirty about the way Dwyane Wade fouled Kobe Bryant on Sunday night, but was it too hard a foul for the All-Star Game? Typically we’re used to seeing guys clear the way for their opponents so they can put on a show for the fans. With the East trailing by 12 early in the third quarter, it appeared D-Wade had enough of that no defense nonsense and wanted to make Kobe earn his points at the foul line. He came over the top and delivered a hard foul — one that apparently had some lasting effects.

According to Adrian Wojnarowkski of Yahoo! Sports, Kobe suffered a broken nose and a mild concussion on the play. Bryant still went on to break Michael Jordan’s record and become the All-Star Game’s all-time leading scorer, but the Lakers are hoping it didn’t come at a significant cost.

LeBron James, Dwyane Wade wear nerd glasses, enjoy hot dogs (Picture)

LeBron James and Dwyane Wade were too cool to participate in any events on All-Star Saturday, but they had plenty of time to coordinate outfits for the event. Yup, both D-Wade and LeBron sported nerd glasses and then in the ultimate twist of fate, they ate hot dogs at the exact same time!

The dunk contest was weak like usual, and it’s mostly because there weren’t any stars participating. We’re looking at two stars who could have remedied that, but unfortunately they weren’t interested (namely LeBron). At least James’ hairline made a rousing appearance.

Picture via SB Nation

Dwyane Wade Mocks Talk of Heat’s Success ‘Without Wade’

The Miami Heat are 10-4 on the season and surprisingly 5-0 without Dwyane Wade in the lineup. The team won all three games Wade missed with a sore foot two weeks ago. They lost three straight games when he returned, and they’ve won both their games since he was sidelines with an ankle injury.

The pattern of winning without Dwyane and losing with him in the lineup sparked chatter on TV and Twitter that the Heat is better “Without Wade.”

Wade clearly didn’t appreciate the negativity, and he made light of it with a series of tweets Friday. My favorite was when he apologized for being the reason Tim Tebow lost to the Patriots.

Here are the tweets:

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Dwyane Wade’s 30th Birthday Bash Was Completely Out of Control (Pictures)

I guess money can buy everything. What do you get when you combine a $200,000 car, Rick Ross, Common, T.I., Fat Joe, Kelly Rowland, LeBron James, the rest of the Miami Heat, and South Beach? Dwyane Wade’s 30th birthday party, of course. If you thought the pictures we’ve shown you in the past of LeBron’s birthday cake were over the top, wait until you see how D-Wade threw down for his 30th birthday this week.  As you can see from the photos above, the musical performances were highlighted by Rowland singing “Happy Birthday” to Dwyane and LeBron standing behind Ross looking like a clown with a microphone in his hand.

If you need to refer to something as Wade’s “main birthday present,” I suppose the $230,000 McLaren he received would be it.  According to TMZ.com, the owner of a local luxury car dealership gave the car to Wade as a gift. Naturally, the dealership owner wanted the presentation of the vehicle to be breathtaking.  So he decided to have it airlifted in the hotel pool area where the party was being held.  Since that concept may be one that is tough to envision, here is a photo to help illustrate the scene:

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Dwyane Wade On a Strict Diet, Loses Five Pounds Per Game

Typically I would be bored by any story that was written strictly about what Dwyane Wade eats.  Some people want to know every single thing about a superstar athlete’s daily routine, but some things are better left unsaid when it comes to a person’s everyday life.  Now that he is getting older, Wade has himself on a strict diet and no longer chows down on junk food whenever he wants.  Good for him, but what we’re really interested in is how on earth he loses five pounds every time he plays a game.

Wade loses about five pounds per game, so his postgame meal tends to be as important – if not more so – than the pregame one. Ingraham tends to keep things simple: chicken breast, turkey breast, that sort of thing. On occasion, he says he’ll make one of Wade’s former favorites as a treat, but for the most part Wade sticks to the better choices.

That excerpt comes from an Associated Press report that outlines D-Wade’s diet and the things he eats — most of which are prepared by his girlfriend Gabrielle Union’s personal chef.  Wade said he tries to eat things like fruits and pasta which provide him with natural sources of energy.  Unfortunately, the story doesn’t go into great detail about how he loses so much weight in a game.

Five pounds in a single game?  You may hate the Heat, but I guess we can’t say D-Wade isn’t a hard worker.

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