Hawks Announcer Makes Fun of Dwyane Wade, Goes Berserk on Miami Heat

Things got pretty bumpy in Atlanta Wednesday night. First, Dwyane Wade got caught up in someone’s leg and fell, banging his head against the floor. Later Wade went up for a layup and got fouled by Solomon Jones and a skirmish ensued, resulting in double-technicals. On the next play, Wade fouled Maurice Evans on a fastbreak and got hit with a flagrant one foul. As if that wasn’t enough, later in the second quarter, Al Horford came down after a hard foul and twisted his ankle. All three moments are encapsulated in an incredible way by Hawks radio announcer, Steve Holman, on the Hawks flagship station, 790 the Zone. The dude literally goes berserk on-air, bashing the “untouchable” Dwyane Wade in the process. Believe me, it’s hilarious.

Some of the classic lines:

“You can’t foul me when I go to the basket, I’m Dwyane Wade. I do commercials.”

“Look, I’m Dwyane Wade, you can’t call that!”

“Oh my goodness, the Heat have resorted to thuggery!”

I do believe that the term “homer” would be appropriate here. Even if Wade gets preferable treatment from the refs, the foul on Mo Evans wasn’t anywhere near as bad as Holman describes it. He wasn’t trying to hurt Evans, and yes, Wade was going for the ball. You can see a few of the highlights here to judge for yourself.

Dwyane Wade’s Making His Move in the MVP Race

The MVP race in the NBA has become quite interesting since the All-Star break. To be fair, the debate for any MVP award is always interesting. Anyhow, prior to the break, it was in all likelihood a two-horse race between Kobe Bryant and LeBron James — take your pick. There were (are) compelling arguments for each player. Both players have had their teams at the top of the NBA standings all year long, and they’ve been jockeying for the NBA scoring lead as well. The Lakers lost Andrew Bynum and never really missed a beat, while the Cavs survived injuries to Delonte West, Zydrunas Ilgauskas, and now Ben Wallace. LeBron actually has Kobe across the board stat-wise, but the Lakers have beaten the Cavs both times this year head-to-head, and Kobe outplayed 23 in each game. But the third name that’s emerged since the break, the one that could be leading the race now, is Dwyane Wade.

Wade’s the overall scoring leader, second in steals, ninth in assists, and probably has one of the highest shooting percentages for his position. Since the break, D-Wade is averaging over 35 ppg, nearly 11 apg, almost three steals a game, over a block a game, and he’s 55% from the field and 90% from the line. Simply put, the guy’s been out of his mind and clearly more on top of his game than anyone else. Now here’s where I ask you this: should Wade be penalized because his team’s record isn’t that great (33-29), or is his case more compelling because he’s standing out and winning on a team without much help? Wade says the MVP should go to the guy who’s most valuable to his team, regardless of record. Cavs coach Mike Brown says the team’s record should be a factor.

I don’t think you can generalize like that because each situation should be judged case-by-case. Based on the way he’s playing in terms of all-around game, Dwyane Wade is shining more than any other player, even if his team lost by 30 when he scored 50 against Orlando, and even if they just got beat by Cleveland. If he starts to cool off, I’m fine with it going back to the Kobe/LeBron debate, but for now, it has to be Wade.

Video: Dwyane Wade Monster Dunk on Emeka Okafor

Just like I thought they would, the Miami Heat have bounced back this year and are back in the playoff hunt after stinking up the joint last year. But what do you expect from a team that was missing its best player much of the year, one who was at half strength when he did play? Dwyane Wade is back and healthy this year, leading the league in scoring, and leading the Heat to a 12-9 record. And Wade really did it all on Monday night against the Bobcats, including embarrassing Emeka Okafor with this dunk:

The dunk is the best part, but it doesn’t show that on the other end Wade out-jumped Jared Dudley for the rebound in order to get the ball and bring it down the court. 41 points, 8 rebounds, nearly 29 points per game, I’d say Wade is back.

D-Wade Calls Out Shaq, Riley Unhappy

The Heat have been nothing short of a mess this year. Not to say that they don’t have plenty of time to turn things around this year — they do — but they’ve still been a mess, and I always love to criticize demented franchises when they’re down. The Heat of course, are no exception. Team leader Dwyane Wade returned to action this week and wasted no time taking Shaq to the woodshed:

“Probably this year more so than any year I have been more vocal with Shaq, talking to him and trying to motivate him,” Wade said Thursday before the Heat left for a game at Boston tonight. “But the main thing is Shaq has got to be self-motivated. He has got to be willing and ready to do it.”

“Even though he is not getting the ball as much as he wants, we need him to help lead this team in other ways, whether it’s rebounding the ball or passing the ball the way he knows how to pass,” Wade said.

Stop me if you’ve heard this before … Shaq being lazy. Hmm. Never would’ve thought it was possible. Meanwhile, Mr. Slick appreciates Wade’s leadership, but doesn’t like him going public with the problem, preferring to keep matters in-house. Naturally. Bottom line: Shaq is nowhere near the player he used to be and is probably lacking the motivation he once had. Still, it’s a long season, and they have plenty of time to get it together. NOT! They’re toast.

(Chest Bump to Matt Watson at NBA FanHouse)

Euros Love Them Some D-Wade

If you thought that the likes of Dirk, Pau, Mehmet Okur, or say, Zaza Pachulia, would have the top selling jerseys in Europe because you know, they actually played in that continent, then you would be wrong. Much to my surprise, I have come to discover that Dwyane Wade’s No. 3 is the most popular selling jersey in Europe.

The list of most popular jerseys is based on sales from European retail locations last season. The NBA said sales of league merchandise in Europe increased 40% from the 2005-06 season, with international sales accounting for 25% of the league’s overall global merchandise business.

Wade is followed by Allen Iverson of the Denver Nuggets, Tony Parker of the San Antonio Spurs, Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers and LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

So how about that? How exactly does this work? I could understand when T-Mac had the most popular jersey in China since he played on the same team as Yao But Dwyane? How did he get so popular over there? OK fine, we all know the underlying truth, it’s all because of the Big Aristotle. Isn’t he responsible for everyone’s success?

Riley, Wade, Shaq Are Feeling the Heat

The jersey’s unraveling by it’s thread and nobody wants to admit it. Miami’s already lost Game 1 of the series, and the Heat are searching for answers, with Pat Riley taking D-Wade to the woodshed:

‘I’m not going to give him a pass,” Riley said of Wade. “He did not do the job defensively that he had to do. And we just have to face that fact.”

Clearly D-Wade is feeling the pressure as well:

”Coach [Pat Riley] expects the world out of me,” Wade said Sunday. “He expects more out of me than anybody probably ever expected.’

Make no mistake about it — the Heat rode Wade’s hot performance to the title last year. But that magic doesn’t appear to be happening again this year. Luol Deng blew up the spot with a playoff career high 33 on Saturday. Shaq being the sore loser that he is, was bitching about the refs, blaming them for the Heat’s loss. Miami still has plenty of room to turn it around and make a run, but a run won’t get them to the finals this year. And if they do make the run, it will be because of Shaq (who needs to stay on the court), not Wade.