Did Golden Tate take swipe at Seahawks after Earl Thomas muffed punt?


The Seattle Seahawks chose to let wide receiver Golden Tate leave in free agency this past winter so they would have enough money available to lock up players they considered to be higher priorities. One of those players was safety Earl Thomas, who has earned every penny of his four-year, $40 million extension as the anchor of Seattle’s secondary.

On Thursday night, Pete Carroll decided to give Thomas a shot at one of Tate’s old jobs — returning punts. Thomas ended up muffing the first punt he tried to field, though Richard Sherman blocked a player into him. Just moments later, Tate sent this tweet:

Coincidence? I highly, highly doubt it. Tate probably feels that he was more valuable to the Seahawks than given credit for, so I’m sure he enjoyed watching Thomas blow it. He still tried to play it off.

We all know what the now-Detroit Lions receiver meant, and it had nothing to do with cheesecake. Expect Thomas to be watching Tate closely in his debut with his new team on Sunday.

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Earl Thomas walks out of interview with me after getting upset with question (Video)

Earl Thomas is arguably the best safety in the NFL and top player on the Seattle Seahawks’ stellar defense, but there’s a reason why he’s one of the quiet members of the Legion of Boom — especially compared to Richard Sherman.

Thomas doesn’t quite have that same media savvy as his outspoken teammate.

LBS attended the red carpet event for the 9th annual All-Star Celebrity Kickoff Party at the Montrian Hotel on Monday and had the chance to interview Thomas. The only problem is the interview didn’t last very long; Thomas got upset with one of my questions and walked away.

Earl ThomasThe nature of the questions were pretty simple: Thomas is in line to return punts this season for the Seahawks, so I asked him if he was looking forward to the extra responsibility. He got excited and said he was looking forward to scoring some touchdowns, which led to a natural follow-up — does he have any TD celebrations planned?

Thomas is also competing with Sherman for punt returning duties on the team, so I asked who the better punt returner is. Based on how Thomas was acting at the beginning of the interview — talking about us filming his good side and being excited about scoring touchdowns — I thought he would give a playful answer. Instead, he got upset, accused me of trying to start some drama, and walked away.

Sorry, Earl, I was just trying to have some fun, not start trouble.

Earl Thomas takes shot to the nuts from teammate (GIF)

Earl Thomas experienced the type of pain no man should ever have to experience.

At the end of the Seattle Seahawks’ victory over the New Orleans Saints, Thomas collided with teammate Kam Chancellor, who was also covering Jimmy Graham. Thomas definitely took the worst end of the collision, because he ended up on the ground in pain, and he was grabbing his groin.

Earl Thomas groin

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Seahawks S Earl Thomas to Jim Harbaugh: Happy birthday, that’s what you get

Jim-Harbaugh-Pete-CarrollThe Seattle Seahawks were fighting for more than just playoff position when they destroyed the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday night. Pride was also at stake.

Earlier this season, the Niners won a hard-fought 13-6 battle against the Seahawks. After that game, Seattle safety Earl Thomas says Jim Harbaugh gave the Seahawks’ bus a sarcastic salute as he drove away from the stadium. On Sunday, which also happened to be Harbaugh’s 49th birthday, Thomas slung some sarcasm back at the Niners coach.

“Happy Birthday — that’s what you get,” Thomas told Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports. “Yeah, he [honked at us]. It seems like he tries to be a professional in front of the camera, but he does his antics, like that, when the cameras aren’t around. He’s just a big kid. We don’t worry about that stuff. We just play the game. The best team won [Sunday], and it was convincing.”

There was the honking incident, and there is also the long history between Harbaugh and Pete Carroll that dates back to their days at Stanford and USC. Harbaugh’s Cardinals held a 27-point lead over Carroll’s Trojans late in a game back in 2009, and Harbaugh decided to go for two. Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman, who had a similar “happy birthday” message for Harbaugh after the game, wanted Carroll to return the favor on Sunday when Seattle held a 42-6 lead.

“I’m not gonna lie to you,” Sherman said. “I told Pete, ‘Let’s score and go for two.’ He said, ‘We have more class than that.'”

It’s easy to get the impression that these are two teams that don’t feel any fuzzy feelings toward one another, and there are many reasons why. Should they meet again in the playoffs next month, the rivalry would make for great entertainment.