Alexander Ovechkin Does the Easterns Motors Hilarious Commercial

I’ve been down with the Easterns Motors commercials since way back in the day, like dang, two freaking years ago when LBS was just in its infancy. I guess one of the benefits of satellite TV is getting to see all the local commercials outside your region that you have no clue about. (BTW, what’s a Steak and Shake?). Easterns Motors is a DC-area automotive group from what I gather. I just know that they put together hilarious commercials with famous athletes singing their catchy jingle. This time it was Capitals star Alexander Ovechkin doing the honors.

That dude really is just a good sport. He totally knew this was going up on YouTube where dumbass blogs like me would catch on and laugh about it. Get the poor Russian his vodka already! (video via Ballhype)

At Eastern Motors, They’ll Drop Your Credit

So I posted early Saturday at MLB Fanhouse saying that the Rockies are attempting to market the team by making commercials. Towards the bottom of the post I mentioned that anytime I have a chance to work in an Eastern Motors commercial, you better believe that I will. 

For a little background here, I was in a football picks pool in the fall. Of course you have some clever names, a few really lame ones, several inside jokes which do the rest of us no good, and then some you just simply don’t get. “Eastern Motors,” was one of those. So I decided to ask the owner where he got the name. He replied by asking if I had DirecTV.  I answered, “no,” and he suggested I go to youtube and look up Eastern Motors. 

Well, I did, and I came across sheer brilliance. The video I posted over at fanhouse was money, but this ain’t bad either —

Sign it with me now, “At Eastern Motors-Motors, They’ll Drop Your Credit-Credit”