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Monday, November 30, 2015

Articles tagged: Ed Orgeron

Ed Orgeron pumping up LSU’s recruiting with his voicemail

Former USC interim head coach Ed Orgeron is considered one of the better recruiting coaches in college football. That is one of the reasons LSU has hired him as a defensive line coach, and Orgeron’s voicemail message proves he has gotten to work immediately. On Tuesday, ESPN Baton Rouge’s Culotta and The Prince Show decided…Read More

Ed Orgeron resigns, reportedly ‘outraged’ over Steve Sarkisian hire

With USC naming Steve Sarkisian as its new head coach today, the move is already having a domino effect in L.A. coaching circles. Ed Orgeron, who led the Trojans to a 6-2 record as interim coach after taking over for Lane Kiffin, reportedly was outraged by USC athletic director Pat Haden’s decision and resigned, according…Read More

Ex-USC DL Bob DeMars: Coach motherf—ed me for leaving practice to go to class

Former USC defensive lineman Bob DeMars recently had some unflattering things to say about the way the football programmed approached academics when he was in school. DeMars, who was a member of the Trojans’ football program from 1997-2001, said in an interview with Time that the program emphasized athletics and somewhat discouraged academics. He told…Read More

Ed Orgeron, Kiffin Want to Crush UCLA

The game between UCLA and Tennessee this weekend is already being billed as “The Blabber Bowl.” Sounds like a good nickname to me. Even Tennessee coach and former USC d-line coach Ed Orgeron is kicking off the gabbing pretty early: “You will not find anybody else in the world that wants to beat UCLA more…Read More

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