Houston Texans release Ed Reed

Ed-Reed-TexansThe Houston Texans released veteran safety Ed Reed on Tuesday, according to multiple media outlets. Reed had been benched during the last two games in favor of Shiloh Keo, so the move should not shock anyone.

The 35-year-old former Defensive Player of the Year signed a three-year, $15 million contract with the Texans last offseason. As Albert Breer of the NFL Network pointed out, Reed will have to clear waivers before becoming a free agent again. Any team that claimed him would assume the roughly $400,000 remaining on his 2013 salary. The Texans have already paid him $6 million in guaranteed money.

After Houston’s latest loss, Reed made headlines by saying that the team was outplayed and outcoached.

As soon as word surfaced that Reed had been waived, the Twitterverse exploded with speculation that the New England Patriots will try to sign him. Bill Belichick has long been an admirer of Reed, but the Patriots simply weren’t willing to give that kind of money and years to a player past his prime. We now see why.

While Reed could land in New England, he’d have to clear waivers first. With plenty of teams in need of help in the secondary, $400,000 may be worth it strictly for the pedigree.

Ed Reed: Texans were outplayed and outcoached

Ed Reed TexansAfter finally winning a Super Bowl with the Baltimore Ravens last season, veteran safety Ed Reed chose to explore free agency and leave the only team for whom he had played. He quickly signed with the Houston Texans, an up-and-coming team that he probably felt was a player away from reaching the big game. So far, his time in Houston has been a disaster.

The Texans dropped to 2-7 after losing at the Arizona Cardinals 27-24 on Sunday. What’s worse is that Reed, who wasn’t healthy to start the season, has been demoted and replaced by Shiloh Keo in the starting lineup.

After the loss to the Cardinals, Reed said the Texans were “outplayed and outcoached” at times during the game.

He then sent quite a few tweets that seemed to be addressed to the team’s fans:

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Houston Texans buy Ed Reed a walker for his 35th birthday

Ed-Reed-TexansIf it feels like Houston Texans safety Ed Reed has been around forever in the NFL, that’s probably because he has been. Reed’s 35th (I know, right?) birthday on Wednesday was a reminder for all of us that time flies. He has yet to make his debut with the Houston Texans yet as he recovers from a hip injury, which made the birthday gift his new teammates got him all the more appropriate.

Reed walked into the locker room on Wednesday to find a rather large present next to his locker wrapped in colorful paper. He unwrapped it to find a gag gift.

“It’s a platinum walker,” Reed said, via The Houston Chronicle.

Don’t worry, the 12-year veteran was also given a classy birthday cake with a Hall of Fame jacket on it. But the walker stole the show.

“Because his birthday’s on 9-11, we were asking him, like, ‘Where were you at on 9-11? And he was like, he was in college in his senior year,” cornerback Johnathan Joseph said. “And I was, like, ‘Wow, I was a junior in high school.’ So, yeah, it is funny.”

As they say, it’s the thought that counts. Reed may be an old man, but the Texans are hoping to have him back and healthy in the near future. He could give their defense a much-needed boost.

Ed Reed texted Andre Johnson ‘get me to Houston’ after Super Bowl win

ed-reedAfter the Baltimore Ravens won the Super Bowl, Ed Reed was one of those veteran players who seemed like his time with the team was coming to an end. The Ravens needed to clear out all kinds of salary cap space to be able to sign players like Joe Flacco, so it quickly became obvious that they were not going to sign Reed to an extension.

The veteran safety probably knew that before the season ended, but his career with Baltimore ended on a perfect note. After the Ravens defeated the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl, Reed celebrated with his teammates for the last time. He also began planning for the future almost immediately.

On Tuesday, Reed spoke to reporters about his relationship with former Miami and current Houston Texans teammate Andre Johnson. Apparently when Johnson texted him to congratulate him on the championship, Reed already knew he wanted to team up.

“Andre just said congratulations,” Reed said, according to CSNHouston.com. “He said congratulations and it was more my comment to him.”

The comment that Reed is referring to was, “Get me to Houston.”

“There’s one thing I know, Baltimore is always going to be there,” Reed said. “It’s not going to float off the map. I can always go back. Do I miss it a little bit? Yeah, I miss certain things about it, but that’s part of life.”

Again, Reed likely knew that the Ravens were not going to have the resources to keep him around. Rather than kick the tires on free agency and risk winding up with a lousy team, he obviously had his sights immediately set on another playoff team. Who can blame him?

Ed Reed thinks hip injury came from Tom Brady kick

Tom Brady slide Ed ReedEd Reed signed with the Houston Texans as a free agent during the offseason, and the future Hall of Famer recently revealed that he may not be ready for Week 1 of the season.

On Tuesday, Reed spoke to the media for the first time since undergoing surgery to repair the torn labrum in his hip. Though the exact cause of the injury is uncertain, Reed told reporters he thinks it’s the result of Tom Brady kicking him on a slide during the AFC Championship Game (video of the play here).

“Being that it was a slight tear in the labrum, it took me back to when I knew it could have happened, but I played in the Super Bowl and it’s something that happens,” Reed told reporters, via the Houston Chronicle. “Injuries happen in football all the time. We’re doing everything. I’m in the right place to rehab.”

“Only play I can look at is when I got kicked by a certain quarterback but even then I played in the Super Bowl and you saw what happened there. Even then I had two MCL sprains, a second degree one in the left in the Super Bowl in the first quarter and played through that. So if you’ve got any questions about my heart and how I play and how I work (that’s your answer).”

So Reed seems to firmly believe he hurt his hip on the Brady play and still managed to compete in the Super Bowl and help the Baltimore Ravens win it all. I wouldn’t doubt him. That kick he took from Brady was in an awkward spot and appeared to cause some hyperextension. Reed may be somewhat upset by the surgery, but he said in January that things were all good between him and Brady after the quarterback apologized.

Pitbull concert may have delayed Ed Reed signing with the Texans


The Houston Texans have made it no secret that they desperately want to bring veteran All-Pro safety Ed Reed on board. On Thursday, everyone from the Texans official Twitter account to defensive coordinator Wade Phillips was gushing over the team’s decision to fly a private jet to pick Reed up and bring him to Houston for a meeting. It’s starting to look like Reed could sign with the Texans, but did rapper Pitbull delay the team’s plans?

According to Around the League, John McClain of the Houston Chronicle told “NFL AM” on Friday morning that the Texans had to cut their meeting with Reed short on Thursday so they could get out of Reliant Stadium before more than 70,000 fans piled in for the Pitbull concert. Despite the inconvenience, McClain said he still expects Reed to sign with the team.

“I don’t think they would have done that if they didn’t think they had a good chance to keep him, they don’t want to send him home on Southwest,” McClain said.

On Friday morning, ESPN’s Adam Schefter cited a source who said it is only a “50-50 at best” chance that Reed signs with the Texans. There’s still a possibility he could return to Baltimore or explore other options. As of Friday afternoon, Reed had reportedly left the building in Houston without a deal.

The Texans and their fans would desperately like to have a veteran, ball-hawking presence like Reed to anchor their defense. If they’re unable to pull it off, blame Pitbull. Who knows what else could have been accomplished if his concert didn’t interrupt.

Ed Reed to visit Houston Texans

Ed ReedEd Reed could be the latest Baltimore Ravens player to become a former Baltimore Ravens player.

According to Houston Chronicle writer John McClain, Reed will be at the Houston Texans’ facility on Thursday as their first unrestricted free agent visitor. The Texans need a replacement at safety for Glover Quin, who signed with the Detroit Lions.

Reed is a free agent after spending his entire career with the Baltimore Ravens, and there does not seem to be a consensus about what he will do. The San Francisco 49ers and Indianapolis Colts have been mentioned as other spots where he could visit.

If Reed, 34, decides to leave the Ravens, now might be the right time. He just won his first Super Bowl, and the exodus from the team has begun. LB Ray Lewis is retiring; LB Paul Kruger is signing with the Browns; LB Dannell Ellerbe is signing with the Dolphins; S Bernard Pollard was released; and WR Anquan Boldin was traded to the 49ers. The other side of the exodus is that the Ravens should have money available to make Reed a strong offer.