Alternate Perfectville Commercial by Reebok had the Patriots Won

In case you haven’t seen it yet (don’t worry, only about 97 million have), Reebok released a commercial immediately after the Giants won the Super Bowl starring the ’72 Dolphins. It was a great commercial showing the Dolphins partying it up in a city called “Perfectville, established 1972, population 1.” Then there was a gift sent from Eli Manning to Mercury Morris telling him he could enjoy perfection for another year. Might as well watch the entire Perfectville commercial to refresh your memory it’s so good. Well, I had two questions about the commercial. One, did they have several versions of the commercial based on who won the MVP award (and is that why the gift was from Eli)? The second question, and the most important, is what happened to the version of the commercial had the Patriots won the game? Follow me here for a moment.

There’s no way a company spends all sorts of money buying adtime and filming a commercial only to have it work “in the small chance the Giants win.” Clearly they filmed at least two versions of it, ready to roll it out as soon as the game ended depending on the victor. Here is the alternate Perfectville commercial Reebok probably thought it would wind up playing:

Perfectville, Population 2. Gotta love it.

Eli’s Escape: Legendary Play in Super Bowl History

That was it. That was the play that told me wholly shnykees, the Giants are going to win. Initially my thoughts were, “haha, Eli got sacked, it’s over.” Then when that summabitch wouldn’t go down, I changed quickly and said “hot damn, he’s not going to let his team lose.” And that’s what happened. With one play Eli willed his team to victory. And let’s not overlook what made this play so spectacular — the fact that it was completed on the other end with an amazing catch by David Tyree. That’s the type of play where Eli can easily go down or have the pass batted down. Instead it wasn’t, and that’s when you knew grace was with the Giants. Let’s take another look at it as long as the play hasn’t been taken away because of copyright. It was truly amazing and it will always be a legendary play — the stamp on Eli’s career: (in case it’s taken down, try this)

Now don’t let the fact that I’m fawning over this play and moment make you think I’ve turned into an Eli lover. Far from it. I still think he’s a punk for puking out on San Diego the way he did on draft day. I still don’t think he’s one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. I think he has guts and that he comes through late in games (hence, making him a winner), but I still think he’s a punk. Oh yeah, and let’s not forget that his defensive line was awesome and deserves most of the credit for the Super Bowl win. But Eli deserves a tremendous amount as well; he and Tyree combined for the play of the game: Eli’s Escape.

Also, I doubt anyone else has brought this up, but does anyone realize how eerily similar this play was to the 4th down play the Giants blew against the Titans last year when Kiwanuka had Vince Young wrapped up only to let him go? The Titans completed the 4th quarter comeback and everyone rendered VY a hero and the Giants a failure. Guess what went around came around for New York.

Where’s Tiki Barber Now?

Not long after the Giants had won the NFC title game, advancing to the Super Bowl, did the question pop into my head: Where’s Tiki Barber now? Ballhype reminded me of this thought and now I must ask it again. Where’s Tiki Barber now? I never really got into the whole Eli vs. Tiki bout that started earlier in the year, but I was quite disappointed with Tiki. His first move out of the field and into the broadcast chair and he’s ripping guys he played with no less than a year before? That was poor form. Poor form. He never needed to open up that can.

Alas, the Giants, Tom Coughlin and Eli Manning, are getting the last laugh. While Tiki talked a mess of ish how Coughlin ruined his enjoyment of the game, and how Eli wasn’t a leader, the Giants brushed it off and shoved it up Tiki’s ass. Barber retires and the Giants reach the Super Bowl. Where’s he now for his response? I’m not an Eli fan in the least bit, but I’d like to know what Tiki’s response is to what’s ensued. Karma is a bitch. Oh yeah, and love it or hate it Tiki, Eli Manning is in the Super Bowl. I hate it, and Tiki must be swallowing his words. Hard.

God Must Love Lawrence Tynes

Watching the finale to the Giants/Packers game, it became pretty clear to me that there was a life force guiding Lawrence Tynes yesterday. In a matter of minutes, Tynes went from having his life ruined — marred by missing the biggest kick(s) of his life — to booting the Giants to the Super Bowl. Tynes would have been hated. Crucified. Vilified. Mortified. He would have been done. Cast aside to join the likes of Scott Norwood in the history books. He would have been the man that cost the Giants a trip to the Super Bowl. Not once, but twice. Tynes the goat — could you imagine the headlines? He would have been done. Over. Ruined.

Alas, everything happens for a reason. The interception in overtime was Brett Favre’s gift to Tynes. Insurance that Lawrence wouldn’t go all Cole Ford on everyone later in life. Instead, he made the 47 yarder and sent the Giants to the Super Bowl. All was well. I don’t know about you, but that’s how I saw the game. I didn’t see it as a Brett Favre failure, nor as an Eli Manning triumph. What I saw was one lucky, extremely lucky man, who got his shot at redemption — a third time — and conquered. He changed his life with swing of his leg. From ruining the rest of his years, to being able to live and breathe without much thought. Incredible. Luckily for him the Super Bowl won’t come down to a field goal margin, otherwise he’d be toast.

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Manning Brothers Now Starring in Oreo Commercials

The great Unsilent Majority of Kissing Suzy Kolber has already slammed the Mannings for this one. In case you missed it, Eli and Peyton have joined the Double Stuff Oreo Racing League or something like that. I just know that anything with the name “double stuff” in it is somewhat sketchy. Guess they didn’t learn from Carson Palmer’s hot dog commercial. Anyway, check out the commercial the two were recently in:

You know, I have to say I really like the ESPN commercial of the brothers taking a family tour of the joint — that was cool. And the Peyton Manning “cut that meat” commercial was pretty good too. But come on, at some point you have to put the foot down and say “no,” don’t you? I would think so. Especially if they’re going to be running after your team has already been eliminated from the playoffs.

Get Off of Eli Manning’s Nuts

Just the same way many people hammered Eli for his crappy play in the past, those same folks have come full circle to jump on his nuts following the Giants win Sunday over the Bucs. See, that’s just the thing — many people called it Eli’s win, not the Giants’ win. Tom Coughlin didn’t get a win, Brandon Jacobs didn’t get a win, Michael Strahan didn’t get a win, nope. Only Eli Manning got a win. I heard Joe Buck say something to that effect during the broadcast — that Eli Manning, not the Giants, was beating Tampa Bay. I heard people say after the game that Eli got the monkey off his bank joining his brother in the second round of the playoffs. Sure, Eli had a good game, but was the victory solely his? I think not.

I can’t remember the last time a guy got as much credit as Eli has for doing as little as he’s done. He LOST to the Patriots but was made out to be a king for his performance. He didn’t even throw for 200 yards against the Bucs yet he’s now a bonafide playoff quarterback. For some reason or another, the Giants have now become the trendy sleeper pick to pull off an upset against the Cowboys. I’m not buying it. Eli can easily go back to throwing picks and turning the ball over, and Dallas is going to slam the Giants for the third time this year. Maybe then everyone will remember how much they used to hate on Eli because they all seem to have since forgotten.