Emmanuel Sanders’ agent Steve Weinberg allegedly broke ‘every rule in negotiations’

Emmanuel Sanders SteelersEmmanuel Sanders agreeing to a deal with the Denver Broncos might not be the biggest NFL news around, but at least one team appears to be extremely upset over what happened.

According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, one team executive claims that Sanders’ agent, Steve Weinberg, agreed to a deal in principle with the Kansas City Chiefs and still shopped his client around to other teams. Weinberg supposedly shopped the offer from the Chiefs to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers before eventually agreeing to a deal with KC’s AFC West rival. Rapoport also says Sanders and Weinberg irritated the 49ers by cancelling a visit with them.

An agent has the right to shop his client to whomever he wants, but it is considered poor form to agree to a deal with a team and then continue to shop around your client, which is what it sounds like Weinberg did.

Rapoport says Weinberg was recently reinstated by the NFLPA after being barred and decertified in 2003.

If Sanders blows out for the Broncos, expect Chiefs fans to be peeved. If he gets hurt or doesn’t play well, they’ll probably be happy that the deal never went through.

Emmanuel Sanders did Ray Lewis dance after scoring TD (GIF)

Emmanuel-Sanders-Ray-Lewis-dancePittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders caught an 8-yard touchdown pass in the third quarter on Thursday night to cut the Baltimore Ravens’ lead to 13-7. He was understandably excited that he helped keep his team in the game, but did he need to take his life into his own hands?

After scoring, Sanders decided it was a good idea to break out the Ray Lewis dance in Baltimore. Considering it was Thanksgiving, the celebration could only have ended in two ways — with Ray Lewis coming out of nowhere and cutting Sanders’ hands off with an electric carving knife, or with Sanders being forgiven in the interest of holiday spirit. Fortunately, it appears the latter held true.

Mike Tomlin has already banned Sanders from one particular type of celebration. You have to wonder if this one will be next.

GIF via GIFD Sports