Report: Erin Andrews to co-host Dancing With the Stars

Erin-AndrewsWord has it Erin Andrews is returning to ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars,” but not as a competitor. Andrews, who appeared on the show in 2010, is reportedly set to replace Brooke Burke-Charvet as co-host of the show.

Burke-Charvet confirmed on Friday that she will not be returning to the show for an eighth season, telling E! Online that she had no idea her job was on the line and that it was one of the most “shocking eliminations” of her career. According to The Big Lead, ABC is expected to announce that Andrews has joined the show on Monday.

Andrews will co-host the show alongside Tom Bergeron. In 2010, she spoke about how demanding of a schedule being a contestant on “Dancing With the Stars” created. Apparently the same does not apply for a host, as Andrews is expected to continue her duties with FOX Sports while co-hosting “Dancing With the Stars” during the week.

The show’s ratings have been down over the past few seasons, so it’s no surprise they would bring in a popular TV personality like Andrews. I’m sure she’ll provide a boost — at least initially.

Photo: Twitter/Erin Andrews

Erin Andrews had to bundle up for the cold Packers-49ers game

Erin Andrews

Erin Andrews was in unfamiliar territory for Sunday’s wild card playoff game between the Packers and 49ers in Green Bay. With temperatures below zero, Andrews, like many others, had to bundle up with multiple layers of clothing. She broadcasted while wearing a scarf, gloves, cap, heavy jacket, and much more.

In fact, Andrews tweeted before the game that she would be using just about every type of heating pack imaginable in order to stay warm:

I’m living in SoCal where it’s sunny and still T-shirt weather, so I have serious respect for anyone who works in those types of conditions, regardless of what type of job it is. Stay warm however you can.

Brooklyn Decker, Erin Andrews, Chrissy Teigen hit Disneyland together


Three of the most famously attractive women in America decided to take a late-night trip to Disneyland on Tuesday. Sports Illustrated swimsuit models Chrissy Teigen and Brooklyn Decker got together with their good friend Erin Andrews and dominated the scene at the happiest place on earth. They have the photos and tweets to prove it.

In addition to posing for a picture before some sort of 3-D attraction, the ladies also huddled together in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle in all of its Christmas glory.


Andrews was apparently also waiting for a camera to take her picture on the Matterhorn Mountain ride, but it never happened.

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Erin Andrews did not have Justin Bieber on her mind (Video)

Erin Andrews MIke NapoliFOX reporter Erin Andrews appeared to nearly call Justin Verlander “Justin Bieber” in an innocent misspeak after Game 3 of the ALCS between the Boston Red Sox and Detroit Tigers, but she denied that was the case.

Andrews was interviewing Mike Napoli, whose solo home run off Verlander in the seventh was the only run of the game, when she nearly slipped. You can hear what she said in the video above.

Andrews heard about her misspeak from people on Twitter and couldn’t believe the feedback she was receiving.

She also said she wasn’t thinking about Bieber when she nearly slipped.

Earlier in the game, Andrews did slip when giving a sideline report during a 17-minute power delay. She mistakenly called Tigers manager Jim Leyland “Joe Leyland” because she also was about to say something about umpire Joe West. She quickly corrected herself and later noted on Twitter that she had a lot of Joes in her head.

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Erin Andrews photobombed by creepy dude in beard (Video)

FOX Sports reporter Erin Andrews was in New York City with the FOX NFL crew on Sunday for Week 1 of the football season, and one of her reports was ruined by a super creeper.

Dude knew exactly what he was doing, because he had his eyes wide open like he was trying to freak us out. Mission accomplished. Dude looks like a cannibal.

GIF and up-close photo of the creep below:

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Marshall Henderson responds to Erin Andrews’ criticism on Twitter

marshall henderson auburn fansThere are few players in college or professional athletics that people love to hate more than Marshall Henderson. On Tuesday, Henderson was suspended indefinitely by Ole Miss for reportedly failing a drug test. Those of us who know some of the details of his checkered past were hardly surprised.

After the news broke, several people jumped all over the opportunity to kick Henderson while he is down. One of those people was FOX Sports’ Erin Andrews.

Of course, Andrews was referring to some of Henderson’s antics like giving Florida fans the Gator chomp and flipping people off on his way off the court. If you thought an indefinite suspension was enough to silence Marshall, you were wrong.

I know it’s hard for him to resist, but Henderson probably shouldn’t be tweeting at a time like this. He already looks like an idiot. There’s no need to make it worse.

50 Cent goes in to kiss Erin Andrews, gets denied (Video)

50 Cent is no Squints Palledorous. The rapper got pulled in for an impromptu interview with FOX’s Erin Andrews before the Daytona 500 Sunday, and he got hilariously rejected on a kiss attempt after going with the “get a kiss or die trying” strategy.

Andrews was looking to interview Danica Patrick when she spotted 50 and extended her arm to bring him in for the interview. The rapper found the open arm as a welcome invitation to go in for a monster kiss. He came in all puckered up and ready for a big smooch on the lips, but Andrews turned her cheek, leaving 50 hilariously empty-handed. He ended up planting one on Andrews’ cheek after getting “friends-zoned” as BuzzFeed so aptly called it.

Andrews clearly was uncomfortable after being caught off guard. She wasn’t sure which way to go, but she knew a lips kiss wasn’t in the cards. That didn’t seem to bother 50, who continued to follow Andrews even after the kiss rejection. He tried to put his hands on her waist, and then he was caught scoping her backside as she walked in front of him:

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