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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

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ESPN clarifies that tweet with video camera emojis was not about Spygate

The official Twitter account for ESPN’s SportsCenter created a buzz Monday night with a tweet that included emojis of little video cameras sandwiched between little footballs. Why? Because the New England Patriots were playing. Don’t worry, Pats fans — the person who runs the account wasn’t taking a shot at your team. Or so they…Read More

ESPN reportedly ‘getting out of the pop culture business’

There have been many reasons suggested for why ESPN decided to shut down Grantland. From a desire to distance itself from Bill Simmons to the site’s financial profitability, the actual reasons for the move are probably complicated and full of multiple elements. One report says part of the motivation is ESPN’s desire to get out…Read More

ESPN shuts down Grantland

ESPN announced Friday that the publication of Grantland is being suspended effective immediately. “Effective immediately we are suspending the publication of Grantland,” the network said in a statement. “After careful consideration, we have decided to direct our time and energy going forward to projects that we believe will have a broader and more significant impact…Read More

Four Grantland staffers leaving ESPN to work for Bill Simmons

ESPN, and Grantland in particular, are still feeling the aftershocks of Bill Simmons’s departure. Now, several of Grantland’s staffers are leaving to join up with their old boss. The well-connected James Andrew Miller has the information, saying that four “highly regarded” Grantland staffers have informed ESPN that they are leaving the site, and ESPN has…Read More

Full, unedited Dabo Swinney ESPN interview video

ESPN explained that a transmission error was to blame for the network cutting out of its postgame interview with Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney on Saturday night, so conspiracy theorists can cool their jets. Some thought ESPN might have cut out because they didn’t like his message about God, or maybe because he had cursed,…Read More

Bill Simmons rips ESPN some more: They did not support Grantland

Bill Simmons rolled out the first several episodes of his new podcast this week, and those who have wanted to hear his take on what went wrong with ESPN have not been disappointed. Simmons has already spent a significant amount of time bashing his former employer on “The Bill Simmons Podcast.” In Friday’s edition, he…Read More

ESPN to lay off 200-300 employees in coming months

One of the biggest media entities in sports is about to get a little smaller. ESPN will lay off 200-300 employees in the coming months, according to a report from The Big Lead. The report says ESPN has been instructed by parent company Disney to cut around $100 million from its 2016 budget and $250…Read More

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