Evan Mathis’ rookie dinner bill from Del Frisco’s was a joke

Evan Mathis Del Frisco's receipt

When Philadelphia Eagles offensive lineman Evan Mathis tweeted a photo of a $64,000 dinner receipt from Del Frisco’s Steakhouse on Thursday night, we suspected it might be a joke. Mathis is a known prankster, and the person who answered the phone at Del Frisco’s didn’t know anything about Eagles players eating there on Thursday. Our suspicions have been confirmed.

Adam Schefter, being the fantastic little investigative reporter that he is, noticed something fishy about the bill. If you look at the first letter of each item on the receipt, it spells out four words.


Yeah, safe to say that’s not a coincidence. Mathis was obviously messing around because his teammate Lane Johnson took so much heat last weekend after he tweeted a photo of an $18,000 bill from Del Frisco’s and labeled it a “rookie dinner.”

A+ effort.

Evan Mathis tweets $64k dinner bill from Del Frisco’s

Evan Mathis Del Frisco's receipt

Those Philadelphia Eagles appear to be huge fans of Del Frisco’s Steakhouse in Philly.

Less than a week after Lane Johnson tweeted a picture of a receipt for an $18k dinner at Del Frisco’s, fellow offensive lineman Evan Mathis tweeted a picture of a $64k bill!

After receiving some backlash, Johnson clarified that the team’s rookies were not forced to pay for the dinner and that he was treating his fellow offensive lineman. Mathis didn’t tweet many details, but he did say “teaching rookies a lesson.”

We’re guessing Mathis was just joking around about the rookie crack, and for that matter, knowing his prank style, he could have been totally faking this whole thing.

Even if this is just a prank by Mathis, it’s not often that we see a $64,000 dinner, so let’s break down this bill to see how they racked up those astronomical charges. For starters, it was a party of 16 according to the receipt, and most of the dough was spent on high-priced alcohol.

– Only $1,530.50 was spent on food ($180 of that was spent on dessert), $183 on side dishes, and the majority on steaks)
– $55,227 was spent on booze ($39,000 was spent on 18 bottles of wine alone)

Someone bought an iced tea for $4. They were charged $3 for caramelized onions. Shoot, when they’re spending that much, you would figure they could just throw in the onions and iced tea for free, but that’s just me.

For $64k, I just hope it was the meal of their lives for whoever was dining. And for what it’s worth, when LBS called Del Frisco’s Thursday night, the person who answered seemed pretty certain that nobody from the Eagles was there that evening.

Evan Mathis rides an electric tricycle to work (Video)

Philadelphia Eagles guard Evan Mathis is one of the funniest guys in the NFL. And what does arguably the most entertaining offensive lineman in the league drive to work? An electric tricycle, of course.

“It’s my new whip, man,” Mathis proudly told CSNPhilly.com.

When informed that some people would call him a “different” kind of person, Mathis shrugged it off and said he’s different in that he doesn’t have to pay for gas. As Eagles teammate Connor Barwin noted, Mathis is “about that green life.” As in saving the environment, not Eagles green.

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Evan Mathis pranked Eagles reporter Paul Domowitch

Evan-MathisPhiladelphia Eagles offensive lineman Evan Mathis has been the center of trade rumors this offseason. He is scheduled to make roughly $5 million per season over the next three years, and he apparently believes he is worth more. The 32-year-old wants a new contract but Chip Kelly doesn’t seem concerned if he has to replace him. As a result, there has been speculation that Mathis would skip some offseason workouts.

On Sunday, Paul Domowitch of the Philadelphia Daily News reported that Mathis would not be present when the Eagles began their voluntary workout program on Monday. Domowitch knew that because Mathis texted him the following map when he asked the veteran guard if he would be attending OTAs.


Domowitch later told Deadspin that Mathis apologized to him, saying that he was just having a little fun and that he can be taken at his word but “never for my pics, pins, [and] emoticons.” Mathis even retweeted Domowitch’s report just to make him look bad.

That’s pretty cold. Sarcasm can be impossible to detect via text, so you can’t blame Domowitch for taking Mathis’ Turks and Caicos message at face value. Having said that, Mathis is a known jokester who once pretended he was peeing on an IRS building sign. We should probably always be a little skeptical of stuff he says.

Evan Mathis offering $500 if someone gets Amanda Bynes to follow him

Evan Mathis, last seen urinating on an IRS building, is up to his same old Twitter antics. Earlier this month, the Philadelphia Eagles lineman offered $500 to the person who could get living trainwreck Amanda Bynes to follow him on Twitter:

Mathis told SI.com’s Jimmy Traina that the offer is real and still standing.

Bynes is only following seven people on Twitter, so Mathis’ odds are long on this one. Even notoriously stingy Vegas sportsbooks would have a payout of at least four figures for this one.

So, why would Mathis want Bynes to follow him so badly? Maybe it has to do with this:

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Evan Mathis being audited by IRS right now

Evan Mathis IRS

Evan Mathis‘ photo of him taking a leak on an IRS building sign has gone viral in the 24 hours since he posted it to his Instagram account on Wednesday. The Philadelphia Eagles offensive guard explained the circumstances for the now infamous photo during an interview with SI Hot Clicks’ Jimmy Traina.

Mathis indicated to Traina that he didn’t actually pee on the sign, though he was afraid he’d lose street cred for that admission. He also explained what seems to be the real motivating factor behind the photo.

“I’m actually being audited right now,” Mathis told Traina. “I’ll do my 2012 taxes when that’s over. Sadly, I always pay in full.”

Ah, don’t we all. I’m guessing he’s going to end up on their audit list every year thanks to the photo.

Evan Mathis takes a leak on IRS building sign

Evan Mathis IRS

Evan Mathis, like the rest of us, is not a huge fan of the IRS. The Philadelphia Eagles guard shared this photo on his Instagram account on Wednesday, and it looks like he’s either urinating (or pretending to urinate) on an IRS building sign. I’m guessing that’s not going to help his efforts to avoid or come out clean in an audit.

As for the big boot on his left foot, Mathis recently had ankle surgery.

Photo: Instagram/Evan Mathis
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