Evan Mathis offering $500 if someone gets Amanda Bynes to follow him

Evan Mathis, last seen urinating on an IRS building, is up to his same old Twitter antics. Earlier this month, the Philadelphia Eagles lineman offered $500 to the person who could get living trainwreck Amanda Bynes to follow him on Twitter:

Mathis told SI.com’s Jimmy Traina that the offer is real and still standing.

Bynes is only following seven people on Twitter, so Mathis’ odds are long on this one. Even notoriously stingy Vegas sportsbooks would have a payout of at least four figures for this one.

So, why would Mathis want Bynes to follow him so badly? Maybe it has to do with this:

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Evan Mathis being audited by IRS right now

Evan Mathis IRS

Evan Mathis‘ photo of him taking a leak on an IRS building sign has gone viral in the 24 hours since he posted it to his Instagram account on Wednesday. The Philadelphia Eagles offensive guard explained the circumstances for the now infamous photo during an interview with SI Hot Clicks’ Jimmy Traina.

Mathis indicated to Traina that he didn’t actually pee on the sign, though he was afraid he’d lose street cred for that admission. He also explained what seems to be the real motivating factor behind the photo.

“I’m actually being audited right now,” Mathis told Traina. “I’ll do my 2012 taxes when that’s over. Sadly, I always pay in full.”

Ah, don’t we all. I’m guessing he’s going to end up on their audit list every year thanks to the photo.

Evan Mathis takes a leak on IRS building sign

Evan Mathis IRS

Evan Mathis, like the rest of us, is not a huge fan of the IRS. The Philadelphia Eagles guard shared this photo on his Instagram account on Wednesday, and it looks like he’s either urinating (or pretending to urinate) on an IRS building sign. I’m guessing that’s not going to help his efforts to avoid or come out clean in an audit.

As for the big boot on his left foot, Mathis recently had ankle surgery.

Photo: Instagram/Evan Mathis
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