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Monday, November 30, 2015

Articles tagged: facial hair

Andrew Luck shaved beard, left mustache

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck was downright hard to look at down the stretch of the 2014 season and into the playoffs. The Pro Bowler had one of the most unkempt and ratty beards you will ever see. The beard is now gone, but an important section of facial hair remains. Luck could no longer…Read More

Kyle Orton Uncle Rico mashup is awesome (Video)

Kyle Orton shaved his mustache before Sunday’s game and went on to lead the Buffalo Bills to a thrilling comeback victory over the Minnesota Vikings. Before he shaved the stache, Orton was starting to look exactly like Uncle Rico from “Napoleon Dynamite.” Mustache or no mustache, the mashup you see above of Uncle Rico throwing…Read More

Tim Lincecum adds wispy mustache to his facial hair repertoire

Tim Lincecum showed up to spring training once again sporting a new look. This time instead of his hair being different, he had a new facial hair look. Yes, Lincecum now has a wispy mustache. I’m sure based on the photo above you might think the ‘stache is coming in somewhat well. But looks can…Read More

Steve Nash rocking beautiful mustache for Lakers return

Steve Nash is returning to the lineup for the Los Angeles Lakers Tuesday, and he’s bringing some super facial hair with him. Nash has missed the last 39 games because of a combination of injuries. He’s turning 40 in a few days, but he’s not too old to ball out. Or at least the Lakers…Read More

Aaron Rodgers killing the mustache game

Aaron Rodgers is taking the mustache game to the next level. The Green Bay Packers quarterback may be out with a broken collarbone, but he is not forgotten on the sidelines of the team’s games. FOX showed shots of Rodgers on the sidelines during the Packers’ 26-26 tie with the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday, and…Read More

Brian Wilson reportedly offered $1 million to shave his beard

What would Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Brian Wilson be without the beard? Wilson’s insane facial hair became a symbol of the San Francisco Giants’ success since he stepped into the team’s closer role in 2008. It has been featured on billboards, buses, and even a commercial airliner ever since, but a $1 million offer could…Read More

Ian Desmond shaved his goatee in the middle of a game

For whatever reason, baseball players are some of the most superstitious athletes in sports. Washington Nationals shortstop Ian Desmond is no exception. On Tuesday night, Desmond strolled to the plate in the 1st inning with a goatee and ended up grounding into a double play. When he returned for his second at-bat in the 3rd…Read More

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