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Monday, November 30, 2015

Articles tagged: facial hair

Blue Jays Rock the Fake Mustaches in Cito Gaston Farewell Game

Wednesday evening marked Cito Gaston’s final home game as manager of the Toronto Blue Jays. The team had a huge ceremony to honor the manager who brought the city two World Series titles. They invited his former players out, played video messages and tributes, and his current players even gave him a farewell Rolex. You…Read More

Chris Berman Rocking the Mustache

Football season is back which means it’s time for four months of anchor Chris Berman’s Sunday NFL Countdown and fastest two minutes in football! Before you get too giddy, we’re here to warn you that the Berman you may be expecting won’t be there. Instead, you’ll see a retro version of Berman rocking the old…Read More

John Axford Has a Killer Mustache

We here at LBS have had a long standing fascination with athlete’s facial hair. A few years ago it was Eric Byrnes bringing back the porn stache, then it was Jason Giambi sporting a lucky stache, and this Spring it was Jayson Werth invoking the Jesus look. On Thursday night, I and many others noticed…Read More

Jayson Werth’s Beard Rivals Johnny Damon’s Jesus Look

Phillies All-Star outfielder Jayson Werth caused a mini-stir by showing up to Spring Training in Clearwater, Florida sporting shaggy hair and a long beard to match. Phillies beat writer Todd Zolecki of shared a few pictures of Werth in his most recent post. Here’s the new version of Johnny Damon — Jayson Werth and…Read More

Cardinals Pitchers Grow Mustaches For Good Luck

Baseball players will do just about anything to turn their fortunes. Jason Giambi used to wear a gold thong for good luck, Jeff Francoeur didn’t change his boxers, and many players like screwing with their facial hair. We’ve seen Eric Byrnes grow a porn stache while he was on a hitting streak, and lately it’s…Read More

Jason Giambi’s Mustache Now Certified

Earlier in the season it was Eric Byrnes who grew out a mustache while riding a hot hitting streak. Sporting the porn stache, Byrnes declared it The Year of the Mustache. Well, it wasn’t long after that Jason Giambi traded in his gold thong for a mustache when in need of a good luck charm….Read More

Byrnes Is Bringing Back the Porn Stache

There was a nice little addition to Eric Byrnes’ face the first month of the year — perhaps it was a good luck charm. Byrnsie decided to grow out his ‘stache during his 14-game hitting streak which ended on Sunday. Though the hitting streak came to an end, the ‘stache will apparently live on strong….Read More

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