Pictures: Barry Zito Mustache Helping Him Recover Faster

By now you have probably heard that Barry Zito was recently in a car accident. The Giants big-money pitcher has been dealing with a tight neck for a few days, but he says he is ready to make his scheduled start Sunday night after sticking to a strict treatment regimen.  Likely story, but I like to think it’s because he took a page out of the Cardinals 2008 pitching staff’s book.  Call it that, or call it channeling his inner Jason Giambi.  The handle bars are missing, but call it pulling a John Axford if you so please.  Whatever the case, I think it’s obvious Barry Zito’s mustache has helped him heal.

Zito says he is making his scheduled start because he can pitch through the tightness and would rather not screw up the Giants rotation this early in the year.  In reality, he doesn’t want to reveal his secret.  Believe me — the stache is the key.

Did Tim Lincecum Cut His Hair? No, it’s Just a Pony Tail and Mustache

While some athletes are going long with their hair, Tim Lincecum is changing up his look in a different way. The Cy Young pitcher had his long, stoner/skater hair in a pony tail for Giants media day this week, causing a brief stir amongst folks on the internet (thank you, Tony Reali) who wondered if Timmy had cut his hair. Alas, we found out it was just tied back, but that only drew attention to the next part of the changed look — the stache.

Now baseball players have a long history with the mustache. You have porn staches, good luck staches, and whatever you call this. I’m not sure what you call Lincecum’s look, but I can swear I had some friends in 6th grade who were blooming a bit early and had that going on before exploring the benefits of a razor. I dunno about you, but I’m not exactly digging the Jesus Quintana look.

pic via SB Nation, plus another bonus pic below with more of a close-up side angle.

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Blue Jays Rock the Fake Mustaches in Cito Gaston Farewell Game

Wednesday evening marked Cito Gaston’s final home game as manager of the Toronto Blue Jays. The team had a huge ceremony to honor the manager who brought the city two World Series titles. They invited his former players out, played video messages and tributes, and his current players even gave him a farewell Rolex. You could tell how much the players love and respect Gaston, and they showed it with a facial hair tribute. Not only did Vernon Wells reference Gaston’s mustache in a speech, but the players all put on fake mustaches to celebrate Gaston. In fact, outfielder Travis Snider drew one on with eye black and even played the entire game with it on. Check it out:

The Jays sent Gaston out at home with an 8-4 win over the Yankees. Snider actually hit a two-run home run in the first and added an RBI single in the second. At 82-76, the Blue Jays are having a fine season. After losing their top two pitchers the past two years, giving away Alex Rios in waivers, and losing half their pitchers to arm injuries, the above-.500 showing is more than impressive. Gaston did a fine job with the bunch in his second tour of duty in Toronto.

Chris Berman Rocking the Mustache

Football season is back which means it’s time for four months of anchor Chris Berman’s Sunday NFL Countdown and fastest two minutes in football! Before you get too giddy, we’re here to warn you that the Berman you may be expecting won’t be there. Instead, you’ll see a retro version of Berman rocking the old school stache which seems to be a combination of part Dave Wannstedt, part Bernie Lomax. Check out the Chris Berman mustache pictures present day vs. past:

He called it the Ron Burgundy look but I think it’s just old school. It’s no John Axford, but it’s not bad, Boomer.

John Axford Has a Killer Mustache

We here at LBS have had a long standing fascination with athlete’s facial hair. A few years ago it was Eric Byrnes bringing back the porn stache, then it was Jason Giambi sporting a lucky stache, and this Spring it was Jayson Werth invoking the Jesus look. On Thursday night, I and many others noticed that Twins pitcher Carl Pavano’s stache was coming in well. While Pavano has a beauty going, nothing compares to new Brewers closer John Axford whose got the best Rollie Fingers mustache since Clay Zavada. Here’s a picture of John Axford’s mustache in full form:

Axford has emerged as Milwaukee’s closer now that Trevor Hoffman and Carlos Villanueva have struggled. With the Brewers’ closing situation there’s always instability, but as long as Axford keeps converting saves he should stick with it. And that would be great for all of us because more mustache is better for everyone.

Jayson Werth’s Beard Rivals Johnny Damon’s Jesus Look

Phillies All-Star outfielder Jayson Werth caused a mini-stir by showing up to Spring Training in Clearwater, Florida sporting shaggy hair and a long beard to match. Phillies beat writer Todd Zolecki of Phillies.com shared a few pictures of Werth in his most recent post. Here’s the new version of Johnny Damon — Jayson Werth and his beard:

That sure is an impressive beauty and it looks like it took all off-season to grow. What’s even more jarring is comparing the bearded Werth picture to one of him when he was drafted by the Orioles. The 700 Level tracked the evolution of Werth’s face and it is priceless. Now if you’re wondering why Werth has the bearded look, here’s his answer: “I think everybody knows the situation. It’s no secret.” Thanks Jayson, like that helps. If I get any more information I’ll be sure to pass it along.

Cardinals Pitchers Grow Mustaches For Good Luck

Baseball players will do just about anything to turn their fortunes. Jason Giambi used to wear a gold thong for good luck, Jeff Francoeur didn’t change his boxers, and many players like screwing with their facial hair. We’ve seen Eric Byrnes grow a porn stache while he was on a hitting streak, and lately it’s the St. Louis Cardinals rocking the ‘staches. In fact, the pitching staff started growing them out recently and it’s translated to six wins in seven games. It certainly worked for Joel Piniero who threw a complete game on Thursday as the Cards beat the Brewers 5-1. Both he and Chris Carpenter have the best ones so far, as you can see:

Piniero has a nice, full one going while Carp’s is just starting to settle in. Perhaps Piniero can donate his trimmings to baby-faced Brad Thompson who says he’s done shaving after two swipes of the razor. Hey, 162 games is a lot — gotta do whatever it takes to keep a high level of enthusiasm, you know?