Guy does his fantasy football draft inside a movie theater


Wow. This a first. We know fantasy football season is upon us, and a lot of people are excited about it. The start of the NFL regular season is just over a week away, which means research and drafting will reach their peak over the next several days. But I never thought I’d see someone drafting a fantasy team inside a movie theater.

In this cat’s defense, he was drafting during the previews. Maybe it was the last round. But to make matters worse, our friend Elika Sadeghi noted that the dude was at the movies with his lady. This unprecedented stunt raise a few questions:

1. Is it acceptable to take part in a fantasy draft while at the movies?
2. Is doing a fantasy draft at the movies disrespectful to the movie? To fantasy football? Both?
3. Most importantly, is drafting a fantasy team while on a date with your girlfriend the ultimate scumbag move?

If you answered “yes” to question No. 1 and “no” to question No. 3, feel free to read some of our latest fantasy football stories to help you prepare for the upcoming season. As for the rest of you, a championship likely isn’t in your future in 2013.

NFL Orders Teams to Show Fantasy Football Stats on Scoreboards at Stadiums

Still not convinced that fantasy football has taken over the universe? Here at LBS we have spent a lot of time over the past few weeks bringing you hardcore fantasy analysis, and that is because people crave it.  Fantasy football is an addiction — one that has turned a sport that we already obsess over into an even more important aspect of our lives.

The NFL understands how popular fantasy football has become this decade, and while it has contributed to increased interest in the league there is also some concern that it — along with high definition TV, NFL Sunday Ticket, and advanced home theater — could make fans want to stay home on game day.  That is why the NFL has mandated that all teams must show individual player fantasy statistics on stadium scoreboards this season.

“The reason is simple,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told the USA Today. “In today’s struggling economy, the NFL is worried fans will watch games free at home rather (than) shelling out cash for tickets, parking, food, and beer at stadiums. We know we have to continue to do more to keep fans coming to our games. We’re looking at ways to further replicate the at-home experience in the stadium.”

People can always track stats on their phones, so I doubt wondering how your fantasy football team is doing would be enough to keep a person home.  Still, the NFL is obviously worried about where technology is heading.  With the way ticket and concession prices are climbing and the in-home experience is improving, they have every reason to be.

Chest bump to Shutdown Corner for the story.

What’s The Most Valuable Position in Fantasy Football?

With the NFL preseason in full form and the regular season just around the corner, I think it’s time to talk a little fantasy football.  As my drafts approach, I’ve already started thinking about who I might take in the early rounds.  I’m not even just talking about what player — what I really mean is what position.  The formula was once fairly simple and every fantasy guru would advise you to follow it: RB-RB-WR.  There were of course a few exceptions, but that was a general rule of thumb for drafting a safe fantasy football team.

Two things have happened over the last few seasons in the NFL that have put the kibosh on that formula:

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Fantasy Football Charts: Probability Team and Player Will Start Based on Type of Injury and Status

Now that we’re in the meat of fantasy football season, I felt it was appropriate to break out these excellent charts I found a few weeks ago. The following charts appeared in ESPN The Mag’s football preview issue, courtesy of the geniuses (including my boy MDS) over at Football Outsiders. It didn’t make much sense to post them before the season or around week 1 since players weren’t exactly hurt then. Now it’s week 3 and we’re starting to see players get banged up. Check out these excellent fantasy football charts that tell you the percentage likelihood a player will play in the game depending on his type of injury, injury status (probable, questionable, doubtful), and depending on the team. Bookmark this link and be sure to revisit it during the season to check on your players for some advice. (click on each picture below to see the full-sized chart, I had to shrink them)

May that be the key to you winning a fantasy football matchup! I know I’ll be checking them out throughout the season for help.