Japanese actress Rina Takeda breaks 10 blocks with head before first pitch (Video)

Rina TakedaTwo of the greatest things in this world are baseball and “The Karate Kid.” What could be better than combining the two?

Prior to Sunday’s game between the Chiba Lotte Marines and Seibu Lions in Japan, martial arts actress Rina Takeda broke 10 stone blocks with her head and then threw out the first pitch.

Shockingly, the block breaking went much better than the pitch, but who’s complaining? `

Oh, and I guess that all the research on concussion effects hasn’t made it to Japan yet. People still think breaking things with your head for entertainment purposes is a good idea?

Forearm bash to Cut 4

50 Cent says ‘excessive masturbation’ caused bad first pitch

50 Cent first pitchAs the entire world has seen by now, 50 Cent threw out the worst ceremonial first pitch of all time last week before a New York Mets game. The toss was so bad rumors have been circulating that 50, who has a new album coming out, intentionally threw a terrible pitch just to gain some publicity. The rapper has put those rumors to rest with a bang.

On Tuesday, 50 Cent held an AMA (Ask Me Anything) segment on Reddit. When someone asked him what happened with the pitch, he said the embarrassing result has to do with “excessive masturbation.”


Was he joking? Most likely. Did he have that answer planned going into the AMA? Absolutely. But what can you say to something like that? If the guy’s shoulder was bothering him because he was tugging it so much, you have to respect him for owning up to it. These things happen.

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Was 50 Cent’s horrible first pitch a publicity stunt?

50 Cent first pitchAs you have probably seen through every major media outlet in America by now, 50 Cent threw out arguably the worst first pitch of all time before the New York Mets game on Tuesday. Can anyone who has a functioning arm really miss home plate that badly? According to one report, the rapper intentionally botched it.

“He did it so he would get all the press,” a source reportedly told Stephanie Smith of the New York Post’s Page Six. “He’s got a new album coming out, a new TV show on Starz and he wants to launch a tour.”

A graphic that has gone viral shows that 50′s first pitch may have actually been the worst ever.

The rapper’s people say it was excitement that caused the horrendous throw, not a thirst for publicity.

“It’s apparent in his excitement on the mound that he released the ball too early, clearly not a stunt,” one of 50 Cent’s reps said.

To be honest, I had this in the back of my mind from the start. No one can be that bad. It just doesn’t make sense.

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50 Cent throws out worst first pitch of all time (Video)

50 Cent first pitchMove over, President Obama. You’re off the hook, John Wall. Rapper 50 Cent has now taken the top spot for worst first pitch thrown out at a baseball game of all time.

50 Cent was throwing out the first pitch before Tuesday’s Mets-Pirates game, and his pitch was so bad that Bob Uecker’s “Juuuuuust a bit outside” line wouldn’t even apply.

The ball must have slipped out of the southpaw’s hand, because it went about a third of the way up the first base line instead of towards the catcher.

Seriously, that was as atrocious as it gets. He definitely needs a makeup pitch. Like tomorrow.

Here’s another look at it

For reference, here is a video compilation of the worst first pitches of all time:

Video via @ForbesToFederal

101-year-old woman throws out first pitch at Blue Jays game (Video)

101-year-old-woman first pitchGive it up for Kitty Cohen, a 101-year-old woman who threw out the first pitch at the Toronto Blue Jays-LA Angels game on Sunday … and did a nice job tossing a strike.

The Toronto Star says Cohen is a former legal secretary who “walks every day, attends many dance classes, reads voraciously and plays Scrabble.”

That’s not bad for a 101-year-old, huh? That’s not bad for anyone over 75, for that matter.

The Star says Cohen had been practicing her pitching for a month. It definitely paid off, because she tossed a perfect strike. And who’s complaining if she went underhand, anyway. Her pitch was still much better than John Wall and Nick Young’s.

Way to go, Kitty!

A baby T. rex threw out first pitch at Padres game using its mouth (GIF)

A Tyrannosaurus throwing a first pitch with its mouth. Behold... on Twitpic

T Rex Padres first pitchThis is the exact moment Petco Park turned into Jurassic Park.

On Wednesday, the Padres had a baby T. rex throw out the ceremonial first pitch prior to the team’s game against the Kansas City Royals. According to a Padres press release, “Baby T is in San Diego promoting Walking With Dinosaurs, which will be in San Diego November 26-30 for eight shows at the Valley View Casino Center.”

I have no idea what Walking With Dinosaurs is, but if they got some triceratops in the show, I’m bout it bout it. Forget T. rexes and velociraptors; it’s all about the triceratops.

After seeing that GIF, how many of you will want to be a T. rex when you grow up?

Nick Young totally airmails first pitch at Dodgers game (Video)

Nick Young DodgersNick Young: pretty good at basketball. Not too good at baseball.

Young and his Los Angeles Lakers teammate (and San Fernando Valley boy) Jordan Farmar took in the Dodgers-Phillies game on Wednesday night and hung out with the team beforehand. They hit in the batting cages before the game, and then Young threw out the ceremonial first pitch. It did not go well.

Young completely airmailed the pitch and sent it a good 10 feet over Dee Gordon’s head.

We’ll give Swaggy P. a break knowing that it looks like he doesn’t have too much baseball experience. And, hey, at least it was better than John Wall’s pitch.

Swaggy’s really making the rounds. The day before, he was at the Los Angeles Kings’ playoff game and even got to ride on the Zamboni: