Ryan Fitzpatrick with pathetic flop, doesn’t get call (GIF)

Ryan Fitzpatrick flopAs if NFL quarterbacks don’t already get more calls than every athlete this side of NBA superstars, Ryan Fitzpatrick tried flopping his way to some penalty yards on Thursday but was denied.

The Indianapolis Colts committed three straight penalties on the Tennessee Titans’ second drive of the second quarter, but Fitz wanted to see if he could get another one. Scrambling on a 3rd and 8 at the Colts’ 11, Fitzpatrick gained four yards but was pushed out of bounds short of the first down. His last-ditch effort to move the sticks was a flop that drew jeers instead of a flag.

Tennessee ended up kicking a field goal to cap the drive. Nice try, Fitz. Better luck next time. And I watched this several times to see if he slipped. Looks like an acting job to me all the way.

Mark Cuban funding study on flopping

LeBron flop Paul GeorgeDallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is stepping up his efforts to get the NBA to crack down on flopping. The NBA first began fining players for flopping this season, but that has hardly eliminated acting from the game. Perhaps the $100,000 Cuban has given to Southern Methodist University to study the phenomenon will help.

According to ESPNDallas.com, SMU is launching an 18-month study to examine the forces involved in basketball collisions. Their goal is to determine whether video and other motion-capture techniques can help distinguish between actual collisions and flopping.

“The research findings could conceivably contribute to video reviews of flopping and the subsequent assignment of fines,” SMU biomechanics expert Peter G. Weyland said in a statement.

Cuban sent out the following tweet on Friday to promote his involvement with the study.

The NBA began reviewing possible instances of flopping this season and issuing fines, but only five players were fined $5,000 each during the regular season. Seven more have been fined in the playoffs, but NBA commissioner David Stern admitted the penalties have not been adequate.

“It isn’t enough, it isn’t enough,” Stern said earlier this week. “You’re not going to cause somebody to stop it for $5,000 when the average player’s salary is $5.5 million. And anyone who thought that was going to happen was allowing hope to prevail over reason.”

We would all love to see less of this during the most important games of the season. If Mark Cuban can donate $180,000 to help the cause, I can certainly contribute $1. Just tell me where to send it. And pay the postage for me.

LeBron James on flopping: ‘Any way you can get an advantage’

LeBron-James-flopLeBron James does not believe he should be viewed as a flopper, but that doesn’t mean he is totally against the concept. On Monday, LeBron was asked about the art of flopping and Pacers coach Frank Vogel having accused the Heat in the past of perfecting it.

“Some guys have been doing it for years, just trying to get an advantage,” James said when discussing Tuesday night’s upcoming matchup, via ESPN.com. “Any way you can get an advantage over the opponent to help your team win, so be it.”

The NBA has started handing out warnings and fines for pathetic flops like this for a reason. The league has enough problems with poor officiating, let alone referees having to deal with players deceiving them and altering the outcome of a game. LeBron is not one of the league’s biggest floppers, but there have been clips in the past that show he is not opposed to doing a little acting.

Dwyane Wade agreed that flopping “happens” and is never going to be completely eliminated from the game, but that doesn’t mean Vogel has to like it.

“I think it’s well documented,” Vogel said. “I’m not for flopping.”

Before we go blasting LeBron for condoning cheating, let’s remember that most people have no problem with Tom Brady getting a call that he basically begs for. Whether Brady thinks the correct call was made or not, he’s trying to gain an advantage for his team. If he convinces an official to throw a flag that shouldn’t be thrown, I doubt No. 12 loses a wink of sleep. The same can be said of LeBron when his team gets away with a flop.