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Monday, November 30, 2015

Articles tagged: flop video

Dayton G Scoochie Smith with all-time flop vs. Providence (Video)

Dayton guard Scoochie Smith gave the world an all-time flop during the Flyers’ first round NCAA Tournament game against Providence on Friday night. With the game tied at 33 in the second half, Smith brought the ball up the floor and handed off to a teammate. He then ran towards the wing where he caught…Read More

PJ Hairston commits ridiculous flop (Video)

This flop is so embarrassing, P.J. Hairston, I don’t even know how you can look yourself in the mirror. Not even an 11-point performance off the bench in 21 minutes can make up for that. What an embarrassment. Come on, son. Jerome Simpson approves of this flop. Here’s another look at it:

Rick Pitino benched Chris Jones for flop (Video)

Louisville senior guard Chris Jones had a rough game against rival Kentucky on Saturday, shooting just 3-of-15 from the floor and dishing out one assist. The lowlight was Jones’ absurd flop in the second half, and he ended up in Rick Pitino’s doghouse because of it. On Tuesday night, Jones played just nine minutes in…Read More

Odell Beckham called for flop (Video)

Odell Beckham Jr. almost put together a complete game for the Giants on Sunday night. He make amazing catches, broke tackles, blocked down field, and he very nearly drew a penalty flag. Actually, he did draw one for a hit out of bounds. The only problem is the officials decided Beckham flopped on the sidelines,…Read More

Lance Stephenson slaps himself on flop (Video)

This is definitely up there for one of the most unusual flops I’ve ever seen. Lance Stephenson appeared to exaggerate the effects of the contact from a collision with Harrison Barnes on Saturday night, but the strangest part was the way he slapped himself in the face. Unless he was hit in the funny bone…Read More

Did Tom Brady flop or was he stepped on? (Video)

Tom Brady was accused of a flop against the Jets on Thursday night, but was he flopping on the play, or did his foot get stepped on, causing him to fall down? This video went viral and it shows what looks like Brady taking a dive in a delayed reaction after some contact from a…Read More

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