Rajon Rondo had a hilarious flop against Jeff Teague (GIF)

Rajon-Rondo-flopThe Boston Celtics have not done a whole lot right lately. Losers of nine straight games and 14 of their last 15, the Celtics are already crossing their fingers that the ping-pong balls will drop their way in a few months. Heck, they can’t even flop correctly.

During Wednesday night’s loss to the Atlanta Falcons, Rajon Rondo had a pathetic attempt at drawing a charge call late in the fourth quarter. The Celtics were scrambling to get back on defense following a turnover when Rondo stepped in front of Jeff Teague at the top of the key. The only thing I could think of while watching the play was “TIMBERRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!.”

Rondo slowly fell backward despite the fact that Teague didn’t touch him. Fortunately, no foul was called. Rondo could be hearing from the league for that one.

GIF via The Score

Joakim Noah thinks Roy Hibbert flopped on this play (Video)

The same day the Chicago Bulls accused the Indiana Pacers of being big floppers, Roy Hibbert may have proven why the label was justified.

During the second quarter of the game — which the Bulls won 89-77 — Joakim Noah hit Hibbert in the head from behind while defending in the paint. The replay showed that Noah definitely caught Hibbert in the head, but did he smack him hard enough to cause the massive center to go down in as much pain as he showed? Probably not.
Joakim Noah flop
Noah put his hands on his hips as if he were disgusted by Hibbert’s act, shook his head, and then he looked over at his bench for commiseration.

What’s ironic is that before the game, Bulls forward Taj Gibson said the Pacers had a lot of floppers.

“There’s a lot of floppers’’ on the Pacers, Roy Hibbert told teammate David West that Gibson said.

“That’s who said it, D-West! Taj called us floppers,’’ Hibbert said. ‘‘I haven’t taken a charge in probably four years. He’s entitled to his opinion. I’m just going to play hard.’’

Just play hard? Noah definitely disagrees. There was a flop there for sure.

Video via Ball is Life

Tavon Austin flops, plays dead after punt return (Video)

Tavon Austin may have provided the most comical moment of Monday Night Football between the St. Louis Rams and Seattle Seahawks when he flopped and played dead after making a fair catch on a punt return in the fourth quarter.

As if flopping to the ground and playing dead wasn’t great enough in itself, contrast that with the fact that Austin initiated contact by dipping into Heath Farwell before flopping.

Look at him laying there on the ground. Get this guy a chalk outline!

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Dirk Nowitzki flops during charity soccer game (Video)

Dirk-Nowitzki-soccer-flopBasketball season has officially ended in the NBA, but Dallas Mavericks star Dirk Nowitzki is still looking for calls. Dirk and a team of All-Star soccer players participated in a charity soccer game recently to help promote youth education and interest in soccer. At one point, the big fella drew a penalty with some fantastic acting.

As you can see, Wolfsburg’s Marcel Schafer went to the ground for an attempted slide tackle and Nowitzki immediately reacted by face-planting like he had been tripped. He got the call, and Schafer looked legitimately angry about it despite the fact that it was a charity event.

Perhaps this will give you a better understanding of Dirk’s opinion on the NBA’s new flopping rules. He has clearly mastered the art — both on the court and the pitch.

Chris Bosh flops, fails on halftime dunk (Video)

The Miami Heat won Game 4 of the NBA Finals on Thursday 109-93 to even their series with the San Antonio Spurs at two, so he can laugh about it now, but Chris Bosh had a rough couple of minutes there in the second quarter.

First Bosh was caught flopping as he was fighting Tim Duncan for position in the lower block. Just as Gary Neal was driving the lane, Bosh went flying as he pretended like he was savagely pushed by Duncan. Replays showed it was mostly an act. It paid off at the time; Duncan was called for a moving screen, giving the ball to the Heat, but Bosh will likely be hit with a fine from the league.

Then there was Bosh getting Duncan on a pump fake and driving to the basket for a monster dunk right before halftime. The only problem is Bosh went soaring a split-second too late, and the buzzer went off right before he threw down the jam.

You can see that video below:

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Paul George to Mario Chalmers: ‘stop flopping’ (Video)

Paul George stop floppingPaul George had a message for Mario Chalmers after the Miami Heat guard tried flopping on him during Game 7 of the Eastern Conference finals.

The Indiana Pacers forward was dribbling beyond the 3-point line and deciding what he would do. As he backed up into Chalmers, Chalmers flopped, giving George a wide open look. George took the three and made it to put Indiana up 17-15 in the first quarter. Chalmers didn’t get the call from the refs, but he heard it from George on the Heat’s trip up the floor.

“Stop flopping!” George barked at Chalmers. “Stop flopping! Flopping a– n—–.”

Flopping has been a huge issue throughout the series. Lance Stephenson flopped on Ray Allen in Game 4, and then LeBron James and David West were fined for flopping on the same play in Game 4. And in Game 6, LeBron James, who said in the past that he doesn’t flop, flopped on George. This time it was James’ teammate flopping on George. Maybe the players will be less inclined to flop if they’re not getting the calls.

H/T Mike P

LeBron James facing fine after flop on Paul George (Video)

LeBron flop Paul GeorgeLeBron James was already fined once for flopping during the Eastern Conference finals, and he’s likely facing another fine after flopping again.

LeBron was trying to defend Paul George, who was coming off a screen in the third quarter. James cut in front of the screen and ran into George, and then flopped after the two made contact. George was called for an offensive foul because of LeBron’s acting, but replays showed James completely faked being hit.

James and Indiana’s David West were each fined $5,000 for flopping on this play during Game 4. Since flopping has been a big issue between these teams, James was asked for his thoughts on the matter. He defended the practice by saying he’d do anything to give his team an advantage. In this case, the flop worked, though he will likely be fined $10,000 for it.

Here’s a multi-angle look at the flop in GIF form:

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