David Lee to Blake Griffin: Stop flopping! (Video)

Blake Griffin takes his share of abuse each game, but he also has a reputation for acting and overselling contact. Perhaps it’s his defense mechanism against the pounding he takes. During Saturday’s Clippers-Warriors game, Golden State forward David Lee decided he’d had enough.

As you can see in the video above, Lee yelled at Griffin to “stop flopping” during the fourth quarter of the game. Lee had pushed Griffin out of the key, and then gave him a forearm shove to the back, so he certainly seemed to initiate the contact, and it really didn’t seem like Griffin was acting on the play.

The Warriors won the game 114-110, so if you subscribe to the “ball don’t lie” notion, then you know who the real culprit was. This also isn’t the first time he’s been warned about flopping.

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Manu Ginobili and James Harden both flop on same play (Video)

Manu Ginobili already has a reputation for being a well known flopper. James Harden is an emerging flop artist. So when the two collided in the fourth quarter of Game 1 between the Spurs and Thunder on Sunday night, they both went down as if a grenade had gone off in the area.

Ginobili got the foul call, so I guess his veteran reputation helped in the situation. He also was the best player in the game, going for 26 points on 9-14 shooting. It’s pretty obvious he’s what the Spurs were missing when they lost to the Grizzlies in the first round last year.

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The prevalence of flopping in sports needs to stop

It’s a word that has long and deeply-rooted negative connotations in sports and society writ large. To even mention the word during the Middle Ages was grounds for a jousting duel. Flopping in the Old West was commonly seen during the counting off of paces. Meanwhile, horrific acting meant to bring about a desired result is often pointed to as the reason the Treaty of Versailles failed. In the sports world, “flopping” is a piece of terminology with plenty of negative connotations.

Sports have seen its share of flopping in recent memory. The issue itself gets magnified when the playoffs come around and a win-at-all costs mentality is adopted. Lakers fans still mumble about Paul Pierce’s Benny Hinn-like ability to rise from a wheelchair and help the Celtics to a title during the 2008 NBA Finals. In the same vein, Memphis Grizzlies fans were heard decrying the Clippers’ attempts to sway referees during their first round series this year. The city was heard derisively playing off the team’s sobriquet Lob City, calling them Flop City, especially saving their disdain for Blake Griffin. As a side note, if you have been unable to locate Lob City on a map, it is located well before Title Town. Perhaps Clippers Nation needs a new capital. Sorry, I just had to.

The apparent problem of flopping has become such an issue in the NBA that David Stern, the league’s capo di tutti capi, has openly declared that the rules may be changed to penalize these basketball thespians. LeBron James was seen doing a pirouette during this year’s playoffs after getting brushed aside on a Tyson Chandler screen. Pau Gasol — or Disavow Gasol as he is known to Kobe Bryant — has been mildly annoying fans of all shapes and sizes for years with his rendition of Swan Lake on a basketball court. Throw Anderson Varejao and Manu Ginobili’s names in there, too. They should each have a star on the mythical Hollywood Flop of Fame.

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Clippers’ Reggie Evans has one of the flops of the year (Video)

During the fourth quarter of the Clippers win over the Hornets Sunday night, New Orleans guard Greivis Vasquez was briefly assessed a Flagrant II foul. The reason the foul was brief was that upon reviewing a replay, officials realized that Clippers forward Reggie Evans had put together a candidate for flop of the year. As you can see from the video above, Evans was barely nudged by Vasquez and he reacted as though he were James Harden after being leveled by a Ron Artest flying elbow.

After realizing they had been fooled, the officials retracted the Flagrant II and gave Vasquez a regular personal foul. As Ben Golliver of Eye on Basketball pointed out, the NBA needs to do something about this rule in the offseason. If referees can look at a replay and determine that a player has tricked them by acting, that player needs to be penalized for it. Whether it be a technical foul or a fine, the league can’t just let players flop around and draw calls that are later overturned without facing some type of consequence.

Philippine Basketball Association player Mick Pennisi gives us a hilariously bad flop (Video)

Here is Mick Pennisi of the Philippine Basketball Association committing a flop that would make even Vlade Divac moan. Pennisi’s agitating defense apparently got under Will McDonald‘s skin, prompting McDonald to go Barkley on Pennisi and plunk the ball off his head during a stop in play. Pennisi reacts like he was just shot by a sniper from across the arena. But that’s not even the worst part of this. By our count, a full second goes by before Pennisi makes his reaction. It’s so bad that it’s awesome. Jerome Simpson and his “acting career” comes close, but this is quite possibly the worst flop of all time in any sport.

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Jerome Simpson’s Wikipedia Page Updated with ‘Acting Career’ Section After Epic Flop

Bengals wide receiver Jerome Simpson has 3 100-yard games this season, including an 8-catch 152 yard effort against the Ravens in Week 11. Though he’s had some bright moments on the field, nothing he does in the future will ever compare to incredible flop he had against the Browns on Sunday.

Simpson was on the fringe of a scrum after Andy Dalton had lost a fumble before halftime. After getting pushed by Scott Fujita, Simpson jumped and went flying backwards as if he were an actor in The Matrix. It was awesome (video here). A day later, his Wikipedia page was updated to include an “acting career” section (click twice to enlarge).

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LeBron James Flops Perfectly Against Derrick Rose (Video)

First and foremost, I would like to congratulate LB on his pre-playoff NBA Champion knocking mine out of contention on Thursday night.  Although I love Dirk and am rooting hard for the Mavericks (along with everyone else), I think the Heat are going to take it.  Normally a guy like Dirk will wear out an opponent because you have to chase him all over the floor and guard him everywhere.  Even if he wears LeBron out a little, D-Wade is more than capable of picking up the slack on offense.

Now for the entertaining stuff.  Don’t get me wrong, the Heat have played tremendous basketball in the postseason and have given everyone reason to forget their regular-season struggles.  However, we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t point out some of the flops they have executed to perfection along the way.  Joakim Noah called the Heat “Hollywood as Hell” following Thursday night’s game, and the following video of LeBron James flopping on Derrick Rose gives that statement some credibility.

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