Joker Phillips is getting really weird using the whole Joker thing to recruit (Picture)


Florida wide receiver coach Joker Phillips is a big fan of Twitter. The guy tweets all the time, which can be a useful tool considering he is also the Gators’ recruiting coordinator. Many high school athletes use Twitter religiously and would probably like being able to relate to a coach in that way. Unless, of course, things get weird.

Phillips has been using the tagline “#ComePlayWRforTheJoker” as some sort of weird attempt at getting players to consider Florida when selecting a college. A little over a week ago, he used a creepy photo of Heath Ledger as “The Joker” in the Batman movies to go along with his tagline. On Monday, he added Jack Nicholson to the mix.

I’d say that’s probably about enough of that. When we see someone like Phillips using these weird pictures as a recruiting tool, the concept of sending a recruit this many letters in one day doesn’t seem all that strange. It may be a bit excessive, but it won’t give anyone nightmares.

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Florida LB Darrin Kitchens stays on field to sing alma mater by himself (Picture)


Every time Florida wins, the team stays out on the field to sing the alma mater with the band. On Wednesday night, the Gators suffered a shocking loss to Louisville in the Sugar Bowl. The players and coaches were understandably disappointed after losing a BCS game that almost everyone assumed they would win, but junior linebacker Darrin Kitchens was in no mood to sulk.

As you can see from the photo above that Whitney Holtzman passed along, Kitchens remained on the field after the loss to sing the alma mater with the school band. He was the only player who remained. Dr. Saturday pointed out that Kitchens did not play a snap in the game.

While it was tough not to root for the Cardinals after hearing some of the things that analysts and experts were saying about them, you have to admire the gesture from Kitchens. After all, the Florida fans who made the trip to New Orleans had to endure the loss as well.

Florida fans use ad in Georgia school newspaper to talk trash (Picture)

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As a college student, the one place you would expect to be free from trash talk during a big rivalry week is on your own campus. Chances are there are very few Florida Gator fans on the Georgia campus, so one would think only positive stuff would be floating around about the Bulldogs heading into arguably their most important game of the season this weekend. As you can see from the photo above that Saturday Down South shared with us, that is not the case.

A group of Florida fans took out a full-page ad in the Georgia student newspaper this week just to troll the Bulldogs. The ad predicts a three-touchdown victory for Florida in addition to a series of negative hypothetical quotes about Mark Richt’s squad and a reminder of the lack of success they have had against highly-ranked opponents.

No word yet on whether or not Richt will pull a Charlie Weis and try to intimidate the the school paper.

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Florida commit James Hearns ejected from FSU football camp for doing Gator chomp

College football rivalries are not to be taken lightly, and that is something that high school recruits typically learn sooner rather than later. If Florida recruit James Hearns didn’t know that before the weekend, he does now. Hearns, one of the consensus top-10 linebackers in the nation, grew up in what is known to many as “Seminole Country.” Despite that, he has decided to play out his college career in Gator country rather than attending Florida State.

On Saturday, Hearns attended a football camp that is run by FSU head coach Jimbo Fisher and the rest of the Seminole staff. He earned himself an early exit from the camp when he decided to do the “Gator chomp.”

After the 18-year-old sent out the above tweet, FSU fans began blasting him while Florida fans were praising what they believe was a heroic act. Now, the debate centers on whether or not the FSU staff was out of line. You have a kid who has yet to even enroll in a college who decided to make a harmless hand gesture that aggravates Seminole fans, players, coaches, and alum. Were they teaching Hearns a lesson by giving him the boot, or simply turning him into an overnight Twitter celebrity? I’m sure the former was the intended outcome, but the latter is what they got.

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Nashville Restaurant Adds Fried Gator to Menu Ahead of Tennessee-Florida Game

Florida hosts Tennessee in the SEC opener for both teams Saturday. One Nashville restaurant is in rivalry mode and added fried gator to its menu this week to prepare for the game:

That picture was tweeted by Nashville radio host Clay Travis, whose 3 Hour Lunch show broadcasted live from the restaurant on Thursday. Some of you out there may be thinking that fried gator is gross, but I caution you: it’s not that bad. Not only does anything taste good deep fried (except broccoli), but I’ve actually had crocodile before and it’s pretty good. I can’t imagine gator is much different.

But hey, if this is how some SEC fans want to get pumped for their game, I’ll take it. It’s certainly much better than some of the other fan nonsense we’ve seen recently.

Florida State Fans Taunt Florida with Airplane Banner at Spring Game

College football fans in the South are a different breed. The hatred between teams is so strong it can lead one to poison trees on a rival school’s campus. Florida State fans didn’t take things that far when they unleashed a taunt at Florida’s spring game Saturday, but they managed to get in a nice blast. From Kegs ‘N Eggs and the Orlando Sentinel comes this airplane message flown over Ben Hill Griffin Stadium Saturday as a reminder of Florida State’s win over the Gators in the fall:

The president of the company that was hired for the flyover, Patrick Walsh of AirSign, said “One of our sales people sold this thing. We’re a standard company. We can’t be discriminatory.” He added that “Most of our other pilots didn’t want to fly it,” and he said he was getting a lot of hate text messages from his friends for pulling the stunt.

I don’t know about you, but if you disagree with the message, can’t you turn turn it down? You won’t find an anti-UCLA ad here at LBS, unless we were paid at least 10x more than the $850 AirSign got for this ad. We can only take this as another example that money talks for some folks.

Florida Gators Go Paintballing Thanks to Will Muschamp Idea

After a grueling spring of practice, new Florida Gators football coach Will Muschamp decided to break things up Thursday by taking his team paintballing. Coach Muschamp (or whomever runs the marketing for the football team) wrote on twitter “Decided to have a team building exercise today instead of meetings and lifting. Paintball for the Gators this afternoon!”

In case you thought everything was all fun and games, wide receiver Stephen Alli posted a picture of one of the participants on twitter, and this guy had plenty of wounds:

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