Florida Gulf Coast upset with USC for taking ‘Dunk City’ nickname

Dunk City

Florida Gulf Coast is not mad at USC for stealing their basketball coach, but they are upset with the Trojans for hijacking the “Dunk City” nickname.

USC announced on Monday night that they hired Andy Enfield as their new basketball coach. Enfield was with Florida Gulf Coast for two seasons, and he led the Eagles to a stunning Sweet 16 run during the NCAA tournament. The team’s exciting, dunk-filled style endeared them to fans across the nation, and it led to the program receiving the “Dunk City” nickname.

After hiring Enfield, USC began promoting the “Dunk City USC” name:

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Florida radio host fulfills promise by getting FGCU ‘Dunk City’ tattoo (Picture)


Florida Gulf Coast has easily put on the most entertaining show of the entire 2013 NCAA Tournament. For starters, they are the first ever 15th-seeded team to advance to the Sweet Sixteen. That alone was probably enough to inspire someone to pay tribute to the team with a tattoo on his forearm, but it was the desire to fulfill a promise that led to a Florida radio host getting his FGCU ink.

103.9 FM DJ Big Mama in Fort Myers shared the photo you see above of his new tattoo on Wednesday. According to the station’s website (via Busted Coverage), Big Mama wanted the Eagles to win so badly that he promised to get a tattoo if they defeated Georgetown in the first round. You can see a video of him getting the tattoo here.

For those of you who don’t know, Dunk City refers to the nickname that FGCU because of the sick dunks like this they have thrown down throughout the tournament. Even the university itself has embraced the tag line.

And that’s not all. Their head coach also has a former supermodel for a wife and a tremendous sense of humor about it. The team has captured the hearts of thousands of people across the country with their up-tempo style and unique postgame celebration antics. The more we discuss it, the more I’m going to want a Dunk City tattoo. Since I don’t know how my wife would react to that, it’s probably best if I stop now.

FGCU reportedly scrambling for funds to keep head coach Andy Enfield

Andy-Enfield-wifeFlorida Gulf Coast University is a small school that is having the type of season that typically earns a head coach a job at a bigger program. The Eagles are the first 15th-seeded team to ever advance to the Sweet 16. They shocked the world by kicking off the tournament with a win over Georgetown and were impressive yet again in a victory against San Diego State on Sunday. Now, the school is reportedly scrambling to keep head coach Andy Enfield.

According to NBC 2, FGCU is looking to restructure Enfield’s current five-year deal in order to make him the highest paid coach in the Atlantic Sun Conference. To do that, the school would need to nearly double his current $300,000 per year salary. NBC 2 Sports Director Brian Colleran says the university does not currently have the funds to do that, but officials are hoping to receive donations that will make it possible.

Enfield was hired at FGCU in 2011 and has posted a 40-27 record in nearly two seasons. The team had gone 18-41 in the two seasons before he took over. Enfield was an assistant coach in the NBA for the Milwaukee Bucks and Boston Celtics from 1994-2000 before taking an assistant coaching position at Florida State. No one expected him to put FGCU on the map this quickly.

Just as impressive as his coaching resume is Enfield’s wife, who is a former super model and has been receiving as much attention as her husband (which she said has been strange) during the team’s improbable run. FGCU would hate to lose the power couple. Let’s see those donations, Eagles fans and alumni.

Photo credit: Facebook/Amanda Marcum Enfield

Florida Gulf Coast had the celebration to end all celebrations

Florida Gulf Coast celebrationFlorida Gulf Coast went a little crazy in its celebration after beating San Diego State 81-71 Sunday to reach the Sweet 16 of the NCAA Tournament. At this point, the grouchy types would tell them to “act like they’ve been there before.” But how can you blame them? They became the first 15 seed to ever reach the Sweet 16, and they celebrated accordingly. These dudes were running around the court tearing the roof off. They were chicken dancing, slapping hands with Reggie Miller, and popping water bottles like they were VIP members at the club. But nothing, and I mean nothing, can possibly top the awesome site of their team manager hopping around and busting moves like he was auditioning for a part in “Soul Train.”

More awesome Florida Gulf Coast celebration GIFs and video below:

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All the awesome aspects about Florida Gulf Coast’s upset win over Georgetown

Florida Gulf Coast pulled off the upset of the NCAA Tournament by beating No. 2 seed Georgetown 78-68 Friday in their first tourney game in school history. Their win marked just the seventh time in tournament history that a 15-seed defeated a two-seed. There were so many amazing aspects of the upset win that we felt we needed to recognize all of them.

First off, this was not a fluke win. Florida Gulf Coast proved it could be dangerous when it beat the Miami Hurricanes by 12 in November. The Eagles kept it close in the first half against Georgetown and went into halftime up two. They went on a 21-2 run to pull away from the Hoyas in the second half, and they held on in the final minute.

Let’s look at all the cool notes/facts surrounding their upset.

– When it looked like Georgetown was making a push to comeback in the final few minutes, Chase Fieler threw down that sick alley-oop you see in the video up top, which was the dunk of the first round (video via Diehard Sport).

– After Fieler’s dunk, the school’s Twitter account sent an amazing tweet:

The school is actually located in Fort Myers, Florida.

– Florida Gulf Coast University is, as its name implies, on the coast. Look at this picture Fieler shared with Yahoo! Sports of his dorm room overlooking the beach.

– Florida Gulf Coast University didn’t begin having students on campus until 1997. The basketball program wasn’t even eligible to play in the NCAA Tournament until last year.

– Florida Gulf Coast coach Andy Enfield is married to supermodel Amanda Marcum Enfield.

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