Panthers get caught with 11 men on ice against Bruins


The Florida Panthers struggled mightily against the Boston Bruins this season. The two teams met for a fifth and final time on Sunday, and the Bruins made it a perfect 5-0 against Florida with a 5-2 victory. At one point, the Panthers got so desperate they tried to put 11 skaters on the ice at once.

Fine, maybe it was a mistake. That doesn’t make it any less hilarious. Teams usually have one extra skater on the ice when they get called for too many men. The Panthers had half their active roster. I guess that’s what rock bottom feels like.

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Panthers have to block fans’ view after replacing broken glass


The Florida Panthers have not been able to find ways to get fans to come to their games this season. They average a little less than 14,000 fans per home game, which is the fourth fewest in the NHL. Florida’s 10-17-5 record has a lot to do with their poor attendance. Their inability to replace a broken pane of glass doesn’t help.

On Tuesday night, Panthers center Nick Bjugstad fired a shot that missed the net and broke the glass behind it. Having to replace a sheet of glass during an NHL game is a relatively standard procedure, but the Panthers found a way to screw it up. They couldn’t manage to get the protective paper off of the new glass, so it had to stay there for the remainder of the game.

If you actually paid to sit in premium seats at a Panthers game, you kind of deserve this. The good news is I’m sure there were plenty of available seats in the house for people to occupy if their view was blocked by this embarrassment.

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Florida Panthers TV Ratings Lower than Infomercials

We’ve noted that hockey ratings have improved on a national level, but that doesn’t mean there is a trickle down effect to all local levels. In Florida, where attractions include hot women and hotter beaches, the competition is the Miami Heat, and the Panthers are struggling to find an audience on TV.

The Panthers have averaged a .19 local TV rating, placing them last of the 22 teams studied by the Sports Business Daily. Barry Jackson of The Miami Herald took things a step farther and learned that the Panthers, who average around 3,000 viewers per game, are watched less than infomercials for the AbCoaster, and Ninja Professional Blender, Chopper and Ice Crusher. Now that’s sad.

I could go a few different ways here. We could easily blame the NHL for expanding to an area it doesn’t belong, but that is only a part of the problem. The real blame goes to the Panthers for putting out a poor product.

The Panthers haven’t made the playoffs since 2000, and haven’t finished higher than third in the division since then. With a playoff push or a winning team, I’m sure they’d have more people attending games and watching them on TV.

Look, South Florida has trouble getting fans to watch and attend Marlins, Hurricanes, and Panthers games, but the teams need to help. If you’re not winning, you’re not going to get viewers who have hundreds of other more appealing options both on TV and around the city. Fact.