Floyd Mayweather stands by Jeremy Lin tweet: I’m not racist and I meant what I said

This should come as a surprise to absolutely no one, but Floyd Mayweather Jr. quotes are fun to showcase anyway. A few weeks ago, Mayweather sent out a blatantly racist tweet claiming that Jeremy Lin has only received so much attention because he is Asian. On Tuesday, Floyd said he stands by what he said but insists he is not racist, which of course makes no sense in anyone’s mind but his own.

“Like I said, the media always take your words and screw ’em up,” Mayweather said according to the NY Daily News. “They failed to say that I said the guy was a good player.”

Mayweather said it wasn’t even him that made the tweet, but someone who works for him. He did, however, make it clear that he told the person what to write.

“Do I regret what I said? Absolutely not,” he added. “I stand by what I said and I meant what I said.

“It’s OK for Miguel Cotto to represent the Puerto Rican fans and represent the Puerto Rican flag. I’m a black American. I believe in supporting my own first. That’s where I come from. They can feel my struggle if they come from the same background that I come from. That’s what I’m going to stand by.

“It’s so crazy. I’m not racist at all. I have Jewish people that work for me. Dominican, Mexican, Puerto Rican, white people who work for me. One of my best friends, Kip, is a white guy. All-American. That’s my guy.”

I suppose if one of his best friends is a white guy and he has a Jewish guy working for him, the tweet wasn’t racist. You win, Floyd. Dana White was wrong about you. You’re off the hook.

Floyd Mayweather calls Manny Pacquiao and Antonio Margarito cheaters

Floyd Mayweather Jr. may have an ongoing defamation suit with Manny Pacquiao, but apparently it’s taught him very little.

During the first stop of the promotional tour for his upcoming fight with Miguel Cotto, Mayweather took a shot at the only two fighters to whom Cotto has lost.

“One man has to rise to the occasion and that will be me,” Mayweather reportedly said Monday in Puerto Rico. “Floyd Mayweather is not a cheater like Antonio Margarito and Manny Pacquiao. Hard work. Hard work. Hard work.”

We don’t mind Floyd calling Antonio Margarito a cheater because he is one. But calling Manny Pacquiao a cheater is unfair when there is no proof he’s cheated. Pacquiao takes the accusations seriously and has even issued denial statements in response to Floyd.

It would be nice if the two finally fought to sort matters out in the ring, but we know it’s going to be a long time before that happens, if ever. In the meantime, Floyd continues to settle for cheap shots.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. rocks a Cosby sweater at All-Star Weekend (Picture)

NBA All-Star Weekend is always the place to be, and Floyd Mayweather Jr. made sure he wasn’t missing out. The boxer was in attendance for the Three-Point Contest in Orlando along with buddy 50 Cent. But it’s not Floyd’s presence that was noteworthy so much as his outfit. Dude was rocking a Cosby sweater.

Floyd and 50 were iced out as usual, flossing all their expensive jewelry. But a Cosby sweater? Is that really what’s in these days, Floyd? Guess he has to get all his outlandish tastes out of the way before he’s limited to an orange jumpsuit everyday.

Picture via NBA

Floyd Mayweather Jr. reportedly insisted HBO can’t talk about out-of-ring incidents

How image conscious and controlling is Floyd Mayweather Jr.? The boxer reportedly insisted that if HBO wanted to produce his fight on May 5th against Miguel Cotto, their announcers would not be able to discuss his out-of-ring affairs.

Sports by Brooks reported the story and says Mayweather’s representative, Al Haymon, made the demand that also prevents HBO’s announcers from discussing Mayweather’s management team.

Brooks says Mayweather made the same demands during past negotiations but previous HBO Sports President Ross Greenburg would not agree to those terms. New president Ken Hershman reportedly has agreed.

What’s confusing is why Hershman would agree if Greenburg did not. If that was an issue for Mayweather in the past, wouldn’t he have just gone to Showtime? Maybe it wasn’t as big of an issue until his in-ring blowup with Larry Merchant. Or maybe now that Floyd has dealt with several court cases and is headed to jail, he’s more concerned with protecting his image.

If all the information from the report is true, it’s extremely disappointing that HBO would agree to the terms. Discussing the multiple lawsuits and court cases Mayweather is facing, including his upcoming jail sentence, is a big part of his story. I guess this proves what we already knew: Money talks, and Floyd delivers plenty of that.

Manny Pacquiao offended by lack of pay-per-view money in Floyd Mayweather’s offer

Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. each have fights scheduled in the upcoming months, but they won’t be facing each other. Floyd aggressively pursued a fight with Pac Man for May 5th but the Filipino wouldn’t agree to one. Mayweather says Pacquiao is ducking him. Now we’re hearing from Manny that Floyd’s financial offer was inadequate.

“He offered me $40 million, and no pay-per-view [money],” Pacquiao said, breaking into a laugh, according to Yahoo! Sports’ Kevin Iole. “No pay-per-view. Can you believe that? Would you do that? Come on. What would he say if I offered him $50 million – not $40 million, $50 million – and said ‘No pay-per-view. Take this money and be happy, but no pay-per-view.’ He wouldn’t do it, either.

“I told him, ‘OK, 50-50 [with the money] and I’ll agree to everything else,’ ” Pacquiao said. “I told him I would agree to all of the other things he was demanding. Everything. Even the blood testing he wanted, I would do it. But it had to be 50-50.”

Pacquiao says he wanted Floyd to be guaranteed $50 million with the rest of the revenue split — 55% to the winner and 45% to the loser. That seems like a fair deal.

Pacquiao has said that money is not an important factor to him when it comes to a fight with Floyd, but that doesn’t mean he should be treated unfairly. If Floyd insists he should be paid more guaranteed money and receive a greater cut of pay-per-view revenue than Manny, I can understand it, and I would expect Pacquiao to accept those terms. But to cut Manny completely out of the pay-per-view revenue is unfair.

Go here to read the entire history of the Manny Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather Jr. negotiations

Floyd Mayweather Jr. won nearly $500,000 on the Thunder (Picture)

One of the most publicized gamblers in America has been going hard in Las Vegas this week per usual. I wonder if Floyd Mayweather Jr. actually profits from sports betting or if he makes it a point to tweet out only winning tickets. Not that $1 million even puts a dent in his bank account, but you’d swear the guy is Billy Walters with all the bragging he does. Anyway, here is one of Floyd’s latest tickets that shows he won close to $500,000 on the Thunder last week:

Add that to the $333,333 he won during the BCS National Championship game. He also tweeted out winning tickets of $20,000 on the Wizards, more than $40,000 on the Heat, over $90,000 on the Warriors, and over $120,000 on Ohio State. He also responded “No” to one of his followers who asked him if he ever loses in boxing or gambling. Man up and show us some losing tickets, Floyd. We know you have plenty of them.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. says Jeremy Lin is getting attention because he’s Asian

Jeremy Lin is a bit of a mystery. How a kid from Harvard who was cut twice by NBA teams has become one of the league’s best players is truly baffling. All of us are confused about it in a way, but we certainly know why he has gotten so much attention. For starters, he was riding the bench for the Knicks a little more than a week ago. Now all of a sudden he has sparked their revival. The always outspoken Floyd Mayweather Jr. has a theory about why we can’t turn on the TV without hearing the name Jeremy Lin.

Normally I would say that’s inappropriate, but it’s so typical of Floyd that I have no emotions about it. If you told me somebody said the previous quote and gave me three tries to guess who it was, he would have been one of my three guesses. He should do us all a favor and stick to calling out Manny Pacquiao.