Floyd Mayweather Jr. Offers to Pay for Joe Frazier Funeral Services

Floyd Mayweather Jr. has more money than he knows what to do with — literally. We love to make fun of the fact that he is constantly spending his millions of dollars on unnecessary luxuries and gambling millions at a time on football games and other sporting events.  Since we heckle him for spending money on things that we perceive to be dumb and obnoxious, we might as well give him credit when he offers to use it generously. As Black Sports Online pointed out, Mayweather offered to pay for Joe Frazier’s funeral services. He made the announcement via Twitter Monday night.

As you probably heard, Frazier passed Monday after a battle with liver cancer.  It was well-known that Frazier was struggling financially since he left boxing and dealt with health issues, so the offer from Mayweather could be put to use.

Given his history and openness about needing to maintain his “money” image, it would be fair to accuse Floyd’s offer of being merely a PR stunt.  However, Mayweather is a known admirer of Frazier and has given us no reason to think he cares about his public image, so the gesture is likely sincere.  It would take an extremely cynical person to criticize Mayweather for offering to provide a boxing legend with a proper burial.

Audio: Floyd Mayweather Jr. Owned in Interview by Rude Jude After Playing Race Card

Floyd Mayweather Jr. has been accused of ducking Manny Pacquiao over the past few years. Floyd has denied the accusations, but the facts tell a different story.

In 2009, Floyd said he had nothing to gain from fighting Manny. Then in September, Floyd was caught backtracking from saying he planned to fight Pacquiao next.

After hearing that radio host Rude Jude was accusing him of ducking Pac Man, Floyd called into The All Out Show to defend himself. Things started off calmly before getting heated.

“I guess somebody has something against me,” Floyd said.

Rude Jude replied “No, I said you were afraid to fight Pacquiao. That you were ducking Pacquiao. You always using steroids as an excuse. You’re bigger than him anyway — you should be able to whoop his ass steroids or not.”

Floyd tried to argue that he’s never said Pacquaio used steroids. His father, Floyd Mayweather Sr., has accused Pacquiao of using performance-enhancers. Floyd Mayweather Jr. may not have said directly that Manny uses steroids, but he’s linked to articles on his Twitter account that suggest Pac Man uses them.

Their argument continued.

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. Fighting on May 5th: We Want Manny Pacquiao

Floyd Mayweather Jr. announced Wednesday that he will fight on May 5th and he wants to face Manny Pacquiao. Floyd’s adviser told Dan Rafael that Mayweather’s team is “looking to make the biggest fight possible and everyone knows what that fight is, the little fella.”

It’s clear that means they want Manny Pacquiao, who has a November 12th fight against Juan Manuel Marquez. During an interview on 106 & Park Wednesday, Floyd mentioned Manny by name.

“We’re looking for Pacquiao,” Mayweather said. “We want Pacquiao to take the test. We just want to give the fans and the people around the world what they want to see.”

Floyd will be 35 in May while Manny will be 33. Neither fighter has much time left, so it wouldn’t be unreasonable to think that the winner will retire. You can expect each fighter to make at minimum $50 million for the bout. They will likely pull in much more.

Now the next step is making sure Manny beats Juan Manuel Marquez. As long as that happens, the sides should agree to a 50-50 split, and full drug testing with no cutoff date. Then, the long-anticipated fight may finally happen.

Here is a full history of the Manny Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather Jr. negotiations.

Here is Floyd Mayweather’s $300K Mercedes Benz (Picture)

One thing Floyd Mayweather Jr. will never run out of is ideas for how to spend his money.  There are times when Floyd is off making it rain on the dance floor in Las Vegas.  Other times he’s gambling millions of dollars at a time on NFL games.  Perhaps the most ridiculous thing Mayweather has invested in is his custom iPod, which somehow is valued at around $50,000.  Check out Floyd’s most recent purchase that Black Sports Online shared with us:

A $300,000 Mercedes Benz? Not bad. I’ve seen better.  Hey, it’s all about keeping up with the Money Mayweather image, right?  The guy doesn’t go out partying all the time and celebrate with cakes designed to look like money because he enjoys it. It’s all marketing.

Amir Khan Believes He Will Fight Floyd Mayweather Jr. in 6-9 Months

The people clamoring for a Floyd Mayweather Jr-Manny Pacquiao mega-fight (read: every sports fan in the world), will be disappointed about the latest comments from Amir Khan. The British boxer, who recently said Mayweather is ducking Pacquiao, told the Guardian that he expects to fight the undefeated welterweight in the next 6-9 months.

“Floyd Mayweather is beatable – I think definitely he’s beatable,” Khan reportedly said. “The fight will happen definitely – it’ll happen within the next nine months – six to nine months.”

Khan believes the fight will happen in America because all the money and potential for publicity is here. He also defended Floyd’s knockout of Victor Ortiz, saying it was Ortiz’s fault he got knocked out.

One big detail has to be taken care of first: Khan needs to win his December fight with Lamont Peterson. If that happens, perhaps a Floyd-Khan fight could be next on the docket. This actually wouldn’t be a huge surprise.

You may recall a note we posted in August saying Floyd dreamed of fighting in the U.K. That was an instant hint that he was thinking about fighting Khan. The only other obstacle is whether Floyd would grant the fight. After all, Mayweather may be a little salty from July when Khan suggested Floyd used PEDs against Oscar de la Hoya.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s Favorite Movie is The Notebook

Floyd Mayweather Jr. cemented his reputation as the biggest jerk in boxing with his antics on Saturday night. The human contradiction is a walking reality show looking for any way to gain publicity. He even got upset with HBO 24/7 for not showing enough controversies in their program. We know Floyd is all about the money, the buzz, the controversy, his perfect record, and avoiding Manny Pacquiao, but he wants people to believe that’s not who he is. Evidence: prior to the Victor Ortiz fight, he tried convincing reporters that The Notebook is his favorite movie.

“I really like The Notebook,” Mayweather told reporters. “I mean, who don’t want to die next to your better half, holding hands. Die in your sleep next to the woman that you love, holding hands. That way, neither of you will ever be lonely. This is an amazing story. When you get old, what could be more beautiful than that? I feel like if I leave this earth and leave my better half, she is going to be lonely.

“If she leaves me then I am going to be lonely. I mean, what is the point of making all this money and [having] all this if you can’t enjoy it with your wife?”

Mind you, this is the same man who “proposed” to his fiancee by saying he wanted her to be his wife. No ring, no down on one knee, no romantic gestures — just an order from a cocky man. He literally oozes the charm of a richer Roy Williams.

But back to the movie, I’m an admitted fan of chick flicks, but no self-respecting guy actually considers The Notebook his favorite movie. The Notebook. The Notebook! Come on man, seriously? We’re supposed to buy that?

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Larry Merchant Fight After the Fight (Video)

Floyd Mayweather Jr. beat Victor Ortiz with a fourth-round knockout Saturday night in Las Vegas in what will undoubtedly be the most controversial win of his career. Seconds after taking an intentional headbutt from Ortiz, Floyd sucker-punched Ortiz in the face twice. Ortiz went down after the second punch and was out for the count. The fight was short, sad, and incomplete. But whatever entertainment the actual fight lacked was made up for in the post-fight interview between Larry Merchant and Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Larry asked Floyd to describe what went on at the end of the fight and Floyd just wanted to promote. Floyd didn’t want to talk about whether or not his shot was dirty, and when Larry asked him a serious question, Floyd cut him off.

“You never give me a fair shake,” Floyd shouted at Merchant. “You never give me a fair shake! HBO needs to fire you — you don’t know s*** about boxing! You ain’t s***. You got s***!” Floyd bellowed.

“I wish I was 50 years younger and I’d kick your ass,” Merchant retorted.

Here is a video of their exchange:

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