Hatton Calls Out Mayweather

We’re now inside a week away from a great fight to end the year — Mayweather vs. Hatton. Of course, you really didn’t think we could come this close to the fight without some controversies being drummed up, did you? Right on cue was Ricky Hatton, who called Pretty Boy a wussy in so many words:

“I think he’s an insecure person,” Hatton said last week during a conference call. “I think that’s why he surrounds himself with five or six bodyguards. They always seem to be yes men.

“You know, he always needs people whispering in his ear: ‘You’re the man. You’re Number 1. You’re going to do this, you’re going to do that.’

“That’s all a sign of insecurity. . . . If you believe you’re the best, then you don’t need anybody reminding you or reassuring you.”

Hatton would rather roll solo, sipping on some pints. He provides a nice contrast to the flashy Mayweather, who’s been known to make it rain from time-to-time. Funny thing is, I believe that’s going to do Pretty Boy in. While I think Mayweather’s a wildly talented and slick boxer, I’m worried about the Dancing With Stars curse. Anyone who is worrying about improving his 1-2 step rather than his left-right combo doesn’t have his head in the right place. I’m going with Hatton on Saturday night. Be prepared for more pre-fight analysis as the date approaches.

Mayweather, Hatton, Oh, It’s On

When the email crept into my inbox, I was startled, yet excited. Why would Mayweather take the bait? He said after beating De La Hoya — and receiving a monstrous pay day — that he was done. Not like I believed it, but I figured it would take another huge drawing fight to bring him back to the ring immediately, not just some trash talking. Which from the sounds of things, was all it took to get it done. Mayweather says he’ll beat Hatton all the way back to England (which sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it?)

“Ricky Hatton has talked nonstop about fighting me for the last two weeks,” said Mayweather. “He has disrespected me and my accomplishments in the ring, and I take that very seriously. I’m going to give him the opportunity to step up and fight the best in the world. I don’t think this punk will take the challenge.”

“Now that Hatton has opened up his big mouth, he might start to think about what he has been asking for,” continued Mayweather. “Does he really want to step into the ring with best fighter of this era and embarrass himself? Being the coward that he is, I doubt he’ll get in the ring. We’ll see what his excuse will be this time.”

Hatton won’t be dodging — he has no reason to. He’s looking to make a name in the U.S., and he’s a skilled fighter. For Ricky, it will be a big pay day. For Mayweather, it’s undoubtedly a challenge. And some money, but not Oscar De La Hoya type. I don’t know why Pretty Boy’s eager to fight Hatton; Hatton is dangerous, Hatton is tough. Hats off to Floyd for showing interest. He’s leaving no room for doubt amongst boxing aficionados by fighting some of the best competition around. Now, we just await the official announcement…

Pretty Boy Floyd Makes it Rain

Look, we all heard about Pacman Jones making it rain at the strip club in Vegas before a near riot ensued, and several people were seriously wounded. Worst part was Pacman was reportedly asking for his money back. We’ve even heard about the D-Train making it rain during spring training with a bunch of his Marlin teammates. But now, we have visual evidence of Pretty Boy Floyd Mayweather Jr. making it rain at Body English inside the Hard Rock Cafe, courtesy of TMZ and Spyonvegas.com. Well, since you probably have wondered what it looks like when a prominent figure makes it rain, here ya go:

Now, does it make you lame if you’re scrounging for dolla bills on the dance floor? I think not. But I wouldn’t be caught dead bending over to pick one up.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Did Not Impress Me

Look, he’s supposed to be the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world. He’s supposed to come out of fights looking “pretty.” He was supposed to show tremendous skill and dismantle Oscar. But I can’t help but say that I wasn’t at all impressed by Mayweather Jr.’s effort on Saturday night.

I scored the fight 115-113 in favor of Floyd, but that’s hardly a convincing margin. In fact, it’s not a stretch for me to have seen how others had Oscar winning. I’ve seen Oscar get embarrassed by Sugar Shane Mosley. I’ve seen the Golden Boy look foolish against Pernell Whitaker. I’ve seen De La Hoya get pounded by Bernard Hopkins. But on Saturday night, all I saw was Floyd Mayweather Jr. barely outpoint Oscar (just the outcome I predicted, mind you).

So yes, the margin for the fight was very close. I had Oscar winning the fight early on due to his aggression, dominance, ring presence, and ability to land more powerful combinations. However, the fight completely swung after the 8th round. From that point on, I had Mayweather Jr. winning all the rounds. It’s not so much that he closed well, as it was that De La Hoya faded in his typical fashion. Gone were all the combinations and flurries he threw early on. Dead was the intense footwork and exemplary ring control. Oscar lost his advantage.

But I’ll say this, I would’ve liked to see that fight go another three rounds like the old days. Had it gone 15 (as my man GP John suggested), then we could have truly seen a difference in skill, and some separation on the score cards. But as the fight stood, Floyd Mayweather Jr. did not impress me at all.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. In a Split Decision

If you’re this far down and still reading, it probably means you have at least a mild interest in my analysis of tonight’s fight. That being the case, I urge you to read my story at The FanHouse explaining why this will be an extremely disappointing fight. Your call, you can check it out now, or after you read the following analysis:

Pretty Boy Floyd Mayweather Jr. is much quicker and more athletic than Oscar. He’s as fast and sharp a boxer as De La Hoya’s faced since Pernell Whitaker. And we all know how that fight turned out (Sweet Pea was robbed off a decision). Which is exactly what I fear to be the outcome in this fight. PBF will dance around the ring, wisely avoiding toe-to-toe action with the bigger and stronger De La Hoya. He will shrewdly stick jabs and quick combos before ducking away from contact. He will win the fight by out-pointing De La Hoya in what figures to be a close decision — most likely split. I am extremely confident that this fight will last all 12 rounds.

However, I would not be inclined to bet on this fight. The reason is simple — Oscar has knockout power. The Golden Boy’s good looks are deceiving; he’s as tough as it gets in the ring, coupling tremendous courage with a powerful left hook. If PBF ever starts feeling pressure to create action and excitement, it will open up the window for Oscar to floor him with one deadly punch. Furthermore, Oscar was able to steal a decision against Whitaker because he threw more punches and was constantly the aggressor — something ringside judges reward. I have no doubt Oscar will win several rounds tonight 10-9 because of his aggression. Heck, even his trainer Freddie Roach said their strategy would be to attack Mayweather.

If you’re a casual boxing fan reading this, here’s your warning: tonight will not be an exciting fight. Read this story to find out why.

Who the Athletes and Celebs Like for De La Hoya vs. Mayweather

Here’s a nice little list compiled by the PR crew for the fight of the century (check back tomorrow for my pick and analysis)

Peeps Liking the Golden Boy

  1. Donald Trump – “Oscar has always been under-rated—he will win!”
  2. Vinny from Entourage – “Hmmmmmmhmmmm, De La Hoya.”
  3. Chris Tucker – “I love both of them…Oscar.”
  4. Jeremy Piven – “Oh man, you know, that’s a tough one you know because Mayweather may be the pound for pound best. But I love Oscar and I love his heart. I’m gonna have to go with Oscar. I want De La Hoya and I’m not a gambling man because I bet with my heart, so I say De La Hoya.”
  5. Justin Verlander – “Oscar De La Hoya is going to take this one. He’s a boxing legend and it could be his last fight. He’s going out on top.”
  6. Roberto Duran – “De La Hoya has the stronger punch. Mayweather is not used to facing bigger men. [ Carlos] Baldomir didn’t have the talent of De La Hoya and Mayweather couldn’t finish him. If De La Hoya cuts him early, Mayweather is going to be limited. De La Hoya by decision.”
  7. Sugar Ray Leonard – “As far as my prediction, I lean toward Oscar. I’ve changed my mind a couple of times. But Oscar has a little bit more desire, strength, size. Oscar has never one that big one, the most defining moment in his career. I think that this allows him to rise to the occasion. But if Mayweather wins then he can be called great, because right now it’s premature, but if he beats Oscar that label fits him fine.”

Peeps Liking Pretty Boy Floyd

  1. Dale Earnhardt Jr. – “Mayweather has a huge edge in a few key areas—speed and defense being two. Floyd is closer to the prime of his career and Oscar is way past his. I like the fact that Oscar was willing to take this fight. It would be a great story if he should stop Mayweather. Mayweather will be just too much for him to handle though. It might go the distance with a small percentage of a TKO in the late rounds. Win to Mayweather.”
  2. LeBron James – “Mayweather”
  3. Bow Wow – “Mayweather is going to win. Pound for pound he’s the best. And I like his style, he is young, rich, and flamboyant. I like the fact that he is confident. And his drive and passion for what he does. Plus DeLaHoya can’t take the speed. That’s what’s going to kill him.”
  4. Barry Sanders – “Floyd wins because he is young and hungry. The fight will be close and goes the distance because Oscar raises his game to the level of his opponents and the challenge especially when he fights in his weight class. Both are too good to allow the other to dominate.”
  5. LaDainian Tomlinson – “I’m a big boxing fan so hopefully I’ll be there. Man it’s tough, you know. It’s hard to go against Floyd because he hasn’t lost a fight and he’s pound-for-pound the best fighter in the world. And I think Oscar’s gotta have a good game plan against Floyd. If he does that, I think he’ll have a chance. But I’m gonna go with Floyd.”
  6. Caron Butler – “Mayweather is the best fighter of this era. He has overcome adversity, works hard, and will win on Saturday night.”
  7. Willis McGahee – “Mayweather is going to dominate the whole fight. He’s going to knock De La Hoya out.”
  8. Vernon Wells – “I gotta go with Floyd Mayweather Jr. He’s one of the best, pound for pound. De La Hoya’s getting a little old. I’m gonna go with Floyd.”
  9. Justin Morneau – “They don’t call you the best in the world unless you can back it up. Mayweather without a doubt. He’s so fast and elusive in the ring. Oscar is not going to be able to pull this one off.”
  10. Julius Jones – “Mayweather’s speed and power will be too much for Oscar to handle. Oscar is tough and prideful…this will work against him as he’ll be standing toe-to-toe and taking Mayweather’s best shots. Mayweather in a unanimous decision. Oscar hits the canvas at least once.”
  11. Jermain Taylor – “I’m looking forward to seeing De La Hoya and Mayweather on May 5th. I think is going to be a great fight and it’s a fight that’s good for boxing, but I think Floyd’s speed and youth will work well for him in this fight. I think the fight will go 12 rounds with Floyd winning a close decision over De La Hoya.”

Seems pretty clear who the favorite is … Check back tomorrow for my analysis and pick.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Says Oscar De La Hoya has No Personality

The Golden Boy — known for his charm, looks, and personality — was called out by Pretty Boy Floyd Mayweather Jr. in PBF’s most recent conference call leading up to their May 5th bout (it’s only nine days away!). When asked if he had seen the “24/7″ special that’s been running recently to promote the fight, here was Floyd’s response:

Oh, yes, I watched them. I checked them out. It was cool, it was funny. It really – it was really exciting, it’s just that his was a little boring. His was a little boring and mine a little bit – you know mine – as I said before, my life is – my life is about excitement. I’m happy. I’m happy and it’s me, man. I’m going to tell the truth, I’m not going to bite my tongue for nothing, like I always said, only God can judge me.

He’s dry. There’s no personality.

Well how about that. I have known Oscar to be many things, namely tough, courageous, charismatic, amiable, but never, never, never boring. Man, looks like Pretty Boy’s bringing out all the stops with this one.

I also thought it was quite notable that PBF said Oscar lost to Pernell Whitaker — a sentiment with which I’ve agreed since the night Pernell got robbed. I think PBF is stretching it however when he suggested that Ike Quartey also beat Oscar (which many people believe), and that Oscar really beat Trinidad (not even close).

Anywhoo, I know boxing has fallen off most people’s radar, but not mine. Expect plenty more coverage throughout next week as we lead up to Cinco de Mayo.