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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Articles tagged: foul balls

Braves fan catches foul ball with his face (GIF)

An Atlanta Braves fan had the best chance he will probably ever have at a foul ball on Wednesday night, and he may end up with nothing but a broken nose to show for it. The fan had plenty of space to make the play and he tried to get fancy by catching the ball…Read More

Tigers beer vendor catches foul ball in his bucket (Video)

Your browser does not support iframes. A Detroit Tigers beer vendor made the play of the year on a foul ball Wednesday afternoon. We thought it was remarkable when a Philadelphia Phillies vendor caught a foul ball in his bucket earlier this season, and that guy did it unintentionally. His Tigers counterpart knew exactly what…Read More

Fan tumbles over seat attempting to catch foul ball (Video)

Your browser does not support iframes. When baseballs are hit into foul territory, there’s always the possibility of witnessing something entertaining. You could see a person face plant onto concrete or flip over a wall. During Friday’s game between the St. Louis Cardinals and Chicago Cubs, a fan thought for sure he was going to…Read More

Grown man steals ball from young Yankees fan (Video)

We are not even a full month into the 2014 MLB season, and already we have been reminded that people still suck. During Wednesday night’s game between the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees, Xander Bogaerts went to flip a baseball into the stands while he was warming up in the on-deck circle. He…Read More

Fat fan at Rays game faceplants going for foul ball (GIF)

There is so much gold in this GIF I just love it. What we’re looking at here is an overweight fan at the Rays-Yankees game on Friday night who went over the railing and landed on the field trying to get a foul ball during the 7th inning. What part of the GIF did you…Read More

Young Australian fan throws temper tantrum to get foul ball (Video)

Your browser does not support iframes. Fans in the land down under like foul balls as much as we do here in America. The Los Angeles Dodgers took on an Australian all-star team on Thursday in advance of their weekend series against the Arizona Diamondbacks. When a foul ball was sliced down the left-field line…Read More

Twins mascot catches foul ball in his mouth (GIF)

The Minnesota Twins mascot came to play on Tuesday night. Spring training should not be used as an excuse to give less than 100 percent, and TC Bear obviously understands that. A foul ball was chopped down the third base line in the top of the 7th inning and hopped into the stands. TC somehow…Read More

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