Rangers fans keep foul ball from little kid, make him cry (Video)

A couple of Texas Rangers fans pulled a major no-no at Wednesday night’s game: They kept a foul ball from a young kid. Rangers first baseman Mitch Moreland tossed a foul ball into the stands, and the typical mad rush for the treasure unfolded. One couple came up with the ball, but they left the young child next to them in tears.

According to Jimmy Traina, who shared the video with us, the young boy ended up with a ball, but not that one. He says a different fan gave it to him. At least the kid eventually got a souvenir.

I only have one question for you. Which is worse? These Rangers fans who made the kid cry, this awful woman, or this evil man? They’re all pretty bad.

Young Royals fan gets foul ball, throws it back on field (Video)

Kids, they do the darnedest things. This cute little tyke was lucky enough to get a foul ball after his father impressively snagged it while holding a baby. Unfortunately, the young boy thought he was at a Cubs game rather than a Royals game and he tossed it back. Thankfully the ball person gave the ball back to the family after the young boy learned that foul balls are souvenirs and not something that needs to be returned to the field.

UPDATE: The young son’s father emailed LBS to explain what happened.

“My name is James Bryant and I am a Army Officer stationed at Offutt AFB in Omaha, NE. We live in Papillion, NE and that is my 5 year old son, Hunter. This was his very first professional game and the night before he had his birthday party at the Omaha Storm Chasers baseball game where he threw out the first pitch. We received tickets for the Sunday’s KC Royals game so we took our kids and drove down. Hunter will be interviewed today by the local Channel 7 news here in Omaha today after school. Again thanks so much for the posting, he loved it but is still somewhat sad for not keeping the ball but hopefully we can do it again.”

Astros Fan Makes Sweet Catch on Foul Ball with His Hat (Video)

This is why you bring a hat to a game, not a glove:

Pretty sweet grab by the Stros fan, huh? That took place at Tuesday night’s Astros-Cardinals game, before St. Louis stormed back for a 13-6 win. Maybe that’s what Bo the Bailer should have done instead of letting his then-girlfriend get hit by a foul ball in the arm. Bonus points to the mad hatter for the killer reaction.

Raul Lopez Makes Diving Catch on Foul Ball at Yankees Game (Video)

Remember the name Raul Lopez? If it sounds familiar to you, it’s because Raul is the father of Christian Lopez, the Yankees fan who caught Derek Jeter’s 3,000th hit. In exchange for returning the milestone ball to Jeter, the Yankees gave Christian four box seats to Yankees home games the rest of the season. On Wednesday night, father Raul made good use of the tickets with a sweet diving grab on a foul ball:

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Man Law: Guy Catches Home Run Derby Ball, Saves Beer (Video)

We’ve seen some pretty sweet grabs on foul balls at baseball games, but there are very few catches that will earn the respect of men the way this will. Some guy in the pool at Chase Field in Arizona made a leaping grab on an Adrian Gonzalez home run ball and still managed to save his beer. Check out the video via Jose 3030:

I was impressed when a one-armed military vet caught a foul ball at a Yankees game recently, but the beer save was pretty sweet. Help us out here: which was better, the guy saving the beer, or this grab?

Rangers Fan Shannon Stone Dies After Falling Going for Foul Ball (Video)

366 days after Rangers fan Tyler Morris fell at the Ballpark in Arlington going for a foul ball, another fan did the same thing. The difference is when Shannon Stone lost his balance and fell over the railing, it cost him his life. Here is the tragic video:

The man who died is Shannon Stone (pictured below), who has been a firefighter for nearly 18 years in Brownsville, Texas. As if the story isn’t tragic enough, this detail will truly make your heart break.

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One-Armed Veteran Michael Kacer Catches Foul Ball in Hat (Video)

Just when we thought we had seen everything when it came to foul balls, we got something new. We’ve seen adults steal foul balls from children, mascots get hit in the throat by them, and guys catch them in their beer cups. Now, we present a one-armed military veteran who caught a foul ball at a Yankees game:

The gentleman’s name is Michael Kacer, a 29-year-old man from Waymart, Pennsylvania. Kacer spent 11 years with the National Guard and lost his arm in a rocket attack in Afghanistan in 2008. Along with over 20 other people, he attended the Yankees-Rockies game Friday night as part of Achilles International, “a New York-based nonprofit providing mainstream athletic opportunities for people with disabilities.”

Kacer got to meet Nick Swisher and Joe Girardi before the game, and he probably ended up being the most impressive figure after making that sweet grab.