Diamondbacks Fan Wrestles Ball Away from Woman (Video)

Last week we shared a video of a woman taking a ball away from a young child at a Twins-Royals game. That left us speechless. This video? Well this one just leaves us shaking our ahead and laughing in disgust. Check out this video of a Diamondbacks fan wrestling a ball away from a woman behind the dugout courtesy of Sharapova’s Thigh:

Between that video and this poster, I had no idea Diamondbacks fans were so hardcore. That guy better be two steps away from Warren in Something About Mary, otherwise he has very little reason to excuse his behavior. Who says the gentleman spirit isn’t alive in 2011?

Woman Steals Foul Ball From Little Girl’s Hand (Video)

With a headline like that, do we even need commentary?  How does something like this happen at a Twins-Royals game while a Phillies fan — a Phillies fan of all people — was once seen giving a foul ball away to a young fan.  And that was a foul ball he nearly dove onto the field for!  Unless this woman has a sick child at home who had one request and that was for Mommy to bring home a foul ball, she has absolutely no excuse.  Check out the video of a woman stealing a foul ball from a little girl, courtesy of Sportress of Blogitude:

Catching a foul ball over a little kid is still wrong, but at least you caught the foul ball.  This lady literally took the ball out of the little girl’s hands.  Speechless.

Orioles Fan Catches Three Foul Balls in Same Game

I’ve probably been to 50 or so MLB games in my life and never once caught a foul ball. This glove-toting chump of a fan shows up to an O’s-Mariners game and somehow manages to pull down three all in the same darn game. Three. We’re talking about three balls. Not one. Not two. But three. THREE!!!

I know the guy loses style points for bringing his glove to the game … and it’s probably easier because there are less fans in Baltimore compared to an Angels or Dodgers game for me, but still, that’s impressive no matter how you look at it.

Think about it, foul balls are probably the best souvenir possible; you earn them without purchasing them, it gives you a great story, and you never forget how you got it. It’s probably like a battle wound or scar for folks lucky enough to pull down one of those treasured pearls. Or at least that’s how I’ve always imagined it would be. Catching a foul ball is something I’ve always wanted to do, but like a pitcher during a no-hitter, you don’t want to think about it when you’re at the actual game so you don’t jinx it. Seriously, it’s almost as important as my team actually winning the game.

Sadly I’ve never had the chance to feel the joy of having those 216 game-used stitches in my hand, yet this dude gets three in the same game. Jimmy Traina at SI Hot Clicks had the story, and if you click through you can see the video.

Brooklyn’s Mitch Davie Makes One-Handed Bat Snag With Beer in Hand (Picture)

Every once in a while we see a fan in the stands who somehow emerges as not just another face in the crowd — in a good way.  We’re talking about guys like this one who caught a foul ball in his beer cup and this one who caught one with a toddler under his arm.  As it turns out, these types of plays are made during spring training, too.  Some of them even save lives.

The Seattle Times, via BroBible, was able to capture a tremendous picture on Sunday afternoon during a spring training game between the Braves and Blue Jays.  Atlanta second baseman Dan Uggla let the bat slip out of his hands on a swing and it went flying into the stands.  That’s when Brooklyn resident Mitch Davie reached out and snagged it with one hand, all the while holding a Red Stripe in his other hand. Check it out:

Notice how every single person except Davie is taking the duck-and-cover approach while he decides to play hero.  There’s no question that thing was about to crank someone in the head.  Nobody was ready for it except the New Yorker.  Props to him for bringing his A-game to the ballpark — especially during spring training.

Fan Snags a Foul Ball While Holding His Baby (Video)

After seeing some of the plays fans have made on foul balls throughout this year’s MLB season, I’ve come to the conclusion that there are some people out there who can make the play as routinely as Ichiro would.  First, a guy somehow catches a foul ball in his beer cup and then pounds the beer like a champ.  Then, some other guy manages to snag a foul ball while he’s casually walking back from the concession stand with his hands full.  Now, we’ve got a guy doing it with an infant in his arm?  Check out the video of a fan catching a foul ball while holding a baby:

Derek Jeter may be able to track down a foul ball, but I’m not sure he could do it with these types of distractions going on.  Keep them coming, fellas.  I’m a bored Red Sox fan who desperately needs this.

Is This McLovin Taking a BP Homer Directly to the Skull?

You think this foul ball to the face hurts?  How about this foul ball to the arm?  I’m sure they both hurt a good amount, but neither can even compare to the force with which a batting practice home run cranked a Dodgers fan — who may or may not have been Christopher Mintz-Plasse a.k.a. McLovin — directly in the dome.  We’re talking pure line-drive, no deflection, right in the cranium.  Check out the video of McLovin getting drilled in the head with a batting practice homer, courtesy of YouTube user dodgerfilms:

I can’t figure out if that’s actually McLovin or not, but does it even matter? I can’t believe someone was able to capture that on camera.  Those slow-motion shots are insanely legit.  How he wasn’t knocked out by the ball is a complete mystery to me.

Video Credit: YouTube user dodgerfilms

This Has to be the Luckiest Fan Around

You’ve probably been to several ballgames throughout you’re life and never had a chance at catching a foul ball. And getting one in BP or between innings when a player tosses one in the stands doesn’t count. Nothing compares to catching an actual foul ball in a game or bailing on your girlfriend like this lame fan. Most of us have never had a crack at catching one, but this lucky fan had not one, not two, but three chances at a ball during a recent Rays game! Take a look at this video from FanHouse as shared by SI Hot Clicks as the lucky lady confuses her face for a mitt:

Let’s hope she went home immediately and bought a scratcher or two.

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