John Lucas and Francisco Garcia star in lamest fight ever (Video)

John Lucas and Francisco Garcia gave us one of those classic “hold me back” fights for the ages.

It all started when Lucas went for a steal in the final 10 seconds of Utah’s blowout loss in Houston instead of allowing Rockets rookie Isaiah Canaan to dribble out the clock. Garcia and many other Rockets chased after Lucas, and Garcia appeared to give him a shove. Lucas responded with a hard shove and then raised his fists like he wanted to box.

The two held up their dukes opposite each other, but they weren’t exactly toe-to-toe, if you know what I mean.

John Lucas Francisco Garcia

Lucas was all “Come at me bro!” to Garcia but you could tell neither guy really wanted to fight.

Lucas said his actions were the product of a lot of frustration. We’ll let Aaron Falk of the Salt Lake Tribune fill us in on the details:

Lucas apologized via Twitter after the game and said his mom was there watching, which made him feel even worse:

Francisco Garcia gives Chris Paul a death stare

Francisco Garcia stare

If looks could kill, Chris Paul would be dead thanks to a staredown from Francisco Garcia.

There was a dust-up between the two in the fourth quarter of the Los Angeles Clippers-Houston Rockets game on Monday night. CP3 turned the ball over on an entry pass in the fourth quarter and then was whistled for a foul after trying to poke the ball loose from Garcia in transition. Paul reached in on Garcia about three times, so Garcia gave him a little shove. As they were being separated, Garcia gave the death stare:

Garcia was called for a technical foul for the staredown.

I’m guessing CP3 set Garcia off by telling him to go lay on a medicine ball.