Frank Caliendo reads LeBron James’ letter as Morgan Freeman (Video)

Frank CaliendoComedian and ace impressionist Frank Caliendo breaks out with some amazing bits from time-to-time, and this is certainly right up there.

During an episode of “Mike & Mike in the Morning” on ESPN Radio this week, Caliendo read LeBron James’ ‘Coming Home’ letter as Morgan Freeman. He did the voice. He did the cadence. He did all the intonations. It sounded just like the ending of “The Shawshank Redemption.”

Don’t forget, LeBron, that hope is a great thing. Maybe the best of things. And maybe one day you, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade will all reunite in Zihuatanejo.

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Frank Caliendo crushes this 30 for 30 Richard Sherman mockumentary (Video)

Frank Caliendo was just awesome in this hilarious 30 for 30 mockumentary on Richard Sherman. I mean awesome.

Some people like Caliendo, others don’t, but I’ve always been a fan. I like his content, think he’s funny, and love almost all of his impressions. But this was just next level awesome. From his Andy Reid to his Ron Jaworski and Adam Schefter and Chris Berman, he was great. But the best of all was his Jon Gruden. Man was he awesome at it. He seriously looked and talked just like Gruden. Unbelievable. I think he looks more like Jon Gruden that Jon Gruden looks like Gruden.

Frank Caliendo Jon Gruden

Lopez Tonight Is the New Frank TV

Picture 1The MLB playoffs are here which means for baseball fans, the TV will be set to TBS for the duration of October. Anyone who watched the Twins/Tigers 163rd game on Tuesday and/or the lineup of games on Wednesday got a taste of what the next month will be like. And by that I mean a lot of blood clot medicine ads, enlarged prostate ads, Charles Schwab commercials, Ernie Johnson dancing shoes spots, and TBS programming promos. Lots of them.

Last year we had nothing but Frank TV spots jammed down our throats to the point where it was impossible not to hate the guy. It’s nothing personal against Caliendo because he’s a talented, humorous comedian, but the bosses at TBS need to understand that enough’s enough — feeling like one of those whack-a-moles at the arcade sucks. Last year they ruined Frank Caliendo for me and now they’re doing the same thing by wearing out George Lopez.

It’s only been two days of the playoffs and I’m already sick of the guy. How many times are the people going to crusade to his house demanding he start his show? And if you decide you’re going to hammer home these promos, could you at least have the decency to film a variety of them so we get to feel like we’re watching a different one each time? Also, a little advice for the TBS execs: if you’re going to hype up the show then you have to begin airing the show during the baseball playoffs while you have the audience. What’s the point of pumping us up constantly only to wait until November when your audience is watching the World Series on FOX, and being reminded to watch House instead (is that a FOX show?)? I used to think George Lopez was El Mas Chingon. Not anymore. Too bad.

Frank Caliendo’s Seinfeld Impression

This is something I referenced in the top story as FanHouse’s Top Five on Wednesday, but now that AA was kind enough to pass along the video, I will post it here.  Via SI’s Extra Mustard Hot Clicks, it’s comedian Frank Caliendo playing all four characters in Seinfeld.  I love Caliendo, and this performance is nothing short of brilliant.  Check it out:

Plenty more where that came from for you to check out.  My personal favorite is his Madden.