Frank McCourt buys 50 percent ownership stake in horse jumping tour

Frank McCourtAfter selling the Los Angeles Dodgers for a record $2.15 billion price tag, former team owner Frank McCourt fancies himself an expert businessman and expert on professional sports ownership. That has to be the case because McCourt recently decided to buy a large stake in a horse jumping tour.

Bloomberg reports that McCourt purchased a 50 percent ownership stake in the Global Champions Tour for an undisclosed amount.

The tour has 14 premier circuit events in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, according to Bloomberg. McCourt plans to expand to the US and grow in Asia and the Middle East. He plans to tap more sponsors and believes he knows what he’s doing.

“You know what happened with the Dodgers,” McCourt told Bloomberg “We took a franchise losing almost $60 million per year and ended up selling it for the highest price ever paid for a sports franchise. We created value there and we plan to do the same thing here.”

Easy, Frank. Don’t forget that you were in such bad financial shape that you had to borrow millions in order to meet payroll. MLB forced you to sell because you were such a cruddy owner, and you only cashed out thanks to the TV deal that was open for business.

Knowing Frank, he’ll find some way to make money off this deal. Let’s just say that we’re much happier seeing him in equestrian than professional baseball.

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New Dodgers owners can’t say anything bad about scumbag Frank McCourt

Frank McCourt is one of the biggest s***heads MLB has ever seen, but you won’t be able to tell based on the words of the soon-to-be new team owners. As part of the Guggenheim Baseball purchase agreement, the new team owners are swearing to silence.

As LBS contributor Alan Hull pointed out to us, the purchase agreement “includes a non-disparagement clause, preventing the purchaser from engaging in conduct or making statements disparaging to outgoing owner Frank McCourt, his family or associates.”

That means even though Frank McCourt spent millions of dollars on eight personal homes, haircuts, expensive dinners, and Russians to channel positive energy to the team, the new owners can’t say anything about it. They can’t talk about the way the McCourts jacked up all prices and dismantled the franchise. Nope, that will all be forgotten because of the purchase agreement. But luckily you have us, and our archives, to remind you what a scumbag Frank McCourt is.

And even though Magic Johnson will be silenced, at least we have a picture worth a thousand words.

Frank McCourt and new girlfriend (?) attend Dodgers-Padres opener (Pictures)

Not only did Frank McCourt walk out of the Dodgers bankruptcy sale with potentially $1 billion in profit, but he also appears to have upgraded in the significant other department as well. McCourt showed up to the Dodgers-Padres season opener in San Diego Thursday with a new gal pal. They were laughing, smiling, touching, holding hands, and doing pretty much everything new couples seem to do. And as Jill Painter of the LA Daily News points out, he was sitting in the front row as if he wanted people to know he’s moved on with some new arm candy.

Here are a few more pictures of Frank McCourt and his new girlfriend:

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Frank McCourt Is Out and Dodger Fans Should Celebrate

If you discount people occupying things, high-profile court cases, and celebrity divorces, there is not a whole lot to talk about as far as news in Los Angeles. Sure, you have the occasional kook trying to convince the town’s sports peons that the NFL will be returning soon or that there are, indeed, genuine people in Hollywood. For crying out loud, with the ongoing lockout, the Lakers are on the verge of joining the cast of Facts of Life in the where-are-they-now category. Things have pretty much been status quo in these parts. That is, until last week.

In case you missed it — and judging by the poor attendance figures at the games this season, most did or ignored whatever “it” was — the Frank McCourt reign of terror in Los Angeles is officially coming to an end. This is not quite Alexander weeping over the breadth of his domain with no further lands to conquer, though you can see the tears of joy on the faces of many Angelenos. Even Attila had a couple of successful crossings of the Danube during which he sacked his way into infamy before his untimely demise. Mr. McCourt’s plundering and pillaging of the Dodgers left the team in worse shape than the Visigoths with very little to show for it.

Take a look at the history of the Dodgers franchise and one will no doubt notice the six World Series titles, 21 pennants, and 11 division titles since the team’s inception in 1890. A closer look at the team’s history from 2004 to present yields a sign that says “Out to Lunch.” There were good times to be sure — the two division titles and trips to the NLCS in 2008 and 2009 as well as “Mannywood” before Manny lost the “wood” and had to turn to HCG.

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Frank McCourt Agrees to Sell Team, Dodgers Fans May Finally Rejoice

And on November 1st, 2011, Frank McCourt finally agreed to sell the Dodgers and return the beloved franchise to its rightful owners — the fans of Los Angeles. The Boston scumbag whose sole interest in the franchise was making money only made enemies.

Only one word of advice for you, Frank McCourt: leave. Leave LA now. You’re not wanted here. Nobody ever welcomed you, nobody ever liked you, and nobody wants you around. Go find some other way to support your $40,000 per month hair dressing habit. The country would be better off if a cement truck accidentally plastered you into one of your parking lots.

I have one thing, and one thing only to say to you Frank McCourt:

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Seth Meyers Makes Fun of Broke Dodgers During ESPYs Monologue

It’s official: the Los Angeles Dodgers are a national punchline. ESPYs host Seth Meyers spent a good chunk of his opening monologue ripping on the storied franchise for their financial troubles. Meyers mentioned All-Star outfielder Matt Kemp and that was his segue into the Dodgers’ issue. That’s when the fun started …

“By the way, I should point out that the proceeds to tonight’s show go to a very worthy charity … the Los Angeles Dodgers of America,” Meyers joked.

“Dodger outfielder Matt Kemp is here tonight. Frank McCourt told Matt Kemp ‘Have fun tonight’ and then added ‘If they have ketchup packets grab as many as you can. Because we have run out of ketchup. Dodger Stadium no longer has ketchup.'”

“The Dodgers are so broke when players steal bases, Frank McCourt asks that the players please return them. The Dodgers are so broke their third base coach is just a mirror reflecting the image of their first base coach. The Dodgers are so broke three of their players tested positive for Ramen noodles.”

All of the jokes were money, and Frank McCourt quite frankly deserves the ridicule. He’s been a horrible owner and MLB can’t seize the team soon enough in the eyes of many fans. I hope he’s made aware of the jokes so he understands what he’s done to the franchise. He no longer deserves to own the team.

Roger Arrieta Leads Dodger Fans in Anti-Frank McCourt Rally (Video)

Roger Arrieta is a lifelong Dodgers fan who launched a “Mark Cuban Save the Dodgers” movement. He has a site, a Facebook group boasting over 3,000 likes, and a following on twitter. All the Save the Dodgers supporters are hardcore Dodgers fans who are sick of the Frank McCourt regime. They want him to sell the team so the franchise can regain its proud standing. They decided to voice their concerns with a rally on Saturday afternoon.

About 75 people showed up for a protest at the base of Dodger Stadium Saturday afternoon. Their mission was to urge other fans to boycott McCourt’s Dodgers. Here is a video of the anti-McCourt rally:

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