Bengals DT Domata Peko celebrates sack with Gangnam Style dance (Animated)

It was only a matter of time, and something tells me Bengals defensive tackle Domata Peko won’t be the last player in the NFL to celebrate something by busting out the “Gangnam Style” dance. In case you have been living away from civilization for the past few months, “Gangnam Style” is a YouTube sensation that has racked up over 300 million views on its original video alone since July.

I’ll give credit to the big man here for what were some above average moves. Plenty of people have tried the dance and butchered it, but given the circumstances Peko pulled it off quite nicely. It certainly beats stealing someone else’s celebration.

GIF via Gifulmination

Oregon does Gangnam Style parody (Video)

Gangnam Style is a music video by Korean pop singer Park Jae Sung (PSY) that has gone viral. The video was posted on July 15 and already has over 77 million views. Given the incredible amount of attention it’s received online, I’m going to assume that some of you are familiar with it. If not, watch it to get caught up. Anyway, Oregon athletics decided to film a parody Gangnam Style video, which you can see above. The video stars the Oregon Duck exhibiting far less violent behavior than it’s been known to show in the past. It’s pretty amusing if you’re into the whole Gangnam Style thing.

H/T With Leather via Hot Clicks