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Thursday, November 26, 2015

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‘Be Like Mike’ Gatorade commercial making a comeback

Children of the ’90s rejoice! Gatorade is bringing back a digitally remastered version of its classic “Be Like Mike” commercial featuring Michael Jordan. The spot, which first aired in 1991, will be shown during this NBA All-Star weekend to highlight the company’s 50th anniversary. But wait, there’s more. Jordan’s favorite Gatorade flavor, Citrus Cooler, is also hitting…Read More

LeBron actually was drinking Gatorade during Game 1, still got cramps

Gatorade has a whole marketing campaign centered around how their drinks prevent athletes from getting cramps. When LeBron James exited Game 1 of the NBA Finals because of cramps, they took advantage of the opportunity to rip the Miami Heat star for not hydrating with the proper sports drink. Not only did Gatorade apologize a…Read More

Gatorade Twitter makes fun of LeBron James over cramping

Game 1 of the NBA Finals is in the books, and all everyone can talk about is broken air conditioning and cramps. LeBron James was so bothered by the hot temperatures in the AT&T Center that he had to leave the game with four minutes remaining. Would that have happened if he drank Gatorade? After…Read More

Yasiel Puig ruins TBS camera with Gatorade bath (Video)

Yasiel Puig fried a TBS videocamera while celebrating the Los Angeles Dodgers’ Game 4 NLDS victory over the Atlanta Braves on Monday. The Cuban outfielder, who delivered a leadoff double in the eighth and scored the tying run on Juan Uribe’s 2-run home run, decided to dump Gatorade on Uribe during the third baseman’s postgame…Read More

Erik Spoelstra gets Gatorade bath after Heat win (Video)

If you thought that Gatorade baths were strictly a football celebration thing, you were wrong. The Heat players were so excited about winning an NBA title, they doused coach Erik Spoelstra with the beverage after winning the NBA title on Thursday night. Spoelstra’s suit was ruined but there’s little doubt it was worth it for…Read More

Paul Pierce Gatorade Video Proves He Must Be a Powerade Guy

Considering Paul Pierce had a Gatorade sitting in front of him at a Celtics postgame press conference last week, I’m assuming there must be some sort of sponsorship deal in place. We all know nothing is free these days, so Gatorade must be paying to have their products sitting on the press table in front…Read More

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