Matt Harvey pretending he didn’t try to meet Genie Bouchard

Genie Bouchard selfie

Matt Harvey likes the pretty ladies. The 25-year-old righthander has been linked to a number of models over the past year or so, and he may have recently set his sights on one of the most popular young tennis players in the world.

According to the New York Post’s Page Six, Harvey’s people tried to set up a meeting between the New York Mets pitcher and 20-year-old Canadian tennis star Genie Bouchard at the US Open earlier this week. Unfortunately, Bouchard was sent home on Monday after she lost to Ekaterina Makarova in the fourth round.

Naturally, Harvey’s representative claims lover boy wasn’t interested in Bouchard.

“We requested tickets for a few games,” the rep told the Post. “Once the requests were in, he was approached about potentially meeting her after her match. That meeting never took place.”

Bouchard needed a medical timeout to treat dizziness and exhaustion in the sweltering heat during her match against Makarova, so she probably wasn’t up to meeting any star athletes after being bounced. Plus, Harvey has nothing on Bouchard’s schoolgirl crush.

Harvey’s people can play it down all they want, but we all know he wanted it. We don’t blame you, Matt. Genie is a cutie. Sorry it hasn’t worked out yet.

Genie Bouchard does not drive and still eats baby food

Genie Bouchard

Genie Bouchard is 20 years old, ranked No. 8 in the world in women’s tennis and plays with the maturity and mental approach of a veteran player. She is on magazine covers, newspaper covers and promoted heavily by the WTA Tour. She is being hailed as the next Maria Sharapova. And she still does not drive.

For all her seeming maturity, Bouchard does not have a driver’s license and says she eats baby food. Seriously.

These two great nuggets come from a New York Times profile on Bouchard:

She has refused to learn to drive — “It’s too scary” — which means that her mother still must accompany her almost everywhere.

For a snack, she often eats baby food, small jars of pears and even creamy rice cereals. She started eating them, like everyone else, as an infant, but never stopped.

Clearly Bouchard is still very much a kid at heart. In fact, in her recent Elle Quebec magazine cover story, she was asked her biggest fear.

“Getting older,” she said. “I swear, I’m really afraid of it.”

That seems pretty apparent. It also could explain why she still has a schoolgirl crush on Justin Bieber.

But don’t let any of this fool you; Bouchard is anything but immature on the court. She is motivated and driven to be one of the best tennis players in the world and is dead-set on winning her first major. She’s come close this year, having reached the finals at Wimbledon and semifinals at the French and Australian Open. She is earning her spot among the best in the world and will stay there for a long time.

Here’s Genie Bouchard with her sisters Beatrice and Charlotte:

Genie Bouchard is single and does not have a boyfriend, Justin Bieber

Genie Bouchard selfie

Genie Bouchard is the emerging star in the women’s tennis world and has already reached the finals of a major at age 20.

The Canadian youngster burst onto the scene at the Australian Open in January, where she reached the semifinals. She also reached the semis of the French Open, and now she’s in the finals at Wimbledon.

She’s awesome, she’s funny, she’s good looking … and she is single. That’s right, fellas, Genie Bouchard does not have a boyfriend.

And that’s what brings me to Justin Bieber.

Bouchard put Bieber on notice during an interview at the Australian Open. Bouchard cited the Biebs as someone she’d like to date when pressed. After reaching the finals at Wimbledon, Bouchard was pressed once again about progress on the Bieber front. Bouchard expressed interest in Bieber once again, but there was a condition: he needs to improve his image first.

But about this potential Bouchard-Bieber pairing … it all makes too much sense.

Bouchard was a teenager growing up in Canada when Bieber was becoming famous. I repeat: she was a teenage girl in Canada when Bieber was blowing up. Bieber is Canadian. Women love him and his music. And Bouchard loves reality trash TV and those sorts of personalities, too.

Bouchard is young, attractive, athletic and successful. You can’t ask for much more, Bieber. She’s much better than Selena Gomez. About the only obstacle here is height; Bouchard is 5-foot-10. Bieber is a shrimp. But that’s easily solved — we can put him in high heels.

If Bieber doesn’t jump on this, he’s definitely missing out. And for her sake, hopefully Bouchard will avoid getting caught up in any bad love triangles. Look no further than Caroline Wozniacki to see evidence of what a bad boyfriend can do to your career. Or look at Maria Sharapova and Grigor Dimitrov to see how it can help. Choose wisely, Genie. Choose wisely.

Genie Bouchard off the Justin Bieber train because of his bad image

Genie Bouchard Wimbledon

Genie Bouchard best run at a major came in January and also happened to coincide with the time she first gained recognition among sports fans.

The young Canadian star reached the semifinals of the Australian Open earlier this year and also made headlines for saying she’d like to date Justin Bieber when pressed about her celebrity crush. After reaching the finals at Wimbledon Thursday, Bouchard was asked whether there’s been any progress on the Bieber front.

“I hope so,” Bouchard said when asked if her efforts have gotten her noticed by Bieber. “I’m putting in so much hard work. I want to see this hard work rewarded.”

The media continued to press Bouchard on the subject. She said they haven’t been in touch … and she’s also not sure if they should be.

“And he’s kind of been in trouble recently. I’m not associated with that at the moment,” she said with a laugh. “But if he cleans up his image maybe …”

Wait, so you’re saying there’s still a chance for it to happen? Bouchard definitely seems to have her head on straight, so I don’t think Bieber fits into that picture unless she decides to take the Jennifer Capriati career path. In other words, yeah, she’s too good for the Biebs. Then again, don’t all young girls love a bad boy?

Jim Parsons at Eugenie Bouchard’s Wimbledon matches – they’re friends

Eugenie Bouchard Jim Parsons

Eugenie Bouchard has a celebrity fan who is probably cooler than most tennis players’ fans.

The emerging Canadian tennis star is friends with actor Jim Parsons, who is best known for playing Sheldon on “The Big Bang Theory.” The actor even spent time at Wimbledon watching her play.

In a recent feature for New York Magazine, Parsons says the two came in touch because Bouchard is a fan of his show. They began emailing after her matches and have developed a pen pals sort of relationship.

“She played her first professional Wimbledon last year, and her manager contacted my manager, and apparently she watches Big Bang, and he knew I was a fan of tennis and he said, ‘Is there any chance Jim could come to Wimbledon? He could sit in the players’ box with us,’ ” Parsons recalled of the friendship during an interview with ESPN.

Parsons has been at Wimbledon for over a week watching Bouchard play and has even sat in her box for her matches.

“It was really beyond my expectations the chance to sit in the player’s box. She is a cold-hearted killer out there,” Parsons said.

The 20-year-old has reached the finals of the tournament, meaning Parsons’ stay at the All England Club has probably gone longer than he anticipated. Parsons shouldn’t mind; not only is he on vacation, but he enjoys sports. He describes himself as a sports fan who watches the Rockets, plays fantasy football and loves watching the Masters golf tournament.

While taking in Wimbledon, Parsons has been living it up. He took selfies with Chris Evert and Hannah Storm:

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Agent thinks Genie Bouchard can become most marketable female athlete on planet

Genie BouchardIf there’s one thing Genie Bouchard’s management team isn’t lacking, it’s confidence. The agent for the 19-year-old Canadian tennis player believes his client can become the most marketable female athlete on the planet.

Bouchard’s agent, Sam Duvall, believes Maria Sharapova is the standard for marketable female athletes, but he thinks Genie can surpass the four-time major winner.

“Marketability-wise, I think she can be the most famous tennis player in the world,” Duvall told the Sydney Morning Herald.

“She’s got the personality, she’s got the game, she’s got the looks. She speaks two languages [French and English] and the crossover appeal is great. Aussie fans love her, French fans love her … I think she is very rare, let’s put it that way.”

Bouchard is from Montreal, where most residents are bilingual, which explains why she can speak English and French.

Bouchard has won just over $500,000 in career prize money and reached the semifinals of the Australian Open, which has been her best performance at a major thus far. Unfortunately, facing Li Na was a tough draw, but the advancement is a great sign about her future prospects.

“I really think she has the ability to be more marketable than Maria [Sharapova]. She speaks the two languages where the four grand slams are played. Maria was Genie’s idol when she was younger but now they’re competitors.

“But if Maria is the bar, Genie has the ability to exceed that bar. She has to perform on the court to do that, and Genie knows that. Maria has won four slams. Her marketability, if she [Bouchard] performs, I have to say is better than anyone on tour. She is the total package. It’s unbelievable how focused this girl is.”

Genie Bouchard wombat

Bouchard definitely has the potential to be marketable, she just has to take care of her end on the court by winning. You probably noticed how much Ana Ivanovic dropped off the map when she struggled after reaching the finals of the Australian Open and winning the French Open in 2008. It took her a few years to become relevant again. Caroline Wozniacki has also dropped off because of her play, but she’s had a boost thanks to her relationship with Rory McIlroy.

What does that tell us? I guess if Bouchard’s development as a player doesn’t go as planned, she can always date Justin Bieber to get her name out there.

Hey Genie Bouchard, Justin Bieber may want to date you back

Genie-BouchardGenie Bouchard has been one of the biggest stories at this year’s Australian Open. The 19-year-old women’s tennis star beat Ana Ivanovic in three sets on Tuesday to advance to the semifinals of the tournament. After the match, she fielded a question from a reporter about which celebrity she’d like to date. Bouchard confessed that it was Justin Bieber.

The crowd gave a collective grumble and moan that Bouchard is interesting in going on a date with this guy, but she should be glad she said something. According to TMZ, Bieber has watched the video and is flattered. He supposedly told his friends that he wants to get in touch with Genie as soon as possible.

Of course, Bieber could simply be being a nice guy. Although given some of the ridiculous trouble he has gotten into lately, we’re pretty confident saying the Biebs spends most of his time looking out for himself. Maybe he really does want to date Genie. We still think she can do better.